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What is Intel Iris Graphics 6100

The Iris Graphics 6100 has been a portable graphics solution by Intel. Constructed on the 14 nm process, and predicated on the Broadwell GT3 graphics chip, the system supports DirectX 12.0. It sports 48 texture mapping components 384 units and 6 ROPs. The GPU is working at a frequency.

Its power attraction is rated in 15 W max. Iris Graphics 6100 is joined to the remainder of the system working with a PCI-Express 2.0 x1 interface.

Intel Iris graphics 6100 is created using various aspect linking together. Released in Q1 2015 by Broad well graphics. 6100 Graphics card can be available in various low-voltage processor SoCs (28 W TDP) like Intel core i5 5257, Intel core i5 mobile and Intel core i7 5557U.Intel processor i5 and i7 consist of 48 execution unit. While Intel core i3 version consist of only 47 execution unit. GPU frequency (graphics processing unit ) is varies 1000 to 1100 MHz based on type of central processing unit.Use Stored procedure in sql server to increase performance.

Intel Iris graphics 6100

List of Intel GPU

Intel Iris graphics 6100 benchmark| Architecture|Features

Intel Iris graphics 6100|Features

Broad well test Gen 7.5 (HASWELL) and produce latest feature graphics processing unit for Intel Gen8 series. Intel Gen8 series is optimized series than Intel Gen7.5.Its consist of 8 execution unit per shader array (“sub slice”), Total 24 execution unit in it.In advanced its consist of L1 caches and well optimized front end. All this features create GPU faster and well organized than his antecedent.

All broad well graphics processing units assist direct X11.2 application programming interface and Opencl 2.0 Parallel programming interface. This functionality provide decode H.265 video decoder. Using Intel Iris graphics 6100 we can connect 3 displays through display port DP 1.2/eDP 1.3 or HDMI 1.4a. DP 1.2/eDP 1.3 work on maximum 3840* 2160 @60 Hz frequency and HDMI 1.4a work on maximum 3840 * 2160 @24 Hz.

The Intel Iris Graphics 6100 is one of the best product produced by Broad well GPU family. Intel Iris Graphics 6100 contain of two slice each one having 24 EUs, total 48 execution units. Other than Intel Iris Graphics 6100 broad well also produce of low-end Intel HD Graphics having 12 execution unit, Intel HD Graphics 5300 having 24 execution units and high end Intel HD pro graphics 6200 having 48 execution unit plus fast eDRAM cache.

Intel Iris graphics series 

Intel iris graphics 5100, Intel iris pro graphics 5200, Intel iris graphics 5300, Intel iris pro graphics 6200

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Intel Iris Graphics card Performance

Intel iris graphics performance

Graphics processing unit’s frequency is continuously change in between 1000 to 1100 MHz based on types of central processing unit. Both Intel Iris Graphics 6100 and HD Graphics 6000 are technically identical but higher TDP (28 W instead of 15 W) create better use of Intel Turbo Boost technology, hence Intel Iris Graphics 6100 increase performance.

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Total overall performance of Intel Iris graphics 6100 is fast committed as GeForce 820M and better than Intel Iris graphics 5100 series by 20 to 25 %.

Latest high demanding games like,World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor may require lower setting but older games like Counter-Strike require 1366 * 768 resolution and high setting.

Technical support interview questions and answers

Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200 compare to Intel iris graphics 6100

The Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200 (GT3e) is Associate in Nursing integrated graphics card and also the quickest GPU of the Broadwell generation. It’s specially designed into many high-end CPUs nominative at forty seven W TDP.

The supposed GT3e GPU offers a quick eDRAM cache further as forty eight EUs (Execution Units) and so somewhat a lot of shader power than the previous Iris pro Graphics 5200. The clock vary depends on the model it’s designed into (up to 1150 MHz with Turbo Boost).

Depending on the benchmark, the Iris pro Graphics 6200 performs almost like an ardent GeForce 940M. Most games of 2015 may be vie fluently in low or medium settings.

Power Consumption in Intel Iris Graphics 6100

As we mentioned Intel Iris Graphics 6100 is work on 28 W TDP and using 14 nm process and consisting Broad well LV Chips therefore it is suited for Middle range ultra-books. Flexibility of TDM increase performance of Intel Iris Graphics 6100 and make it faster.

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FAQ Based on Intel Iris Graphics 6100

1- Is Intel Iris Graphics good?

However, most mainstream consumers may get great enough functionality from Intel’s built-in images . Based upon the Intel HD or Iris Graphics along with the CPU it includes, it is possible to conduct a number of your favourite games, just not in the greatest settings. Better Still, GPUs that are incorporated therefore are more energy and often run cooler.

2- Is Intel better than Nvidia?

Contrary to Intel HD, Nvidia-Therefore GPUs Aren’t built into Chips.

They’ve better functionality but have more energy and since they’re different components in addition they occupy some distance. Intel HD is largely in workplace computers and notebooks. They aren’t good in gaming or in rendering.


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