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How to Resolve the Issue If iPhone cannot connect to iTunes

Whether you are using iPhone ,iOS gadget, Mac, or PC with windows to interface with one of Apple’s advanced digital stores, you might have been under attack by the “iPhone Cannot Connect to iTunes store” or “Can’t associate with the App Store” warning. It can take place while you are attempting to use the, the i books store, App Store and even the store of iTunes. In case these issues are disturbing you must know that it is a simple fix.

iPhone cannot connect to iTunes

iPhone cannot connect to iTunes

IPad, iPhone cannot connect to iTunes or App Store on iOS

In case you’re experiencing difficulty associating with the application store, or any of Apple’s other online content stores through any of the apple OS gadgets, whether it’s an iphone, or iPad, iPod touch you can take after any of the below mentioned steps.

There can be a lot of reasons why iPhone cannot connect to iTunes. Sometimes it could be the programming issue or sometimes it’s because the drivers aren’t updated.

Apple TV can't connect to iTunes

Apple TV can’t connect to iTunes

Here we will explore different issue and their possible solution. So, you will get all possible solution if your iPhone cannot connect to iTunes store same time we fix issues apple TV cannot connect to iTunes store, my computer cannot connect to iTunes and fix issue on Mac PC.

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iPhone cannot connected to iTunes

iPhone cannot connected to iTunes

Solution for iPhone – If iPhone cannot connect to iTunes.

  1. Check your date and time settings
  2. IOS programming upgrade
  3. IOS Wi-Fi and cell settings
  4. VPN settings
  5. Network issue
  6. Apples are down
  7. Interface issue
  8. Firewall issue
  9. Modem problem
  10. ISP issue

Solution for Windows PC- iPhone cannot connect to iTunes on Windows PC.

  1. Check hosts file to factory settings
  2. Anti-virus problem

Test cases – iPhone cannot connect to iTunes

  1. Open iTunes but the iPhone doesn’t show up.
  2. My computer cannot detect iPhone, but other PC can detect my iPhone.
  3. iPhone data cannot synchronized with iTunes
  4. If my iPhone cannot connect to iTunes and I am windows user
  5. Appandora can detect iPhone, but iTunes cannot

Fix the issue on your Apple TV

Before going to research, check fundamental and find why iPhone stuck while connecting to iTunes.

Here are some basic issues which restrict your iPhone to connect iTunes:

  • Check USB port: Sometimes USB may not be working. Try different USB port or change USB to see if iTunes connecting your device.
  • Reboot your device: Sometimes its work: try connecting again.
  • Restart your PC: Restart your Mac or Windows computer and reconnect it.
  • Use latest version of iTunes: Check iTunes version and IOS version. If outdated then Upgrade it.
  • Most importantly, try out with different cables too. A faulty / third-party cable might charge the iPhone but prevent it from performing data transfer.

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Check your date and time settings

If your gadget’s time and date are off, Apple has advanced substance stores are not going to appreciate you much. Send out your gadget’s Settings application and go and change your date time setting.

Settings > General > Date and Time to guarantee that either the time you selected or time zone is right.

In case it is not, conform it in like manner.

Set automatically might not be available with all carriers. Still you have issue setting your date and time zone turn off set automatically option and select time zone manually.

IOS programming upgrade

IOS Update

IOS Update – iPhone cannot connect to iTunes

Something else you can investigate is to ensure that your form of iOS is up and coming. To do this, check for upgrades by going to –

Settings > general > software update

Afterwards introduce redesigns as fundamental (Update your IOS version).

IOS Wi-Fi and cell settings

In case you’re using  wireless connections, ensure that you’re associated with the right wireless  system by visiting Settings > Wi-Fi furthermore check to ensure that there is a solid  sufficient sign quality and that you don’t have to sign into the system from Safari and if it’s an concern system that obliges you to sign into an entry.

In case you are using Cellular, ensure that you are having cell information empowered from Settings to Cellular and ensure that your sign is sufficiently solid for a conventional web association. You ought to utilize LTE at whatever point conceivable since it ordinarily has good information speeds.

IOS VPN settings

In case you’re using a VPN that may piece Apple’s advanced stores working, then it is a must  to have a go at crippling your VPN quickly from settings > VPN to check whether you’re ready to associate or maybe not. If it works in the wake of crippling VPN, then VPN was the issue from the start.

Check your network settings

Sometimes, internet connection may be create issue if your iPhone user and your iPhone cannot connect to iTunes then check your internet connectivity. Make sure that you are connected to the right Wi-Fi network, and that Wi-Fi have proper internet connectivity. Reset your router if required.

Verify whether servers of Apple’s are down

Is there any other machine machines on the same system have the same issue?

Apple is Down

Apple is Down – iPhone cannot connect to iTunes

If you can disengage the issue to only your iOS gadget, then you identifies it is your gadget misbehaving. You can verify whether it is your gadget or that it is Apple’s servers by inspecting another iOS gadget or another computers or Mac to check whether those machines additionally have the similar availability issues. If they do not, then gadget is the issue; in case there is, you may suspect Apple’s servers are running with hiccups and you must to attempt again later.

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Can’t interface with iTunes or App Store on Mac

Apple gives a helpful SSP to see, what is the status online of each of its administrations. Check it whilst you are having problem and you will have the capacity to check whether the issue is identified with Apple or it is your gadget having the issue.

The same as on your gadgets of iOS, you may encounter comparative availability problems on your Mac when using the ibooks Store, Mac App Store or iTunes Store. Here are a few stages you can carry on to investigate availability issues on the Mac.

Ensure you do not have a firewall jamming computerized content store

Users of Mac have permission entry to settings of firewall, yet just too incoming associations. Outsider firewall programming, for example, Little Snitch, will permit blocking active associations. Ensure that both approaching and active associations are permitting ibooks store, Mac App Store, and iTunes store associations.

Reset your switch or modem

Macs can utilize either a remote or wired web association; you can take a stab at reset either your remote or wired switch to check whether this cures the issue. Some of the time a poor internet connection also cause this issue so make sure to check that.

ISP issue

You believe it or not, Apple announce that some ISPs will block to access certain digital content stores. Try to contact your ISP for more information and check whether or not they’re blocking the iPhone stores.

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iTunes cannot detect to iPhone on Windows PC.

Reset the hosts file to factory settings

If you jailbreak your iPhone to install IPA file in iPhone machine then sometime it damage host file in windows, can cause issues with iTunes connectivity. Microsoft has launch an online support document guide on resetting the hosts file. Use this document and see if this solves your problem.

Check anti-virus software

To protect from deadly virus like shortcut virus we mostly used antivirus software. But sometimes anti-virus may report iTunes as false virus and may block its connectivity. Since anti-virus software is a common software in windows machine check whether your antivirus effect iTunes or not.

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Test cases – iPhone cannot connect to iTunes

Let’s go for some scenario…..

Case 1

Open iTunes but the iPhone doesn’t show up.

Possible solution:

Delete the database file under the path: /private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control/iTunes/iTunesDB

and restart iTunes.

It is a database file so after restart iTunes -will create new database file.

Make sure also to remove reference and backup files.

This solution is also applicable if iPhone cannot connect to iTunes due to flash the iPhone.

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Case 2

My computer cannot detect iPhone, but other PC can detect my iPhone.

Try this:

Your iPhone cannot recognized by your computer then uninstall all iPhone related software like QuickTime, iTunes, Apple Software Update and Bonjour, Apple Mobile Device Support)

Then, reinstall iTunes and try to connect it.


Case 3

iPhone data cannot synchronized with iTunes

If you resolve issue of iPhone cannot connect to iTunes, but data synchronization not work then this happened due to restrictions set in your iPhone.

Follow the simple steps to solve this issue.

  • Go to iPhone Settings
  • Tap on General tab
  • Select Restrictions and Disable Restrictions


Case study for windows user.

If my iPhone cannot connect to iTunes and I am windows user then …


  • Go to C: Windows and search USBAAPL.SYS file.
  • Right click and go to file location, copy and paste it in new folder (Create backup).
  • Right click on my computer, click on manage and open device manager.
  • Select iPhone from Portable devices, and Update Driver Software.

Solution 2

  • Close iTunes and remove iPhone from computer.
  • Go to Control panel – Uninstall iTunes software.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Go to C: Program Files open – Common Files then check Apple file folder. If folder exists, delete it.
  • Check and confirm all iTunes related folder are deleted.
  • Reinstall iTunes.
  • Open iTunes and connect iPhone to computer.

Case 5

If Appandora can detect iPhone, but iTunes cannot detect iPhone.

Solution: Check Cylia and uninstall it.

Fix the iTunes issue on your Apple TV

If your apple TV can’t connect to iTunes Store

  1. Check date and Time. Go to Settings > General > Date and Time.
  2. Check Apple TV software is up to date.
  3. Check internet connection.
  4. Reset your router.

This is complete guide to solve if your iPhone cannot connect to iTunes. Most of the time user made basic mistake, we try to cover all possible problem and produce best possible solution in it.

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