How To Remove Winsnare Virus | aMulec Malware | Qtipr Removal Tool

Does WinSnare virus infect your machine? Are you struggle amuleC malware or Qtipr adware. In this post, you will get a solution on how to remove Winsnare virus manually from a computer. Winsnare is malware, which will damage your  Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. So, these Winsnare malware removal instruction helps you to get rid of it.

WinSnare, AmuleC adware

Winsnare, aMulec and Qtipr

While working on the internet, if you have seen unstoppable unwanted ads, then your system is infected by Winsnare virus. Winsnare works with amuleC malware and produces irresistible ads. You’ve also seen the WinSnare introduced on most of the amuleC ads, written somewhere on the edge of the box messages and banners?

remove virus

Whether you are using Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or UC browser none of the browser is safe from malware attacks. The malware creates pop-ups ads, page redirects and other various unwanted activity.  After publishing a successful guide on how to remove shortcut virus from pen drive and PC. We have created a malware removal guide. It is all in one guide, and it will not only help to remove the just Winsnare virus but also it sufficient for removing all malware virus like amuleC, Bing, qtipr, etc.

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So, go through each and every step even your able to delete Winsnare virus in first or second steps.

What is WinSnare Virus?  What is amuleC?

Winsnare service is a possible unwanted software program, or PUP, that include spyware, adware, and dialers and are often transmits data from your computer to a remote location.

Similarly, aMulec is a program whose abilities can be used by cyber-criminals to get funds from ads.

The type of program specially design to integrate itself with your browser and bombarding endless unwanted ads is known as adware. WinSnare has been linked with other kinds of adware like amuleC. The motto behind this is to gain significant amount using advertising click. That’s why the ads are all over, and you can’t avoid them.

This program will gather all browsing data from user end and send to the remote computer. So, by using browsing data and cookies, cyber-criminals will develop new ads. Cyber hacker will fetch your anti-security includes the history of most visited web pages, search queries and even specific personal details that aren’t encrypted or unprotected.

By using your private information, attackers displays new ads relevant to your hobbies or need and attract you to click on ads.

Is it dangerous?

Yes! As definitions of computer virus from Wikipedia “It is a type of software application(“malware”) that, replicated itself by copying its source code and infected another computer program by modifying them”. So, I think WinSnare not exactly in computer virus category but, we can say that it is a malicious application which will collect data from the infected computer.

Cyber crime is a most dangerous crime nowadays. If you can’t protect your personal details, then you are in big trouble in future. To learn more check how cyber criminal fetch your personal data and plan cyber attacks.

How did I get infected with WinSnare?

Typical areas for these would be open source software platforms, torrent files, direct downloads and file sharing websites, etc.

Adware is attached to freeware or shareware software. Once you execute infected software, your PC get adware infection.

For instance, many Adware gets spread online via spam messages in social media.

Computer hackers could append malware to some fake emails as well. But, the most popular method is attaching adware with freeware.

How to protect yourself from adware

Pay close attention to download process. While downloading freeware many unwanted, unrecognized programs also downloaded.

Thus, you must spot the thief and deselect it. Always check terms and condition before downloading any freeware application.

With this in thought, you should be a bit more decisive towards your download origins and handle them like you would your diet:

Furthermore, always download from trusted site, mostly from the official website. Keep your operating system and all other programs up to date. Install some reliable antivirus program.

But, still your computer is infected by winsnare, then here you will get how to remove the winsnare virus manually. But, I always recommended buying some trusted antivirus program like Avast Pro.


Steps to remove winsnare virus manually

Following are manual steps to remove the winsnare virus from PC. Mostly, all adware have the same type of signature. So, you can use it as adware remove process for all kind of malware.

#Delete WinSnare virus from Control Panel

Once any virus-infected to your PC, its create a new program in your machine. Similar, WinSnare virus also creates a new program on your computer. So, remove Winsnare virus from the control panel.

  • Click on start
  • Open control panel
  • Go to Uninstall or change program
  • To identify easily, sort by installed date
  • Check WinSnare program and uninstall it.
Uninstall amuleC virus
  • Find WinSAPSvc and remove WinSAPSVC from the program list.
  • Check aMulec application and remove it.

Similarly, you can remove malware from the control panel.

#Remove Running Process.

Once any malware is infected is your PC it will start running in the background. So, the first thing is to identify adware process and kill that process.

Kill Running WinSnare Virus
  • Go to Task Manager (Press Alt + Ctrl + Delete)
  • Check Running process.
  • In Windows 7 you can identify process based on their description. In Windows 10 group them into the process and test the name of the background process.
  • Once you identify the malicious process, then right-click on it and make end task.

It is a simple method for winsnare removal from the background process.

#Stop running service

Once you kill a running winsnare virus, your first part is done but not end. When any malware is infected, then it will generate new service. So, you have to stop that service.

  • Click on Windows button from keyboard + R or go to “Run”.
  • Enter services.msc.
  • Find out WinSnare service.
Remove WinSnare virus from running services
  • Right click on it and stop it.

Similar, you can remove YAC virus from running services.

#Remove WinSnare virus from Appdata

Whenever any application started, it creates temp folder under Roaming folder. Delete that folder from a computer.

  • Go to my computer -> c drive -> users -> “User Name” -> AppData -> Roaming
  • Sort folder based of date of modified (To identify maliseous folder)
  • Delete Winsnare folder.


  • Enter %appdata% in the address bar. Select Winsnare and delete it.

#Clean Temp Folder

Go to %temp% and delete all temporary files. It will not only remove winsnare but also useful to make your computer faster than previous.

#Uncheck Startup Programme

Malware always creates a backdoor on your computer. Destroy their backdoors and stop replicating them.

In Windows 7.

  • Go to “Run”.
  • Enter MSConfig.
  • Go to Startup and uncheck unwanted programmes.

For Windows 10

  • Press Alt + Ctrl + Del.
  • Open Task manager.
  • Go to Startup and disable the unwanted application.

#Check host file with IP

Malware and adware are always trying to hide their identity. Once the fetch your personal information, it will send to a remote location.

So, they create IP entry in your host file. While removing malware try to delete remote IP entries.

  • Go to My Computer – > c: drive -> Windows folder-> System 32->drivers-> etc folder
  • Open Hosts file in  notepad.
Delete WinSnare malware from host file
  • Delete the entries as per above instruction.

#Check network setting

Malware may affect your DNS setting. So, check and reconfirm your DNS setting.

  • Open control panel-> Network and the Internet.
  • Click on View Network and sharing center.
  • Open change adapter setting.
  • Select your local area connection or Wireless network connection.
  • Right click and open properties.
  • Double-click on Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4).
  • Go to Advanced tab.
  • Select DNS tab.
Remove Winsnare DNS setting
  • Check whether any entry in DNS server address. If any IP is specified, then remove it.


#Remove from browser properties

Most important part of “remove winsnare virus” is deleted each and every footprint of malware. Adware always affects your browser. Destroy adware from the browser using following methods.

#Remove winsnare virus from Chrome.

#Delete Addon

  • Go to Chrome Setting
  • Select Extension
  • Find out unwanted Add-on and delete it.

#Remove from default search

  • Go to Setting
  • Scroll down to search
  • Delete unwanted search engine.

#Remove from Browser startup

  • Right click on browser shortcut file.
  • Go to properties.
  • Check target
  • Anything after chrome.exe” delete it.
  • Save file.

It is not only for remove winsnare virus. You can use this method for remove amulec virus or delete “qtipr” virus. Qtipr is latest chines adware, and you can use same methods and remove from chrome browser.


#Remove WinSnare virus from Mozilla

#Delete unwanted Addon from Mozilla

  • Click on right most corner and go to add-ons
  • Select Extension
  • Find out unwanted Add-on and delete it.

#Remove from search and history

  • Click on right most corner and go to options
  • In general, tab, select When Firefox starts = show a blank page.
  • In search Tab- Select unwanted search engine and remove it. So, if your PC infected by virus, then it will help you to remove virus.
  • Then click on Privacy.
  • Clear your recent history and remove individual cookies.
  • Again click on right most corner and open help menu.
  • Click on Troubleshooting Information -> Refresh Firefox.
Refresh Firefox after deleting malware
  • Done

#Remove from Browser startup

  • Right, click on Mozilla browser file.
  • Go to properties.
  • Check target
Remove qtipr virus from Mozilla properties
  • Anything after “C:\Programe Files (x86)\Mozilla FireFox\Firefox.exe” delete it.
  • Save file.


#Remove Winsnare from registry

I am recommended to use Registry backup software before using this method. Take Registry backup and start following steps.

  • Open “Run”.
  • Type Regedit.
  • Select Hkey_Current_user.
  • Press Ctrl + F.
Delete WinSnare virus from registry
  • Find Winsnare, amuleC or qtipr.
  • If you get registry entry, then delete it.

Wrap up

So, here are various malware removal steps to remove Winsnare virus from PC. It also acts as removal tool or amuleC removal process. If you have any difficulty, then please comment below.


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