Best Programming Language for Mobile Apps

Every company that works with a final customer and wants to make their life more convenient requires a mobile app. We all spend life on smartphones.

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Smart house, online booking and shopping, apps for the taxi, banking and a lot of other useful services seem common for modern users. So if you want to take a stable position in your market you need a quality and user-friendly application

How to Create an App for Your Business? 

The average number of apps installed on a user’s smartphone is 80. It doesn’t mean that all of them are for daily usage but these numbers confirm the statement that the world goes into gadgets and the smartphone is the most popular among them. If you understood that a mobile app is necessary for your business the next step is to choose a team that will create a good product for you. There are two ways to solve this task. 

  1. Pay a big IT-company for development. In this case, you are a client who will get the fully constructed product. You don’t care about the team, don’t control every coder. You just communicate with your project manager who accompanies the project and get the result according to the terms and conditions of your contract. The bad news is the price. If you want to change something during development or add some features you will pay more and more. Be ready for this.
  2. Hire the staff. Some risks accompany this decision. Like dismissal or overdue. Everyday control is also about this way. But we believe that if you need a flexible and controlled product this way is better. All you need is to find a team and this is the hardest step. Then everything will be easier than to work with a developing company. Some risks accompany this decision. Like dismissal or overdue. Everyday control is also about this way. But we believe that if you need a flexible and controlled product this way is better. All you need is to find a team and this is the hardest step. Then everything will be easier to work with a mobile app design and development company in Dubai.

There is a third option we want to discuss here. You want to learn how to make simple mobile apps on your own, or you want to become a part of such a team. First, use this article to get the basic understanding of the programming languages you can use. Read more about the ones that seem the most appropriate.

Second, if in the process of learning or actual coding you get stuck with some tasks, consider addressing a programming assignment service, such as, paying someone from its experts to have your coding homework done from scratch. Here, you will find professional and timely assistance with almost any coding challenges you may face creating a mobile app. 

Which programming language to choose for mobile apps?

In each of these two ways, you need to choose a language that is more suitable for the tasks of your mobile application.

If you are not a professional programmer it is better to consult with someone you trust, but at the same time, you also need some knowledge about the variety of languages for apps. Let’s discuss the most popular languages for the apps to facilitate your future choice.

  • JavaScript (JS). Almost all programmers know JS a little. It has flexible syntax and is compatible with all browsers. It doesn’t require compilation and works fast on the client-side. It is verified by a lot of specialists with a wide community that is always ready to help with a problem.   
  • C++. It might be the best language for low-level programming that is perfectly fitted with apps for Android and Windows. However, this language is not a novelty, it is still reliable on every platform and ready to satisfy the need for any kind of application from the game to internet banking.
  • PHP. E-commerce applications, content-heavy and dynamic applications are the PHP tasks. If your app needs database access then this language is the answer. For example, Facebook and Wikipedia are written on PHP. It contains in-built security features that will be useful for any application. 
  • HTML. It is not a language itself but a perfect instrument for a lot of tasks. It supports media formats and compatible with all browsers. Even if you will not choose it for your app, you can start with it as a junior programmer to visualize your dream right now for better decisions in the future.   
  • Python. YouTube and Instagram chose Python for their apps. It is fast, easy to learn, and a simple high-level language. It is great for startups because you can see the results quickly and present your development to a market. It is perfect for both iOS and Android apps. A huge community and wide support libraries are available for developers of Python. 
  • Kotlin. It is the next step of Java that took all reliable old features with modern specialties. Kotlin is easy to use and set up. It is completely free and supports all developing environments. It is probably the easiest language with detailed documentation and community that is always open for new members.
  • Swift. This young language was created for the iOS app and shows itself perfectly. It is easy and preferred for beginners with built-in features that give you feedback in real-time. Programmers say to write a code on Swift is fun so it is more about life than about a job. 

The choice is not simple and important. It is almost impossible to switch between languages during development. It is also not easy to make exchanges inside one platform that uses more than one language. That’s why it is a very responsible decision that will be very expensive in case of changing. To tell the truth, it is very hard to say what language is best from the very beginning. Sometimes only after finishing the app, it became obvious that another language was more suitable but nobody of specialists could predict it.

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