Earn Money Online 10-20$ Daily using Short Link Earn Money Guide with 1-2 Hours’ Work

Making online money in a generation where the competition is fierce is another boon for the individuals out there. There are advantages too in this generation like we have digital marketing, e-commerce, etc. And all stuff which helps in lending a hand towards success. In easy words, if you can invest time and the internet daily then it’s not difficult to convert the same into dollars. Today I will provide you with a quick short link earn money guide, if you follow this guide properly then it’s very easy to Earn online money 10-20$ daily.

Make money online

How to earn money online without paying anything | short link earn money guide.

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The only thing is you have to invest time, the internet and some common sense and you can earn some excellent amount of bucks without even doing difficult tasks. Is it really possible? The answer is “Yes”.  You can earn 10-20$ per day without paying anything.  The solution on how to earn money online without investment is “URL shortening”.

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How to make 20$ daily by URL Shortening?

Most of you must know the term “URL shortening”. Don’t hesitate if you don’t know what is  “URL shortening” as I am going to tell each and everything from the pros to the cons and vice versa.

“URL shortening” is a way of making money just by shortening the URLs. In simple terms, it means by shortening the URLs and getting traffic on the shortened URL. So, this short link earn money guide will explore each and every point to shorten URLs and earn money.

How does URL shortening work? How to short link and earn money?

Last go with an example to demonstrate URL shortening. http://clkmein.com/qPVeZs this is a shortened URL when you click the same, an ad will pop up which is seen for 5 seconds, and after that, you can skip the ad to continue to the main website. This way one can earn few bucks.

Now you guys will ask how one can make money if he/she don’t have traffic. My answer will be, we are living in the 20th century, we have got social media website like Facebook, YouTube, reedit, Quora, StumbleUpon, etc. You can shorten the particular URL and share on the social media, and surely you will make money out of the same.

Today we are going to talk about the best short link earn money website named as shorte.st.

What is shorte.st?

It is a European based company providing link shortening services. It is mainly an advertising network based on the popular links distributed all over the internet.

Like another ad networks who asks to place their ad codes on your website, shorte.st don’t even take a space of kb on your site.

They do care about all of your links. Each time whenever a user clicks on the shortened link, he/she will be redirected to an intermediate page where one has to watch ads of 5 sec and after that one can skip it and go to the particular designated website.

How to register on shorte.st?

One can either search on Google “shorte.st” or click here and follow the sign-up procedure or else sign in using the Facebook account of the particular individual.

To register, just fill 3 fields. 1- mail address, 2- confirm email and 3-password. Once completed, accept terms & conditions and hit on the orange “register” button.

Account activation

Next step is account activation. Once you click on the register button, you will get a confirmation email on register email id. So, go to your email account and activate your account.

How to register on shorte.st

How to Shortening a link?

Go to home page or any subpage you will get long, green box to URL shortening. Simply paste your link and hit on short URL.

Sharing a link

You can share your link on social media using shorte.st or share your link manually and earn money. To share manually link on social media, copy the short link and paste on Facebook.

Shorte.st Payout Chart.

Shorte.st is one of the best URL shortening websites to earn money. It is highest paying URL shortener, which gives you $14 per 1000 US view. Complete payout chart is shown below.

Earn online money 10-20$ daily using short link earn money guide

Shorte.st pays on rpm basis. Rpm means the rate per 1,000 views. Due to the huge demand of advertisers, the change in rate is more often from 0.3$-1.66$ depending on the geographical basis which means from which country are the clicks coming.


Once you earn money using Shorte.st you can withdraw it. It pays on the 10th of every month. To withdrawal, your money requires PayPal, Payoneer or WebMoney account. The Minimum withdrawal is $20 for Payoneer, $5 for PayPal and $5 for WebMoney.

Before the withdrawal, you must fill your complete profile details.

Tips on sharing the shortened link to earn bucks

Many of you will ask me “what should be shared on social media so as to get clicks?”

Here are some tips for you….

Earn online money 10-20$ daily with facebook

Share Facebook links of images and funny posts; one can easily post links to funny, trending, scary, and crazy, etc. Pics of Facebook.

You don’t need to upload the same image, either you can copy the image address and shorten the same and earn bucks. You can join different groups which have members ranging from 500k+ to 1m+.

Custom URL Shortener and share the important links there so as to get clicks on the particular links and earn more using shorte.st

Short link earn money guide for YouTube Video.

YouTube link for videos, can play a significant role in shortening service as most of the people love funny videos, music videos, etc. From YouTube.

So, you can take advantage of this and shorten links accordingly and share them with the respected group.

Make 10$ daily with YouTube comments.

YouTube comments play an important role. Have a look in the trending section of YouTube and find some news or image related to that, shorten the same and post in the comment section of that particular video.

You can either find funny, scary, crazy, etc. Content and search for the same on YouTube and post the link in the comment section of that particular video. This trick will surely help you to increase the revenue to an extent.

Make money with your Blog

Last but not the least, one can open a blog based on the interest of his kind and in the posts he can insert the links of the shortened URL which will give a boost to the shorte.st. In future, you can share the article on social media too.

Also, once can apply for ad services like Google AdSense, place the ad code on the website and shortened URL in the posts. And by sharing the posts, the blog owner will get several benefits from the revenue in Google AdSense and you can earn extra revenue in shorte.st account.

Short link earn money using unethical methods

This is one of the unethical methods to earn using link shorteners, in this method we create a link shortener of a blog post and paste it in hitleaps account from hitleaps traffic is send to the shortened URL and you earn some bugs from that.

What is hitleap?

Hitleap is a traffic exchange site. You have to install their app on your PC and it will browse many sites and give traffic to another site you can minimize it your desktop and do your normal work and in the background, you are earning views in hitleap account.


So, in this post, we explore 5 tricks to earn daily $20 without investing money. You just need the internet and 2-3 hours’ time. I think social media is enough to earn money on short links. So, we never recommended hitleap method. Do try short link earn money to guide and also don’t forget to comment if you have any other method from these, also do say how much you likes this quick guide.

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