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TechnicGang is work on tech niche. Before you submit guest post at TechnicGang, read these complete guidelines process to ensure that guest post gets approved.

How can you become a Technicgang contributor –Submit Guest Post

submit guest post

TechnicGang has been online since 2015, after one year in blogging experience we started guest post to help you to reach new audience.Before you join the TechnicGang and start submitting guest post, let me lay down some important things for you to consider when submitting your guest post to ensure that it gets accepted.

To become a regular contributor at Technicgang, Here are some guidelines that will help you to get your post accepted and published:

  • Go through homepage and check our past post, category, tags and understand what kind of post we publish here.
  • Write content that is purely focused on quality and valuable contain for readers.
  • Here are some of the categories that I accept articles. Please do a research on TechnicGang check our past post to avoid duplicate submission. I will not accept any duplicate post.

Guideline TO Submit Guest Post

  1. Tips and tricks on Mobile and computer.
  2. Article for android, iPhone mobile.
  3. Apps, games and software review (Android, IOS, windows, MAC and Linux).
  4. How to article and tutorials – We highly accepts how to article and tutorials.
  5. Social media marketing, online marketing, and inbound marketing.
  6. WordPress plugin, wordpress tricks, browser tricks and PHP ideas.
  7. Article on Technology – .net, PCB design, SQL, oracle, networking etc.
  8. Affiliated post – Data Recovery software, Games, Amazon Products (electronics , gadgets and software)
  9. App development tutorial, Website development, CSS code.
  10. On page SEO and off page SEO ideas.

Most important before submitting your guest post:

  • Article Quality: Quality is our important factor. Your Post should be a minimum of 900 words. It should cover complete details. We cannot accepts any incomplete post. Write a very original contain.
  • Images + Video: Images speak more than words. Add related images or screen short but don’t add unrelated images. Submit Video tutorial or reference to related videos.
  • Self-promotion: We allow you to get a chance to build a brand for yourself.
  • Copyright: Most important is, In case we find you’re contain copied from somewhere else, you will get a permanent ban and we will remove all your blog posts and profile from TechnicGang.
  • DMCA related issue: To avoid DMCA related issue you must give copyright ownership to TechnicGang of the post.
  • Contain Change: TechnicGang has full authority to add or modified you’re contain.
  • Create Complete Profile : We accept post from authenticate source. So, to avoid spam create complete profile include your Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter page. It will help to both, increase audience as well as remove avoiding spammer.

Submit your post to TechnicGang

If you have read and agree all of the criteria mentioned above, then you can submit your guest post directly from the WordPress dashboard. You can create and account to submit your article here.

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