Best free IR universal remote control app for Android and iPhone

Are you looking to control your home appliances using a mobile phone? Yes, then your are in the right place. Here, you will get the list of best free IR universal remote control app for Android and iPhone mobile. Our daily uses appliances like TV, Set top box, AC, have an IR remote control.

Android Mobile – Remote Control to your TV

Top Free IR Universal Remote Control App for Android

Nowadays smartphones have become a part of our everyday life. Due to the low cost, it becomes a perfect resource for home automation. Most of the new phones coming into the market with an IR Blaster. It is one of the best features on an Android device. IR Blaster can be used to control any your home appliances using a mobile phone. Now your smartphone act as an IR universal remote control for TV or AC.

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Is any hardware required?

There are different apps available in Google play store and iTunes store, Which will convert your mobile phone as a universal remote controller for your TV. So, you don’t need any extra hardware. Here you will get, free IR universal remote control app that does not require hardware.

Thus, now each of your smartphones can act as a remote controller to your home theatre, speakers, TV, AC or projector. If you have the latest Android phone like Samsung S7, mi 4, or Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, 4, then it has inbuilt IR Blaster hardware. You just need to install and configure IR universal remote control app as per instruction. Then, your IR Remote app becomes universal remote control for your machine.

IR Blaster for iPhone

Sadly, the Apple does not introduce an IR blaster for iPhone. So the IR blaster hardware is not available on iPhone 7s, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c. But, with the help of small hardware like smart infrared, you can convert your iPhone into a TV remote control.

Here, we round up the best free IR universal remote control app for your Android phone and so, that it will act as best TV remote apps for Android.

#SURE Universal Remote

The SURE Universal Remote control App

The SURE Universal remote is pretty straightforward to use! Once you download, you can remotely control your TV, air conditioner, AV receiver, DVD player, projector and many more devices.

It won the Grand Award at the 2016 Asia Smartphone App contest. The SURE Universal remote is the highest rated IR universal remote control app in the Play Store. It has more than 10,000,000 installations achieved.

It works on smartphones implemented Infra-Red (IR) blaster. If your smartphone don’t have IR blaster, then you can manage Broadlink WiFi to IR converter and get full functionality.  So, this app also works on Samsung Galaxy S7 and Note 5 with the help of Broadlink-WiFi-to-IR-converter.

Using SURE Universal and WiFi, you can view your pictures and videos to a smart TV. The SURE Universal works on most of IR appliances.


  • Immediately stream media from your smartphone to your Smart TV.
  • You can share and get remotes with family.
  • Build systems with various smart WiFi devices.
  • Support to most of IR appliances.


  • Using SURE Universal, you can’t stream on Samsung Tizen 2015 TVs.
  • It does not have both WiFi and IR devices.
  • Ad-Free version requires a subscription.

Download SURE Universal from here.

#ASmart Remote IR

As per name says “ASmart”, it is a Smart free IR universal remote control app for Android Mobile. You can control DVD/Bluray Player, TV, Air Conditioner, DSLR Camera, Settop Box and much more using your smartphone IR remote control system.

Smart free IR universal remote control app for Android

It supports most brands and designs. It is entirely free app. So, no need to buy any universal remote control. Just download ASmart IR Remote control app from here and start remote control any automated devices.

#AnyMote – Smart Remote Control

Universal Smart Remote Control apps

It is another  Universal Smart Remote Control apps for your TVs and Home appliances. AnyMote will control your Xbox, Sharp, Panasonic, and much more devices.

The AnyMote can decode any InfraRed remote commands. So, you will feel a smart remote activity.

It will work with Samsung Galaxy S4 to S6 and all phones/tablets by LG. But, Not compatible with LG G3 A or LG G3 S and Sony, Huawei or Vizio phones.

Download AnyMote for Android from here.


  • You can easily customise remote by changing the button colours, positions, icons & much more.
  • Easily programmable (supported to macros )
  • You can use automated tasks.
  • Supported by voice commands through Google.
  • AnyMote can additionally work over wifi.


These were the best free IR universal remote control app for Android. It will help you to control your home appliances using a Smartphone. We continuously updating so, if you found any new IR universal remote control app for iPhone or Android, then feel free to comment.

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