15 Practical tips |How to make your computer faster

If you observe that your computer runs slower? Or natural slowly in general? Try these technics to make your computer faster. Check your hard drive space. Keep at least 15% of free.Here we explain free PC speed up techniques.Try and increase network speed.

How to make your computer faster

All these techniques are tested and work fine for Windows System. So, to enhance your PC speed use our guide “How to Make Your Computer Faster.”

Make your computer faster

Uninstall the unutilized program.

Unwanted programme

New PCs come with lots of default install software those you will never use, and you possibly don’t even know they exist. Remove any software you do not use.

Some software even executes background processes when you start your computer, and even you are not using them. To remove all such software and make faster Compute.

This idea is also helpful to increase your Mobile RAM, to get details check how to increase Android mobile RAM using SD cards.

Go to control panel – open add or remove programmes you get a master list of software installed on your computer.

It may assist to see how frequently you use the program. You get details of the programme name, software Publisher, Size, Date of installation, etc. you should be able to insert additional characteristics If you right-click any column titles above your program list. For example, registered company, Last Used On and you can quickly sort your programs. Some software will not have been used in past years and maybe applicant for deletion.

Uninstall unutilized program-Last used on

While being careful to delete software your computer’s hardware needs some of that software.

When in uncertain, don’t remove any software you don’t recognise; it may be harmful to the function of your computer

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Prevent unnecessary software from starting when the computer start.


The more software tries to run at your computer startup, the slower your computer because of start-up time.

To do this open system configurationStartRunMSCONFIG and then press enter.

Then go to STARTUP tab.Tick indicate programme started at boot level.

Uncheck unwanted application and click on ok button

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Scan your hard disk space.

As a rule, suggest, you want to remain at least 15% of the hard drive area free to stay the computer running smoothly. Just go to My Computer, right click on the drive, and select Properties.

There you’ll see a chart of your free and used space. If it’s nearly full, you’ll want to start by deleting unnecessary programs and files.

Disable any process which runs in the background.

Windows Task Manager

Press Ctrl +ALT +Delete and open windows task manager.

Go to Process tab, click on memory tab to sort program based on memory utilisation. Check Background application and disable the ones you don’t need.

Remove all unnecessary appearance from the Windows Context menu.

Several programs vie to rest in your context menu, and if you’re not likely using them, disabling them will obtain your context menu much faster the next time.

Use a Disk Cleanup.

This process can clean lots of megabytes of temporary files. It will also open a screen in which you can select what to delete.

Disk clean up

Go to My Computer, right-click on the Drive and go to Properties, and then Disc Cleanup.

Check all the boxes except game files and setup files.

Obtain an SSD.

Solid State Drives (SSD’s) can supplement your hard disk, and they are speedy and much more reliable than hard drives.

Use a Disk Defragment.

Disk defragment will reconfigure the way the hard drive stores data for maximum productivity.

disk fragment-defragment

In My Computer, right-click on Hard Drive and then go to Properties, select the Tools tab and Defragment Now.


Find out any disk errors.

Disk errors will also slow your computer.

Disk error

Go to My Computer, right-click the any Drive and Properties, then select Tools tab and Check Now down the Error-Checking area. The dialogue box opens, select both boxes.

If you get a message saying that can’t check the disk while it’s in use, click Schedule Disk Check and then select OK. It will execute on your next reboot.


Closed indexing.

Go to My Computer, right-click the any Drive and Properties, then unclick the box show that the drive should be indexed. Don’t do this if you use any of the Windows Search functionality.

Delete data from Prefetch folder.

OS saves a file you are using to make a start up faster. After so much time of use, this folder gets a pack with separate programs.

Open Notepad – type – del C:\Windows\Prefetch\*.* /Q
Rundll32.exe advapi32.dll, ProcessIdleTasks

Save as filename.bat (.bat is an extension for a batch file).

Create batch file

Execute it! Double-click.

Within few second, the command prompt will open, and your programs should run more smoothly.So, Overall PC speed increased.


Change Prefetch Parameters.

This a risky task to finish unless you follow these steps completely.

If you’re not certain about anything, don’t go.


Start > Run and type in run regedit to open the registry editor. Then Go to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE ->SYSTEM -> CurrentControlSet->Control->Session Manager->Memory Management->Prefetch Parameters to get the parameters.

Prefetch Parameter will make your computer faster

Double-click EnablePrefetcher.

The window pops up, and there should be an editable text box having 3 number.

Prefetch value change

(Os allows four options: 0 to 3.) Three is by default, fetches everything.

Change that number to 2.

Your computer will boot a faster and network performance should not be affected.

Click OK and then close Registry edit.

Follow all these images carefully to make your computer faster.


Increase RAM to your PC and Boast processing speed.

Increase Ram to your computer

If you need more RAM, then use the Windows Task Manager to increase your RAM memory. Select Performance tab, find the area to Physical Memory. If the Free numbers hover around zero, but the PC is still slow, you may require increasing ram on the computer.

Remove unwanted gadgets.

All devices that are running slow down your computer son to boost up your PC remove all unwanted appliance. Compare 3G vs. 4g speed.

Delete temporary files – make your computer faster

Temporary files created on your computer through every tasks and can stays on your hard drive, slowing the PC down. So, Clear these files, containing your internet history and cookies, it gives you a larger space, run up your PC.

To do this,

Go to “My Computer”, and select your C drive Select the “Windows” folder and open “Temp” folder. Then Select files and delete.Or go to run-type %temp% enter Select all files and delete

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