10 SEO Best Practices Learn From Niel Patel

This post about what I learn from Niel patel. This article (SEO Best Practices Learn From Niel Patel) is explore some basic and important things about what people and Online marketers can learn (as technicgang learn )from Neil’s Internet Marketing contents.

Niel Patel

Niel Patel

Neil is one of the best digital marketer out there, and has created 7 multi-million dollar software companies with his partners.

He started his entrepreneurial journey at just 16-years-old. He didn’t know a thing about blogging. Luckily he had a few entrepreneur mentors around who were willing to show him the ropes.

A few years later he was running a 7-figure business, all while he was still in school. The money was great and all, but what really excited him was the freedom it provided.

He has dedicated himself to helping people like me achieve massive success. He has also gone on to build 4 multi-million dollar businesses, and his blogs receive over 2 million unique visitors a month using these core tactics.

To top if off, he also helped companies like Amazon, Facebook, HP, Microsoft, NBC eBay, and many more grow their revenues and traffic.

What can I learn from Niel patel – On page SEO Best Practices 2016

Here, some list of on site SEO best Practices as well as off page SEO concepts that anyone can learn from NielPatel.

SEO best practices
  • Faster index – SEO best Practices – Off page SEO

There are various methods for getting your blog or site indexed quickly with Google, yahoo and other search engines. Some of them are use sitemap, add robot.txt, use webmaster tool and much more.

There are other techniques available that might improve faster indexing – for instance, bookmarking via bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon , Scoop.it, Delicious and reddit.

I was created Dzone profile for my technicgang site – technicgang Dzone  also shared my How to increase my android mobile article in roojoom.com

  • Recover from bad writing

Niel patel explore SEO best Practices so that you can recover from bad writing. He told us that, how we can easily brush up on our writing skills, and how to tackle content marketing if we have a limited budget.

In fact, we don’t even have to be a good writer — we just have to find a way to provide value, and unearth opportunities to share this value.

Using this knowledge technicgang created many article like,  job oriented computer courses after graduation and much more.

  • Link building recourse to SEO best Practices

Neil patel explore some link building tactics like guest blogging, blog sponsorship, broken link building, social media networking and much more SEO best Practices for link building.

However, He explain how to use email as best weapon to link building SEO practices and SEO trends. How to write high-converting emails. How to target audience and connect with them on a personal level.


  • Quality is better than quantity

SEO best Practices are depends on quality rather than quantity. Neil Patel explain why Quality back-links are more important than quantity of back-links. We can learn value of Edu and gov back-links and tricks and tips to get .edu and .gov back-links.

SEO best practices on page

He shared some case studied on Long tail keyword and its value, with the help of how they each capitalized on users’ needs, delivered a great user experience and created useful content.


  • Tag line suggest more than you think

Headline is most important as contain, He give some best tool that create headline or tag line to explain article in details.

for example – 4 Craziest WhatsApp Tricks And Tips 2015,Laptop Buying Guide Check Before Visiting A Store , How Cyber Criminals Plan Cyber Attacks. .


  • Images tell more than word

We can learn that SEO best practice is not only to create contain, backlinks, bookmarking but also depends on way of representation. He provide case study indicate that infographics increases traffic by 960%.

After creating Infographics on SQL server reporting services tutorial , Microsoft excel formulas list with examples and best free PCB design software my visitors count is increased by 103%. thanks to Niel.



  • Best chrome extension


Google Chrome remains a popular browser for most of users. The reason is that it’s very cool, lightweight and has tons of value-adding extensions to increase your browsing experience.

If you aren’t extracting the functionalities of chrome extensions, then you’re probably wasting your time performing tedious tasks.

Neil patel explore some best chrome extension that suited for SEO best practices to increase traffic. He explain chrome extension like Evernote web clicker, page speed insight , Link minor, Alexa tool bar and much more tools.




  • Avoided negative SEO

Before, learn SEO best practices you must learn how to avoid negative SEO step by step. Here you have to learn how to avoid unnatural backlinks, spammy backlinks and much more.

Negative SEO Best Practices Checklist 2016

Neil patel says that – A negative SEO attack on your site can be very painful. It can hurt your organic traffic, damage your brand equity, rust your image, and sales of your products.

Bad publicity about Salman Khan is believed to have cost close to a $100 million in ticket sales to “PREM RATAN DHAN PAYO”.

So stay vigilant by using the tricks and tools he has mentioned in his site.

If you get hit, don’t wait for Google to crack down your Google rankings.

Take immediate action in this order:

  • Send emails to Google webmasters of spammy websites and clean your website’s backlink profile and contain.
  • Get in touch with the spammy website’s host.
  • As a final resort, disavow bad back-links using Google’s Webmaster Tools.
  • If your homepage isn’t penalized by Google, try shifting the affected pages to newer URLs (but not with 301 redirect).
  • The high-authority back-links can selectively and carefully transferred to the new URLs.

So this complete Negative SEO Best Practices Checklist 2015 and more tips provided by Neil Patel.


  • Best word press plugin that will help technicgang contain marketing.

Some of WordPress plugin adding risk to WordPress site, especially when it’s done carelessly.

Plugins can also slow down your site. All of these risks can be managed simply by doing research and due diligence, reading reviews, and only selecting fully tested and positively reviewed plugins for site.

Neil Patel explore best WordPress plugin, with the help of case study.



  • 404 error page –  On Page SEO Tutorial .

404 Error -SEO best practices

How to solved page not found message without losing ranking. Neil Patel’s SEO best practices also focus on 404 error page its disadvantages and solution to avoid page not found message. He explain how to set up a custom error 404 page and experienced an enhanced in your conversions rate.


This post is just give overview what we can learn from Neil patel SEO best practices. We consider backlinks, contain marketing , SEO tricks various plugin, SEO for E-Commerce Website,On Page Optimization  and cool tool that will enhance our traffic. We can use his case study to follow step by step to increase daily users in our blog.


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