Important Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Excel 2016

If you are using Microsoft’s Office, then definitely working on Excel. Microsoft Excel is one of the strongest tools available in Microsoft’s Office suite. It offers data organisation, data analysis and much more functionality. In the previous article, we published a list excel formula with its examples. Now, we are focusing on the most important keyboard shortcuts for Excel 2016.

Handy Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Excel 2016

Keyboard Shortcuts for Excel

In this post, we’d like to incorporate handy shortcuts for Microsoft Excel 2016. It will help you to operate Excel 2016 more intelligently, that can have a huge impact on your way to spreadsheet power.

In Excel, data organised in tabular form. So, this list contains key sequences to operate the software and to perform some basic operations or arrangement spreadsheets and cells. So, if you’d like to read these important time-savers techniques, then here they go.

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Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Excel 2016

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Excel has the tremendous power of data mining and analysis.  Some of the function like Vlookup will help you to match contain and minimise your work. If you are looking to learn VlookUP and its example, then check Vlookup formula example or Vlookup video tutorial.

Keyboard Shortcuts to work in a spreadsheet:

When you start operating in Microsoft Excel, the right mixture of options can significantly speed up the method, no matter what you’re going to create. But, If you looking to recover your old excel file then you must check How to recover corrupted excel file in a simple way.

The Basic Keyboard Shortcuts for Excel 2016

Alt/ F10 – The art is called Key Tips. If you press Alt or F10 key, then overload the Excel menu with letters. Each letter or number corresponds to an individual menu item of the program.

Alt+F10 Keyboard shortcut

For example

After hitting Alt, you will get the following screen. If you enter 1, then it will go into Save as an option.


#Ctrl+F9 – It will minimise the Excel sheet into the taskbar.

#F10+Ctrl – I will maximise the size of the selected Excel spreadsheet.

#Ctrl+N –   Quickly open a new Excel worksheet for you.

#Shift+Ctrl+O – Highlight cells with comments.

#Ctrl+O – Shows all recently opened Excel file.

#Use Ctrl+T – Select cell and use Ctrl+T, it will convert your selection of cell into the table. It is a quick and straightforward way to turn a selection into a table.

Alt+F1- It will help you to create a basic bar chart based on the data in the current range.

The Alt+F1 keys will help you generate a basic bar graph based on the data in the current range.

Navigation shortcuts and key combinations to perform actions:

When you are working on a large Excel document, it usually gets much hard to navigate during a worksheet. So, to maintain your spirits and time, try these handy navigational keyboard shortcuts.


Ctrl + Upp arrow – It will help you to move the cursor in a top most row.

Ctrl + Down arrow – It will help you to move the cursor in the last row.


On the blank excel sheet, the combination will only prompt you to the outer limits.


#Shift+F2 – If you want to add or edit a comment or note to the active cell, Shift+F2 will create an option to add a comment on active cell.

#Ctrl+Backspace – In case you lose the active cell, only press Ctrl+Backspace and instantly get it within a document.

#Ctrl+Shift+colon (:)  – It is simple excel hack command, After entering  Ctrl+Shift+colon (:) the current time will display on selected cell.

Change the text format using keyboard shortcuts in Excel 2016


We all know that Excel 2013 -16 is one of the most robust tools to operate with calculation. We already introduce some handy excel formulas with their examples. So, now we are exploring keyboard shortcuts for Excel 2017 on formula list.

Ctrl+Shift+dollar sign ($)- It will turn quantities into currency format. Similarly,  Ctrl+Shift+percent (%) combination will switch numbers into a percentage.  Ctrl+Shift+caret (^) will implement the scientific number format, and Ctrl+Shift+number sign (#) will convert into a date, and Ctrl+Shift+at sign (@) will show time.

If you click Ctrl + ~ then all formulas are displayed.


Of course, keyboard shortcuts skills in Excel 2016 go much further than this list. Here, we tried essential keyboard shortcuts for Excel 2016. So we are searching more and more Excel keyboard shortcuts. If you have any handy Excel shortcuts, then comment below.

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