SHALB –Complex Automation of Your Business

Devops company is a company that is really professional in the field of cloud computing, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), as well as other modern tools and practices. The firm employs qualified specialists who use their expert knowledge and experience with competence. This contributes to fast delivery and high performance of business applications.

The Devops company is one of the best consulting firmsamong all domestic consulting firms. Its team consists of high-level specialists with extensive work experience. Thanks to their knowledge and skills gained over the years, the company has strengthened its position among consulting companies and services.

Services of this organization

Customers are encouraged to take advantage of DevOps outsourcing services to accelerate their software delivery cycle. The Devops company also provides:

  1. Devops managed services involve the delivery of code to production environments in the shortest possible time, along with an increased stability of assemblies and releases. The service is relevant during the development of a new product for customizing your working system.
  2. Devops services and solutions give you a guarantee of savings and stimulation of business processes with the help of the best and cost-effective cloud solutions. The Devops company partners with leading cloud computing service providers (Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure Cloud).
  3. Devops automation services help you to repackage platforms, systems and applications into reusable building blocks. The company uses the technologies of virtual machines and containerization.

The company applies a server data processing conveyor. It receives login from several (or one) sources, processes them and improves filters, and then sends the result to one or more recipients.

Benefits of the company

The company’s specialists will check your application for compliance with high performance and availability requirements with the help of logging and monitoring.

Employees have innovative and high-tech tools at their disposal, which make their work easier. Centralized log management is carried out using modern and well-developed management tools. This increases the confidence that you will get the most accurate and correct results.

The company’s website provides all types of azure Devops CI/CD, as well as Kubernetes CI/CD, which will help you to use container systems effectively.

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