Tips to Get a Standalone Wireless Internet

With the increased usage of the internet, people are turning away from cables and phone lines and more inclined towards a wireless connection to support all their communication needs. Nowadays, majority of the users tend to use smartphones to stream content from websites like Hulu and Netflix.

People are now more attracted to streaming and getting rid of cords and unsubscribing to cable TV subscriptions. With the help of smart devices, it is getting easier for everyone to stream content while sitting anywhere in the house. The trend has changed from large screens to small screens. 

The question is whether you should also cut the cable and go wire-free. The answer is, if you wish to get internet service without a cord or phone line, you should go for it. In this post, we are going to reveal some tips to access the internet without subscribing to a phone or cable service. 

While going through these options, be mindful that some internet options might not be available in your locality. The internet options largely depend on the ISP and connection types offered at your residence. 

What are the Alternatives to Cable Internet?

  • DSL Internet
  • Fixed wireless internet
  • Satellite internet 
  • Fiber optic internet 

If you live in a rural area, the chances are that you might not be able to get DSL internet. In rural areas, only satellite internet is available which does not offer as much speed as that of DSL or fiber optic internet. 

Economical Internet Services without Phone 

  • Buckeye Broadband Internet starting at $29.99 per month with up to 100Mbps speed
  • Cox internet starter starting from $19.99 per month with 25Mbps speed
  • Frontier Broadband starting at $37.99 per month with up to 50Mbps speed
  • Spectrum starter internet starting at $44.99 per month with up to 200Mbps speed

The majority of Internet Service Providers offer internet and TV bundles. However, if you don’t want to pay extra for phone and TV, you can opt for standalone internet plans. For instance, providers like CenturyLink, Xfinity, Spectrum internet, and AT&T offer standalone internet options for people living in specified areas. 

Cable Internet without Cable: Are You Looking for it?

Whenever someone hears the word cable, the first thing that comes to their mind is TV service. However, the fact is that cable companies offer more than just TV. For instance, cable service providers can also provide digital phone service along with high-speed internet. Generally, cable internet providers use the coaxial cable that connects your TV to deliver the internet. It is a great option for those looking for high-speed internet because they perform close to advertised speeds. 

Connect to the Internet with Wi-Fi Hotspots 

If you subscribe to cable internet, the service provider also gives free access to Wi-Fi hotspots available within the vicinity of your area. To find Wi-Fi hotspots in your area, just visit and search for the nearby hotspots. Moreover, you can also search for hotspots through the service provider’s mobile app. Accessing the internet through hotspots isn’t difficult as you need to sign in with credentials given by your cable provider. 

How to Get Access to Free Wi-Fi without Internet Connection?

You might probably ask whether it is possible to access free Wi-Fi without having an internet connection. The answer is yes you can access free Wi-Fi without an internet connection. However, you might need to head towards the nearest café or pay for cell phone data. 

Public Wi-Fi 

If you look around at subways or metro stations, you will find free Wi-Fi available for the public. Public Wi-Fi is available largely in public places like airports, shopping malls, restaurant libraries, gas stations, bookstores, and cafes. You can also turn your smartphone into a wireless modem. Simply by turning on the Wi-Fi hotspot on your phone, you can allow other users to connect to the internet. However, for this, you need to have an internet plan for your phone to allow others to connect to the internet. 

Final Verdict 

In today’s era, it is almost impossible for people to live without the internet. With a myriad of options available, picking the right one depends on the serviceability of the provider. Whether you are going for a broadband connection, cable internet, or satellite internet, you need to make sure that your requirements are fulfilled within the given speed. 

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