Technical support interview questions and answers

Technical support interview questions and answers
Technical support interview questions and answers

The job profile of a technical support executive is basically to assist the customers regarding any queries that the customers may have regarding the product. Here we have listed out few commonly asked technical support interview questions, technical support engineer, IT support tech, other technical support positions and managed it support services. This post also help full for customer support interview questions and answers, customer services interview questions, it desktop support and it network support.

Technical support interview questions
Technical support interview questions

4 most important Technical support interview questions and answers

4 Best
Technical support interview questions and answers

Ques 1 – Tell us about your basic technical experience and qualifications.

Besic technical support
Technical support interview questions and answers

This will generally be the ice breaker question. This question will be common in all interviews meant for cracking this position. While answering this question, you must summarize all your Basic Technical Questions. In addition to this, you can also mention the technologies or the products that you have worked on in the past. You can also talk about any recent technology that you have worked on in the past. You can start like, ‘I completed my graduation in BE– electronics with an aggregate of 73%. I also have 2 years of experience in the security softwares. Moreover, I have worked in teams in the past, so I am very adaptive when it comes to group projects.

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Ques 2 – What technical skills do you possess that would benefit our company?

Technical support interview questions and answers

A little homework is required in order to be able to answer this question nicely. Find out about the products and technologies that this company operates on. Match your skills with their area of work. This will then make an effective answer. The job notification too can provide you some information about the company. You can answer the question like, “In case the company deals with mail servers you can frame it like, I have knowledge about various mail servers, their configuration, performance and the security loop holes in them. Above knowledge will help me in providing effective and efficient support to both the customers facing technical issues with your product as well those wanting to buy a new product.”

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Ques 3. What do you know about our products and company?

Technical support interview questions and answers

The reason why most interviewers ask this question is to check your interest and preparation for this interview and position. The answer to this question again can be answered by taking help from the website, notifications, press release and other basic information about the company. Don’t go on bragging all your knowledge about the company but keep giving subtle hints to the interview making him know that you’re well prepared for this interview.

Ques 4. Have you used any of our products or similar products/competitors?

Technical support interview questions

This question is asked often to know if you have the knowledge of the products available in the company or the product’s of the competitor. This indeed will give you an added advantage over the other candidates. In case you do not have a knowledge about these products, then you don’t need to worry. Make sure you’re able to make the interviewer believe that you are quick and can grasp things easily. This will prove you to be a very potential candidate.

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Technical support interview questions with answers

Above we have listed, 4 of the most important technical support interview questions with answers. You must have a look over it if you are preparing for the same.



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