How to Watch Game of Thrones In Canada Ultimate Guide

How to Watch Game of Thrones In Canada? You find yourself in the “Great White North”, surrounded by greetings of “Eh!” and rings of “Dontya’ know?” but have a hankering for something almost embodying the antithesis: Game of Thrones.

You think to yourself, “But I’m in Canada! Is it possible?” You may question this because you have discovered that HBO has restricted this incredibly fantastical show from being streamed outside of the U.S. Fear not, my violence-loving, kingdom-craving friend; it is, in fact, possible.

How to Watch Game of Thrones In Canada

How? Well, it is simply a matter of detouring around the geographically set restrictions set by HBO, or geo-restrictions. The best tool to do this with is by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). VPNs allow the user to circumvent such restrictions by privately tunnelling information about the user through the selected server, all while undetected by governmental internet spies. This means that a VPN user in Ottawa can grab his bowl of popcorn and hunker down for a gorge-fest of his favourite Game of Thrones episodes.

Which VPN Do I Use to Watch Game of Thrones In Canada?

It’s really easy to get a VPN. In fact, there is an overwhelming number to choose from. The most popular VPNs range in cost from free, offering little security, to around $10 per month, ensuring private web browsing and geo-restriction bypassing. It is important to be careful in choosing the right one to suit your needs. When choosing a VPN, especially when you are looking to watch GOT in Canada, be sure it boasts a strong capability to work around geo-restrictions. Accordingly, not all VPNs will list this as one of their strong attributes, so pay attention.


Even though your main focus may be to binge-watch GOT, don’t ignore the other security features when choosing a VPN. Many VPNs, the free ones, for example, might not truly offer you the security you are looking for; and security is the point, after all. In fact, some low-quality VPNs may actually leak your private information, defeating its purpose. On the flip side, a high-quality VPN or the fastest VPN service will ensure your internet safety with more security options. Some of these may include high encryption protocols which more thoroughly disguise your data. Another feature to be on the lookout for in a VPN is zero-log guidelines. This basically means the VPN looks the other way when you connect to the internet, not keeping track of where you go or what you do.

Now What?

Once connected to your VPN in Canada, there are a few different ways to watch Game of Thrones.



This is an app designed to watch your favourite HBO shows on the go. However, as discussed above, you’ll need to get around the geo-restrictions. To do this, simply connect to your VPN and choose the U.S. as the country from which you wish to connect.



This is similar to HBO Go, however, the catch is that you need to either register for this service while in the U.S. or use your VPN to register while in Canada.



The Movie Network is another name for HBO Canada. This is something you will NOT need a VPN for. However, the downside is that each episode is only available for 30 days after airing. After which, you may download the episodes via regular downloading avenues such as iTunes, Chromecast, Google Play, Etc. Another downside is that you need to subscribe to TMN (or HBO Canada) for an additional $20 per month on top of your HBO Subscription. If you don’t find yourself in Canada very often, this doesn’t sound like an economical choice.


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