Top Free Calling Apps for Android, iPhone in India, USA, UK

In my previous post, I had covered Android and iPhone based apps. Now, we would love to make your smartphone even more “Smart” by investing free calls to any Mobile or Landlines. So, here you will get the best Free Calling Apps for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone to make calls to any number. Few apps also supported to call from PC. You can change your IMEI number.

Best Free Calling Apps for Mobile

Google play store contain more than 2,000,000 apps. Some paid and some free. Here, I listed all free calling apps without credits. Most of Free calling apps are available for Android, iPhone, and Windows platform. I will try to review all kind of free calling apps including free calling app for Android without an internet connection or little internet connection. So, you will call to any number from internet. These apps are useful to local calling as well as international calling. No need to worry about the global tariff, you can make an international call from your phone without paying it.

The Best Free calling apps to the USA from India

Currently, I suggested five best free calling and texting apps for the mobile user. It will help you to communicate between India and USA without any price.

Make free calling from India


Call+ is latest free calling app permits you to make unlimited voice calls to any mobile and landline.  You can get this app from Google plus store as well as iTune store. This app is compatible with Android and an iOS system.

Call plus enables free calling to a real phone. Current date more than 500,000 users taking benefits from call+. The Call+ needs the device to use the portrait or landscape orientation. So, if your phone supports both orientations, then it’s best for you.

Most importantly, it is not only limited to India and USA, Call+ recommended for 85 countries including India. So, you can call to any mobile or landline over 85 countries.

The most unusual feature is Call+ is not require in the receiver side. Yes!  It is not necessary Call+ free calling app should be installed in both sender and receiver’s device. If a sender has Call+ apps, then he can make free calling to anyone without bothering whether receiver have Call+ or not. But, no one is perfect. Similar to other apps Call+ calling have some limitations.

Call+ calling limitations.

You must select FREE days of service to get FREE calls on mobile for a day in the US, China and Brazil and landlines in Mexico. Free calling is not applicable in other countries. To make unlimited voice calls to other regions, you will have to spend $0.99 for a day service.

Download Call + API from here.

Dingaling free calling apps with the partial internet.

Dingaling is another free calling app in my list. Like Call+ Dingaling enables VoIP service that gives you free unlimited international calling. Dingaling make free local, long-distance as well as international dialled calls using 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. If you have a high-speed wifi network, then you will love to call your international friends. Like previous free calling apps, Dingaling doest not required on the receiver side. Both Call+ and Dingaling uses internet from caller side that’s why I called as it is free calling apps that make you unlimited calling without the internet.

Dingaling calling app download

Dingaling Features–

  • You can call Free Unlimited calls to another mobile or even landlines.
  • It covers India, China, Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Hong Kong, Mexico, Thailand, Sweden, South Korea, New Zealand, UK, USA, Puerto Rico and Singapore.

Download Dingaling for Android   

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Recently, Facebook has allowed free calling service on its messenger. Facebook has 1.86 billion monthly active users and over 2 billion peoples using Facebook. So, Facebook Messenger is a big platform to people, who are looking to free call over the internet. It has one absolute advantage of being as universal of a service as you can notice. Unlike previous free calling apps, Facebook Messenger requires on both sides. So, If you and your partner both are online then only you can use Facebook Messenger free calling service.

Free Phone Calls, Free Texting.

Free Phone Calls, Free Texting Apps

More than  219,822  downloads, Free Phone Calls, Free Texting is one of my favourite free calling apps. Dingtone, Inc develop it. It is a new way to talk, text and shares your feeling. This app allows you to make free phone calls and free text messages. It supported for photo sharing and uses Walkie Talkie like push-to-talk (PTT) functions. “Dingtone” also helps to transmit live voicemails and perform conference calls. All conversation between Dingtone users is completely free.

Dingtone features make best free calling apps

  • Make unlimited free phone calls and text messages.
  • Support for Push to talk! Convert your phone into a Walkie Talkie.
  • Working in over 200 countries.
  • Affordable or free international calls rates.
  • Free group calls and conference calls.
Dingtone – Extra Features

Calls between Dingtone users are free. But, for landline or another operator it charges in low cost.Dingtone’s uses high-quality dedicated VoIP network for Voice Calls With HD voice technologies.

Download Free Phone Calls, Free Texting Apps from here.

Google Hangout – Free Video Calling All Over The World.

As like Facebook, Google Hangouts is Google’s product. In the initial stage, Google Hangouts allows for free text messaging along with stickers. Now, you can also make voice as well as video calling with the help of Google Hangouts.  If you have the Google account, then it is sufficient to use Google’s free calling apps without any charge. You can make video chat up to ten members using hangout. But like Facebook, both caller and receiver must require Google Hangouts. If both are online at a time then only you can perform free calling on Google Hangouts.

Unfortunately, Facebook and Hangout have the same problem in that they only give free calls if both people are using the same app at a time.

iCall free voice call on all mobile platform

iCall is a calling app available for all mobile platform like Windows, IOs, Android and it also works on Windows, Mac and Linux PC. Like other free voice calling apps, all the other features are commonly same along with the developing VoIP apps. With the help of iCall, you can make a free call to US and Canada numbers. But, the free call cannot be greater than 5 minutes.


Kakao Talk is popular calling app in North America. Kakao gives you, free text and call option on your mobile. Much like the others on this free calling list, KakaoTalk also involves group calls.  KakaoTalk is the best choice for those who regularly require calling multiple people at once. As like, iCall KakaoTalk supported for multi-platform. So, if your friends have Windows Phone,iPhone or even Blackberry devices, you can still make free calls using your Android mobile and long with KakaoTalk app.


Libon offering free calls, messaging and voicemail to a mobile phone. It is yet another Voice over IP service, which gives free calls to its users! Libon added open chat service to its free apps. So, the user can send text, picture, video, location data, audio and more. Libon subscriber, can send and receive message using HTML5 in their smartphone browsers. The free messages guarantee to be as easy-to-use as any standard messaging system.

Libon Cheap international calls

Features of the Libon international calls are –

  • Free Unlimited Calls between Libon apps.
  • Get free 30 Minutes/month for Non-Libon users.
  • Free 30 Minutes per month for landline or non-internet users.
  • Get 5 Minutes extra for every referred.
  • Free 60 Minutes per month by suggesting friends.

Download – Libon Apps from Google Play Store

So, Libon is one of the cheapest international calling apps thanks to a little VoIP magic. Even without a meeting, you’ll still be ready on your phone. Free Voice-over-IP calls and fantastic instant messaging service with a voicemail facility, libon international calls is the best international calling app for iPhone and Android users.


The line is another attractive alternative to making free calls on Android mobile. Currently, over 400 million users using line free calls all over the world. It contains lots of handy features. All local, as well as international calls between Line users, are completely free.

As like Call + and Libon you can call non-Line users. It also supported for text messaging and group texting. Like other the best free calling apps list, Line is work on multiple platforms; it includes all the great mobile operating systems and a computer. Yes! With the help of Line, you can make a free phone call from a computer.
If you have any difficulty to install line on Windows PC, then check our previous post how to install Android apps on Windows Computer.

Get more about the line from its official site. Click here.

Final Thoughts

So, here I listed best Free Calling Apps to make Free Calls within Indian or even outside India considering advantage and disadvantage. These apps are also capable of calling on Mobiles or even Landlines. Some of these apps also give you free call from a computer. I am continuously looking and testing new free calling apps if you know any great free calling apps without any doubts feel free to comment!


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