Disable Microsoft keylogger from Windows 10| Microsoft Recording What Keys You Press

Are you Windows 10 user? If yes, then read carefully. Because your data is spying someone. Yes! Microsoft keylogger is fetching your data without any notification. Are you shocked? Yesterday I was shocked. Many people were surprised when I told them that Windows 10 has an in build keylogger and most of them don’t know how to turn off Microsoft keylogger from Windows 10. So, here is the answer to stopping Microsoft tracking by disabling Microsoft keylogger on Windows 10.

Are u Shocked? Microsoft Spay your Data

Why Microsoft recording what keys I press?

Yes! I am not joking. In Windows 10, Microsoft recording your each and every activity. Your each keystroke are registered in Microsoft server. The embedded keylogger in Windows 10 specially developed for that and default enables it. So, you have to disable it else Microsoft will get fetch you all activity.

Why Microsoft keylogger embedded in Windows 10?

I know, you must be thinking why Microsoft like IT giant would do such a thing?  The Microsoft privacy statement and Professional say that

“Microsoft collects individual data about how you use Windows version to help and improve Windows 10”.

The official reason behind this is that Microsoft is studying users typing to enhance its machine learning algorithms and the more sample gathered is better for them.

Additionally, the system is pretty safe. Microsoft also said that the information is being encrypted and anonymized before it gets shipped to Microsoft servers so that no one of Microsoft company will be able to identify which user typed what.

How Microsoft Collect Data from Your PC.

Microsoft uses some many techniques and technologies to collect data, such as:

  • Cookies and web beacons.
  • Internet-enabled characteristics in the Program and services that send information to Microsoft.

Microsoft takes actions designed to restrict the group of email addresses and passwords and numeric strings such as phone numbers and credit card numbers.

But, it’s still quiets confusing to me. So I prefer disabling this Microsoft keylogger from Windows 10.

How do I stop it?

Turn Off the Windows 10 Keylogger

Luckily, switching off the default Windows 10 Keylogger needs small time and effort. Especially, when you know what you’re doing and for what. Here, are the steps so you can disable Windows 10 Keylogger within minutes.

  • Go to start menu.
  • Press setting button (look like a gear).
  • Select the privacy – general.
Privacy Setting in Windows 10
  • Turn off – “Send Microsoft Info about how I write to help us improve typing and writing in the future.”
Disable Microsoft Keylogger
  • Click on Speech, linking and typing.
Disable Cortana in Windows 10
  • On the right side click on “stop getting to know me”.


It’s enough to disable Microsoft keylogger from Windows 10.


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