SQL server performance monitoring | SQL server performance tuning

SQL Server performance monitoring is important to maintain privacy and secrecy of company’s records. As a huge amount of crucial data is stored in the server, so it is not a choice but a compulsion for an IT entrepreneur to install a server monitoring program, prevent his sensitive data from being discovered by the prying eyes. Last start SQL server tour.

 SQL server performance tuning
SQL server performance monitoring

Apart from protecting multiple layers of your database, a monitoring program also ensures inaccessibility of your record to the hackers. Considering the rising incidence of cyber crimes, it definitely gives you a peace of mind that your important database is beyond the reach of the cyber goons. It is this context where SQL server monitor claims a deserving mention. Thus SQL Server performance monitoring is important part of SQL server performance tuning.



An Introduction SQL server performance monitoring

SQL server performance monitoring


SQL Server provides various tools for SQL server performance monitoring events and sql server performance tuning the database design. The Choice of server performance monitoring tools depends upon, what kind of tuning or monitoring required?

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Following are the list of SQL Server performance monitoring and SQL server performance tuning tools:

SQL Server Performance Monitoring Tools


Performance tuning in sql server



To get more details use SQL server performance monitoring tools

Good SQL server performance monitoring software must have the requisite qualities which work to the advantage of a corporate structure. While purchasing performance monitor software, make sure that it caters to your requirements and provides the real time transaction stats.



SQL server performance monitoring


Applications Manager SQL server performance monitoring software is of great help for the database administrators as far as performance monitoring and tuning is concerned. Being an agent-less monitoring solution, it provides unmatched performance metrics to ensure that your SQL server runs smoothly and efficiently.



Getting to the Chore performance tuning in sql server

Applications manager manages a lot that speaks volume for its out-of-the-pattern performance. The web client of the application manager plays a significant role by helping you envisage as well as manage MSSQL server database. The web client also provides in-detail and in-depth data monitor. This feature helps you make an educated choice regarding plan capacity, usage pattern and also generate a warning signal in the event of impending problems. And now there is the Root Cause Analysis which offers its helping hand to the server database administrator for the purpose of troubleshooting the performance problems.


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The ‘Grouping Capability’ is an add-on feature which helps to group a database on the basis of supported business procedures. Such a facility helps the operations team to attach priority to the received alarms.

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SQL Server performance monitoring more to Offer

SQL server is able to juggle many hats at the same point of time. It is fitted with some useful features which are capable of connecting to the database source and monitor varied system table column values. Data collection and notification through alarms are also managed by the SQL monitor program. Memory usage, cache details, database details, connection statistics and SQ statistics are some important factors which are taken good care of in SQL database as a part of the monitoring program. Monitoring resource usage.



Last but not the Least

Additional offer for the SQL server performance monitoring software users – Applications Manager uses the Database Query Monitoring capability to monitor SQL Query of a MS SQL database. On strength of this added feature, a database administrator can monitor custom database and additional performance matrices. Moreover, this additional offering can expose Business Metrics to Line of Business Managers. As security is your top priority, so you will surely not mind spending a little extra for a successful SQL server monitor application.


SQL server performance monitoring and SQL server performance tuning using SSMS

SQL server consist of error log, which hold user defined events and system event. This simplest way of SQL server performance monitoring is use error log to solved SQL server problem.


SQL Server error log – Query optimization in sql server

  1. In Object Explorer, open a server, explore Management, and then open SQL Server Logs.
  2. Right-click a log and click to View SQL Server Log.

Monitoring SQL server error log details.

How to perform SQL server 2008 performance monitoring activity?

Use Activity Monitor to get information regarding SQL Server processes and how these info affect the live instance of Server.

The Activity Monitor consist of following sections:

  • Overview– It is graphical presentation of percentage of process time, waiting queue (number of waiting tasks), database input/output, and batch requests (number of batch per second).
  • Active User Tasks– It shows number of active user connected to SQL Server.
  • Resource Waits– It indicate number of resource in wait state.
  • Data File I/O– It indicate information related to database data and log file.
  • Recent Expensive Queries– This is most important field for SQL server performance monitoring point of view. It shows most expansive SQL Queries.


You can view Activity Monitor in SQL Server 2005 and 2008. To view Activity monitor SQL server user must have VIEW permission. Similarly to in 2005 user must have select permission.



Activity Monitor in SQL Server Management Studio –Query optimization in sql server

  1. On the SQL Server Management Studio open Activity Monitor.
  2. In the Connect to Server box, find the server name and authentication, and then click Connect.

To open Activity Monitor – Object Explorer

  • Right-click the instance name,
  • Select Activity Monitor.


Create Trace for SQL server performance monitoring and SQL server performance tuning

Create trace step by step to performance tuning in sql server.

First you have to execute stored procedure sp_trace_create. To execute this it require parameter to create new one. If you don’t know how to execute stored procedure with help of parameter, don’t worry here we explain how to execute stored procedure with parameter in server 2008.Initally new trace state is 0.

Step 2 run sp_trace_setevent

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Here we show creating trace using T-SQL. In first part create and populate trace and then stopping trace.


query optimization in sql server

After creating trace execute code to populate trace


How to Using Performance Monitor


To view result open the sampletrace.trc


performance tuning in sql server

Server performance monitoring is check how server is performing. To improve server performance SQL server performance tuning and SQL server performance monitoring is important.


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