10 Tips to Torrent Safely in 2021

P2P torrents must be the most loved feature on the Internet. After all, torrents allow us all to download countless movies and other types of content quickly and freely. 

But not every torrent is safe. On the contrary, a lot of links come with unwanted add-ons such as malicious software and viruses. This is exactly why you have to be careful while using torrents, so let’s take a look at 10 tips to torrent safely in 2021. 

Tips To Use Torrent Safely

  1. Avoid the “torrent not downloading” issue

One of the worst things that can happen online is to see your torrent not downloading. When you start preparing for downloading a torrent, make sure to avoid malfunctioning links or simply learn to fix them. The most common problem is easy to solve as you can simply turn off the firewall in the privacy section of your device. 

  1. Go to the right torrent website

You don’t have to be an IT mastermind to know that different torrent websites vary greatly in terms of quality and reliability. Reputable websites keep you safe from malicious content and they are the only go-to option for clever downloaders. You can check some lists on your own, but it’s no secret that The Pirate Bay is one of the most trustworthy torrent websites out there.

  1. Pick the right torrent client

Torrent clients make your downloads possible because they bring together various pieces of the puzzle to form a single file. The best torrent clients are safe, reliable, versatile, and not too heavy. Some of the most popular options include the likes of Vuze, BitTorrent, and uTorrent, but you can find many other reliable clients as well. 

  1. Look for signs of credibility

Another thing you should do is to analyze each torrent before starting the download. This is important because fake links jeopardize cybersecurity and don’t give you the content you are searching for. How can you notice fake torrents? For example, they promise to deliver an HD file, but the actual file size is very small. In such circumstances, it’s fair to assume that a given torrent is not trustworthy.

  1. Install antivirus

This one goes without saying, but we still have to mention that antivirus programs are the key cybersecurity feature for every Internet user. It applies to all types of online activities, including torrent downloads. A good antivirus program will keep you safe from malicious attacks, viruses, hacks, and all other forms of cybersecurity threats, including the ones that come with suspicious torrents.

  1. Choose the best antivirus system

Another thing we need to explain is that you can’t just install any antivirus program and expect it to function flawlessly. There are thousands of antivirus systems available on the Internet, but we suggest sticking to the usual suspects such as Norton or McAfee. These platforms are always up to date with the latest threats and they keep upgrading their defense mechanisms regularly. 

  1. Install a VPN

Antivirus programs are not the only layer of protection you can add to the device before downloading torrents. On the contrary, you can also install a Virtual Private Network to encrypt sensitive information about you and your device. The purpose of a VPN is to hide your IP address and other personal data while browsing the Internet and utilizing torrent platforms, among others. 

  1. Choose a good VPN 

Similar to antivirus programs, not all VPN providers are the same. They come in different formats offering different levels of protection, so it’s useful to choose the best VPN service. You can choose from many different options out there, but our suggestion is once again to go for the safest solution like NordVPN or ExpressVPN. The two platforms proved to work well for all users and they guarantee to keep you protected while browsing torrent websites. 

  1. Customize VPN settings

In order to make your VPN platform more powerful, you are free to customize settings. Some of the most common actions to take here are to turn on the kill switch, leak protection, a secure VPN protocol, and split tunneling. 

  1. Read users’ comments

Finally, you should not forget to read the comments posted by other torrent users. It’s a valuable source of knowledge that you can utilize to learn more about a given link, client, or torrent website. 

The Bottom Line

Using a torrent is still a must in the 21st century, but the real trick is to do it wisely and cautiously. In this post, we showed you 10 tips to torrent safely in 2021. Do your best to remember and use our tips – it will save you a lot of time and nerves in the future.

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