Transfer Music from iPhone to iPhone Without iTunes | Use The imazing

In our previous post how to install ipa file without iTunes and Tube mate for iPhone. We explore some basic tricks that help you to enhance your iPhone experience. This article is focused on imazing, what is imazing and how to use the imazing . It is best IOS app that help you to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone without iTunes. In this post we go through key features of imazing for PC and finally how to transfer file from iPhone to PC without iTunes.

Transfer Music from iphone to iPhone without iTunes

What is imazing?

Transfer Music from iPhone

Imazing is a trusted software to send your movie, music, messages, contact, file and data. So, imazing is safe option to taking iPhone backup. It is user friendly and powerful software to restore iPhone data. We can say that, it is best IOS device manager.You can use imazing on PC using IOS emulators.

The many ways to use the imazing to its best

With imazing, you can exchange records between any Mac and personal computers and any iOS gadget, functions with all application archives, information, and media. In short you can transfer music from iPhone to iDevice or transfer multimedia between to iPhone. Associate by means of super quick USB or by means of Wi-Fi for hassle free availability. No jailbreak, no cloud, no account of iTunes or adjust required, it can also work with the new iOS 9 ad IOS 10. Follow these steps to use the imazing. Similarly, if you lost your iClude password then check my previous post to unlock your icloud password.

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Before imazing check key features of imazing and how to solve if your iTunes cannot connect to iTunes.

Key features of the imazing

  • Transfer
  • Backups
  • Music
  • Photos
  • Messages
  • Contact
  • Apps
  • File system
  • Other Data

With imazing iphone, file transfer is extremely easy

Gadget backup and restore management, reinforcement, reestablish and copy any iOS gadget, totally or specifically per information set. Keep full stories of every one of your gadgets, including your applications’ information. Reestablish them at whatever time on any gadget reinforcement and reestablish applications or application information (iOS 9) – spare and re- install the applications as if you cleared them out, when you require them.

Imazing iOS and apps backup manager

iPhone Backup without icloud

Imazing help you to exchange music between any iphone, iPad, iPod or and any Mac or pc. Works both routes, from and to iOS gadgets without earlier adjust or your accounts of iTunes coordinating necessities. Handles tracks, collections, ply lists and tallies: reconstruct your library of iTunes library. iMazing can transfer music from iPhone to IOS device without iTunes.

Imazing iPod, iphone, and iPad music transfer

iMazing Backup
  • First copy, then save and then handle iphone data and pictures
  • Exchange all iphone information to any pc: instant pictures and messages (SMS , iMessage and MMS ), contacts, call history, voicemail, voice notes and memos
  • Oversee iphone data from pc or Mac: import or transfer contacts straightforwardly (Mac application , vCards, contacts and windows contacts upheld )
  • Duplicate each photo and motion picture to your pc, from camera roll, iCloud photo streams and from photo albums.
  • Exchange iphone photo albums, camera roll and videos to computer with imazing
  • Transfer all the media and settings to a new iDevices
  • Send all your information from iphone to another gadget successively iOS in two straightforward steps
  • Make full reinforcements including application media information, and gadget settings. To protect circle use, video and music libraries are taken care of independently
  • Reestablish all information with the snap of a catch: safely, anywhere with computer, autonomously from iCloud, with no earlier match up, regardless of the account of iTunes connected, it just works.

How to exchange or Transfer music from iPhone to an iDevices using iTunes?

Trasfer Music from iPhone 6s to MAC PC

iTunes just gives you a chance to adjust your iPhone through a solitary iTunes music library. This procedure permits you to attach music to your iPhone, yet never to remove or recover music from your iPhone to your iTunes music library. With imazing, you can without much anxiety transfer music from your iDevices to your iTunes library, all metadata and including playlists.

Who can find this helpful ?

Any individual who needs to:

  • Effectively duplicate music from any iDevices to iTunes library.
  • Revamp a whole iTunes library with music from their iDevices

How to transfer music from iphone to iphone without itunes?

  • Download and introduce imazing
  • Transfer imazing and attach your gadget
  • In the left sidebar, you will get option for music
  • In the fundamental window, choose tracks you need to send out. If you need to transfer your music, skirt this progression.
  • In the base toolbar, select export to iTunes. This will open the music export wizard.
  • In wizard, pick what you might want to copy

Library – to transfer all your music

  • Select library information you need to transfer to iTunes.
  • Click to the next to start the transfer.
  • You will get short outline of the process, at the point when the transfer is done.Click on the done to close wizard.

Tracks, which are not physically, present on your Smartphone or other devices cannot be copied. These tracks are iTunes purchase, iCloud music library tracks, or iTunes matched music. Ensure you first download cloud tracks to your gadget before you attempt to transfer them. To counteract vacant or incomplete playlists, imazing will just make a playlist in your iTunes library in case the majority of its tracks have been traded.


So, imazing is not only to transfer your music from iPhone to iPhone without iTunes but also work as IOS manager for your iPhone. In short, imazing not only used to transfer music from iphone but also used to backup contact,images and other valuable things.

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