Windscribe VPN Review cum Guide| A to Z Windscribe VPN eBook

After using Mozilla anonymous and Google Chrome extension, I shifted on Windscribe VPN. In this post, I will show Windscribe VPN review. VPN Windscribe offers free service for up to 10GB/month of data. It is a simple to use VPN service which will work on multiple platforms. Windscribe is establishing for almost all devices like Computer, Mobile and Laptop.  In fact, it is free anonymous browsing services supported by browser including Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Windscribe VPN Review

Windscribe VPN Review 2017 | Is it Safe? Is it Free? Life Time Subscription

Is Windscribe VPN Free?

Windscribe has various specialities, one of them is the very affordable price. Yes! Windscribe is free VPN service but up to 10GB/month of data. If you are looking for unlimited data then, its subscription starts from $ 7.50 per month.

Windscribe VPN Pricing Plans

The general question in our mind is How much does VPN cost? When you have to go through Windscribe VPN pricing plan, then you will get idea Windscribe have two different pricing plan. First, is free and second is Windscribe pro plan. This guide will explore all Windscribe pricing plan with its pros and cons.

Windscribe VPN Free Plan Review

If you select a free Windscribe VPN service, then you have to pay $0 for a VPN service. Yes! $0 because it is completely free service. In this plan, you will get all basic VPN options. Until 10GB/Month you won’t have to pay anything.  It will cover 9 location ( United States,  United Kingdom, Canada,  Hong Kong, France, Germany, Luxembourg and Netherlands). Free VPN plan includes only one connection (single device) and p2p service.  It also gives you firewall and Adblock support. Free Windscribe download.

Download Free Windscribe VPN from here.

Windscribe VPN Pro Plan Review

Windscribe VPN Pro Plan divided into two groups. First, Yearly billing and second is monthly billing facility. If you go for the annual package, then you will get more discount. For the annual package, you have to pay $90 i.e. $7.50 per month. In the monthly package, you have to pay $9.00 USD per month. So, (9 * 12 = 108) yearly Windscribe VPN Pro Plan will save your $18.00 USD.

Both pro packages have same facility, just difference in billing type. It had unlimited data transfer and supported for multiple devices. So, can run many Windscribe VPN simultaneously. You will get IP from 45 different location instead of 9 in the free plan. Like free VPN service, you will get AdBlock, firewall and P2P service. One more new service includes in Pro plan is OpenVPN Configs.

So, In $90 Windscribe will give you lots of VPN benefits. Download Windscribe from below link.

Buy Windscribe VPN Pro service

How to get Windscribe VPN service.

Windscribe will offer a lot of payment methods. If you have PayPal or VISA card or even MasterCard, then you will easily get a Windscribe subscription. You can also use Bitcoin or Paymentwall facility. American Express card also accepted for Pro Windscribe VPN.

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Is Windscribe safe? – Windscribe review

I know, before buying any premium product you have to check each and every point. We are investing money to spend. Security is an essential feature for any investor and here is Windscribe VPN is the best VPN service.

Windscribe data collection privacy features.

Safety is a fundamental aim of Windscribe. It is working hard to supply top level security for its customer. So, In this Windscribe VPN review, we will go through each and every level. Windscribe has a secure AES 256-bit data encryption that means it works on the symmetric key algorithm. It also uses SHA 512 data authentication. So, it is one of the Secure Hash Algorithm. Windscribe also works on a hefty RSA 4096 handshaking. It is only one provider who offers OpenVPN. It is one of the best options for all popular point-point and site to site protocols like IPsec, PPTP, L2PT.

One of the most important features of Windscribe service is No Logs.

Internet service without any logs is impracticable. But, Windscribe Privacy Policy indicates Windscribe don’t keep any logs of your movement, your ISP name, current assigned IP, or not even any metadata. But, validate free VPN limits they will check your bandwidth usage in last 30 days. The history of your link is dropped within 3 minutes of you disconnecting VPN.

Windscribe VPN always believes on shared IPs. As lots of users sharing the same IP, it harder to identify a real user. So, instead of dedicated IP,  always buy shared IP for VPN service.

Most of the people concerned about security. There are no chances for data leakage for Windscribe users. It is designed to protect DNS and IPv6 leakage.

Windscribe VPN Features

Windscribe is the best VPN service which gives some fundamental features of VPN. In this Windscribe VPN review, we go through key features of Windscribe VPN.

Windscribe VPN review -Ad and Tracker Blocking
  • Easy to use.
  • Free version up to 10GB/month.
  • Fair Encryption algorithm (AES 256, with SHA 512 for authentication, and RSA 4096 TCP/IP handshaking).
  • Shared IP.
  • DNS leak protection.
  • No tracking
  • Very handy on Windows system.
  • P2P supported.
  • Ad blocker.
  • Reduces page loading time

Windscribe VPN Benefits

In this, review on Windscribe VPN service you will get what benefits are given by Windscribe. Many people do not know what use of VPN is? So, considering Windscribe check overall uses of VPN service.

Windscribe encrypts your online activity, blocks unwanted ads, and unblocks entertainment content.

The aim of VPN services to hide your identity. Same time encrypts your browsing activity and hides your online presence. Windscribe VPN gives an incredibly secure end to end connections. It blocks ads and acts as an ad blocker for the browser. So, it allows users to block irritating ads and save its bandwidth.

Stop tracking

Contain blocking rules is depends upon Internet censorship and it varies on a country-to-country. Governments prevent you from viewing content based on your location. Businesses monitor and sell your personal information. So, avoid this install Windscribe on the browser and stop tracking. Keep your data privacy while surfing on the internet.

Unblock geo-restricted content

If you are in India, and searching on Google, then your default search engine is Google, Youtube, Netflix, BBC and many entertainment and news site displays contain based on geographic location. Your geolocation is calculated using IP address. Windscribe gives you New IP address. So, you will able to view unrestricted and private access to entertainment, news sites. It is free VPN for Netflix. While seating in India, you can see Netflix US. Your default search engine is

More than necessary VPN protection

Windscribe VPN gives you more than primary VPN security. If you install Windscribe VPN for desktop or Windscribe VPN for the browser, then you will get complete privacy protection. It is free for desktop as well as the browser.

Hide your browsing history

Web browsing history indicates pages a user has visited recently. Using browsing history, your internet providers will get what websites you have been visiting. Windscribe hide your browsing history and encrypts your activity. It never leaks your DNS data so that no one will track you.

Stop leaking your personal information

In my previous cyber security based post, I mentioned how cybercriminal steals your valuable information. Check how cybercriminal plans cyber-attacks on you by taking your precious personal information. Windscribe VPN is the best tool to prevent hackers from stealing your data.  If you are using public WiFi, or unsecured network, then don’t worry Windscribe will take care of it. Windscribe will stop leaking your personal information.

So, in short, Windscribe VPN gives you security, privacy and more coverage.

Windscribe VPN Compatibility Review

Windscribe is compatible on multiple platforms. It supported for almost all operating system and browsers. So, you will get Windscribe for windows as well as Windscribe for MAC. If you are Windscribe Pro user, then you will get Windscribe for Linux. Let’s check, Windscribe VPN review on Compatibility.

Download Windscribe

Desktop/ Laptop

  • Windscribe supported for Windows, Mac and Linux operating system. For Windows and Mac Windscribe free version is available, but as Linux user, you have to take Pro account.
  • Users will get complete customer security for their machine. Windscribe will guard all activities like email, browsing, Skype, etc.
  • Firewall choice is possible which defends the exposure of home IP address.


Windscribe Browser Extension -: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera

  • Windscribe is compatible on almost all Browsers. So, users will get full protection for their privacy from disturbing ads and location trackers.
  • The Secure link feature is also available, which can help in detecting malicious sites.

Phone Android and iOS.

  • Windscribe is available for Android and IOS mobile.
  • It supported for IOS 8+ version.
  • You can download Windscribe for Android version if you are pro users.

Router DD-WRT, Tomato Inside, and Asus.

  • Windscribe VPN service supported for DD-WRT, Tomato and Asus router.
  • To configure Windscribe VPN on your router, you required OpenVPN config file.
  • It is available for Pro accounts only.

Windscribe VPN Support Review

In this part of Windscribe VPN review, we go through how Windscribe provides support for its client. It gives you complete Windscribe VPN setup guide. It is step by step installation guide which helps you, How to configure Windscribe VPN on MAC, Windows and Linux computer.

Windscribe provides video guide for How to install Windscribe VPN on Chrome, Mozilla and Opera browser. Windscribe official website is informatic and guides you to solve your all primary problem. Its Ticketing system is also quite impressive. So, it is easy to use and includes almost all relevant information for a customer.


  1. In its free account, users will get 10GB of data limit. Per month 10 GB data limit is good for a free service.
  2. Windscribe server located in more than 40+ countries.
  3. The connectivity and bandwidth are excellent. Most importantly, you didn’t get any slowdown in browsing speed.
  4. Windscribe is compatible with almost all devices and platform. So, you can use Windscribe for chrome, Windscribe on Android and even Windscribe on Linux.
  5. Compare to other VPN services, and it has some extra features like the firewall, OpenVPN, a secure link, etc. These features make Windscribe as unique VPN and maintaining privacy.


  1. Windscribe is available for Windows Computer, but Windscribe for windows phone is not possible.

Final Words

We have tried to explore all the points supporting Windscribe VPN service.  This Windscribe VPN review covered nearly all the point including Windscribe Chrome, Windscribe for Linux and all. Try Windscribe VPN service, compare with our review on Windscribe VPN and share your experience with us.


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  1. There are so many VPN’s available today, all which offer similar or completely different features which makes choosing the right provider pretty hard. Apart from the available free plan, the variety of features WS has to offer made it the most attractive. I’m only on my 3rd week but to date, i’ve been satisfied with how everything works. There have also been a few updates and upgrades over the last few months. US Netflix is also unblocked and available with Windscribe.

  2. Satisfied with Windscribe. Its policies are great and I read through everything they’ve got on their website to fully understand how they work and what they stand for. In my opinion, comparing them to other VPN providers is unacceptable. Why? There simply isn’t another VPN provider out there that has shown the same results (let alone even better) and have the same amount of great features plus security. I’m glad I signed up to Windscribe when I did, and have no regrets.

  3. Very good. A lot better than many others that are priced at a much higher price tag. Would recommend the pro plan if you’re a heavy internet user and would like access to a larger variety of locations. So far, all locations seem to have the same fast speeds so no problem going on as normal during the day despite being located to somewhere half way around the world!

  4. A personal favourite of mine! High quality speeds that honestly seem to constantly improve over time. Great way to safely use the internet on a daily allowance, plus you get a great combination of features. Windflix is the bomb in my opinion and I love having the acess to Netflix when needed.

  5. “Great features and among some of fastest speeds i’ve encounted with other VPNs. Amazing blocking features too which is great when you constantly have ads ands trackers popping up and following you about!


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