iPhone or Android — What is Best for Gaming?

Smartphones have evolved a lot in the last 15 years, with the latest models having components that are capable of rivalling many computers. 2020 and 2021 flagship models have come with six and eight-core 64-bit processors and between four and 16 gigabytes of memory. While not entirely comparable, this is more than most consumer laptops …

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New and Advanced Technologies that Changed and Improved Online Games

Technology has been at the forefront of transforming online games into what they are now. The advancements have made online games so accessible that almost everyone plays an online game. 3D Scanning Facial Recognition These two technologies enable systems to create a gamer’s likeness in the gaming world. This capability allows you to create your …

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Top 10 Android Games 2021 | Best Android Games

Top 10 Android Games

Android games are one of the main attractions of the Android run smartphones. Numerous Android games are added every day in the Google Play store though all of them don’t get a bulk download. But some of them are excited to play and an experience to have on the phone.Top 10 Android games of 2017 …

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5 Best Online Games For Boys 2015

fighting play

Boys love to play games and fortunately there are millions of choices available. This is good as well as bad because you directly find yourself in the state of confusion. There are unlimited online games for boys and several websites offering exciting games. To choose best game you should look at ratings and reviews. This …

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The Most Addictive Android Games Of 2015

Monument Valley

In previous post, We explore Top 10 Android games. In this post we are go through most addictive android games in 2015. It’s no more energizing to see support quality games on a cell phone. We’re at a point now where phones are sufficiently capable to handle superior quality illustrations and extreme gameplay without breaking …

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