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Whatsapp Whatsapp Whatsapp ! Whatsapp is another popular app having thousands of downloads each day. It is giving a huge competition to other apps like line and Wechat. There are extensive features in Whatsapp and they are upgrading this application too which brings in more exciting features, but there are some secret Whatsapp tricks and tips available too and all of us are not aware of them. Here you will learn about some of the Whatsapp tricks and cheats which you can try and have great fun. Try this WhatsApp Tricks Android.

Whatsapp tricks and tips

Whatsapp best tricks and tips – Using Whatsapp without numbers

Yes you are right! Now this is completely possible and it is a great security feature. This is one of the best whatsapp tricks and hacks for android.

Whatsapp tricks and hacks

Step for whatsapp tricks 2015

Uninstall your Whats app and download it again. Lock your messaging by changing the settings to flight mode. Open the app and add number. This is to complete the verification process and messages are blocked at this stage. Choose “check through SMS settings” enter your email address and click on the submit button.

Cool!… Are you agree this is whatsapp best tricks to make fool someone?

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How to Install Whatsapp on MAC PC

Whatsapp tricks android – Hack Whatsapp conversation

Whatsapp tricks for conversation

How do I read my boyfriend’s / girlfriend’s whats app chat without taking his mobile?

Read friends chat is one of the interesting whatsapp tricks. Hack your friend’s conversation from their SD cards by grasping .crypt files. After that all the conversations can be viewed on the internet using recover messages website. Navigate to SD card, Whatsapp and database folder

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Here you will get 2 files –msgstore-yyyy..Dd.db.crypt. Here is the Whats app data stored and by creating backup you will get their conversations. Copy files to PC and upload to the website. Now online you will be able to view all the messages. It is the easiest way to hack the data of your friends.

So it is pretty simple whatsapp tricks, so that you can track your friend’s conversation.

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Coolest whatsapp tricks – Hide profile pictures

This can be done for both privacy concern or to shock your friends. There is an app. available Whatsapp plus and this application will help you in hiding your profile picture. There are several fakes available for this application so download it from a trusted source.


Whatsapp Tricks

Once you will download it you will be enabling to hide your profile pictures from friends you want to. You will also be able to make anonymous conversations with it.It is one of the cool whatsapp tricks that everyone should know for privacy concern.

Best whatsapp tricks – Change your friends profile picture

This is going to be great entertainment for you and shocking for your friends. You just have to make few replacements in the files to change the profile pictures of your friends. So start researching on some scary and funny profile pictures you want to set. This is going to give your friends with a 440 volts shock you will need 561×561 pixel dimension.

Latest Whatsapp tricks to give your friends with a 440 volts shock.

440 volts

There is a future available RIOT uses that to resize the image. Navigate to the SD card and then choose Whatsapp. There you will find phone numbers and names of your friends. There will be attached prefix. Rename the file you selected to replace the name and profile picture.


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For iOS you can use iFunbox. Use android file manager is to get the effect. After restarting your phone a new profile picture will be visible and from here the fun starts.

These are the best Whatsapp tricks and techniques 2015 available which is going to shock your friends and will lift your fun to next level. Try these as these tricks are very simple and no technical knowledge is required. Make sure to add ugly images. This whatsapp tricks android also applicable for WhatsApp Tricks for Windows Phone.

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