10 Popular iPhone Health Apps For IOS

Are you trying to lose weight, assist your health to reach at its optimal level or keep a check on your diet? If yes, then you can take your iPhone as a handy tool. You need to gather the resources for losing weight, gaining energy, improving health and much more. It is very exciting, if you may get all these things on one device. Of course, your iPhone can help you a lot, only if you have a right app. There are hundreds of apps for health, you can find online. However, the best iPhone health apps are available in the App Store.

Top 10 Free iphone health apps list

iPhone Health Apps for IOS User

Lot’s of apps available in market. IOS developer made dedicated efforts to design and developed high quality health apps that work on iPhone mobile. So, here i listed some selected apps that help you to maintain your health fit and fine.

Know about the popular iPhone health apps

This health and fitness apps specially design for IOS user. But, if you want to use it on android or windows system then read my previous post How to run IOS apps on windows PC.

  • Nike+ Training Club

      Nike Training fitness apps for iPhone

This app offers you a library of 30-45 minute weight loss workouts that can help you meet your goals and fitness level. With this app, you will be going to know how to implement each workout. Even, you can watch how-to videos to know the right steps to do exercises. The best part is that you can share your achievement on the social sites. It is free of cost. If you have trouble to download Nike club iPhone health apps from iTunes then check alternate ways to install IPA file without iTunes.

  • Strava Running and Cycling: GPS Run and Ride Tracker

      GPS Run and Ride Tracker iPad health apps

This excellent app can be availed without paying anything. It tracks and monitors the runs or cycling route through GPS. Using this app will help you in gamifying cardio workouts and matches with achievements, leaderboards and challenges, which bring a competitive spirit to your regimen. Download Tubemate for iPhone and enjoy life with latest video.

  • Daily Yoga

This app is for beginners. There are short classes with complementary music, along with a collection of different exercise routines and poses. This app can be used at no cost. To use more advanced features and courses, it needs a $13.3/month subscription.You can run this apps on Windows PC using IOS emulator.

  • Lose It! Weight loss program and calorie counter

Weight loss iPhone apps

This app assists in tracking the food consumption and also the fitness activities. This free app creates a recommended net calorie consumption based on how many calories you eat and how many you burn. All you need to do is to enter your height, age, weight and how many pounds you want to lose.It will scan  your body like barcode scanner apps for iPhone and suggest fitness activities. Therefore it is best iPhone health apps for fitness activity.

  • FitStar Yoga

It is a personalised training app, which is available free of cost. This app measures your fitness level to make the adjustments of the difficulty of the yoga routine. You will get HD videos and an audio support with each session. It can integrate with other apps, like Fitbit, Jawbone UP, and MyFitnessPal. Your progress with achievements can be tracked.Try at least once Fitstar, i know you never uninstall it.

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  • GymBook: Strength Training Planner

GymBook health and fitness apps for iPhone 5,6,7

Being one of the most popular iPhone health apps, GymBook is an attractive app, which helps in tracking your strength workouts in a visual manner. Using this strength training app will assist you make your own routines. This app shows clear GIFs of fifty preset exercises and how they impact the different muscle groups. Get ready to use this app free of cost. Most important , it give you complete statistics in graphical ways.

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  • FitnessBuilder

It is a simple app, which records the number of reps a user does. Fitness Builder also tells you how much weight you are using for workouts. It offers a wide range of workouts in the form of catalogs. You can track your workouts and monitor your progress to get a cardio muscular body. It does not need any money to invest.so, its simple and cost saving application to make your life fit and fine.

  • Spring Running Music: Walking and Run Coach

Spring is a music app, which is capable of detecting your steps per minute and setting a musical beat to it. Just start moving and then it will match the melody to your rhythm through its 50+ playlists as well as stations. This free app will let you track runs and assists the Apple watch. Check how to transfer music from iPhone 5s to 6s.

  • Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

This free app can be set on mattresses and it will start working when a user will sleep. Get metrics along with a snapshot of sleep quality with this app. It also has a wonderful alarm function. So,it will make you wake during your lightest sleep.Simply send good night imessage from PC and enjoy Sleep Cycle alarm clock iPhone health apps.

  • Pzizz

This app is responsible to create a different soundtrack every time a user uses it. A randomized algorithm is used in the app, which gives it more than 100 billion different sounds, which are binaural beats and tones.  All of these sounds and tones induce a state of comfort and relaxation.

All these iPhone health apps are free of cost and can be downloaded from iTunes.



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