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There are so many interesting apps available in IOS store which will make your life spicier. But we can’t use it because we don’t have iPhone. Don’t worry now. Xpadian developed a solution for that. The iPadian 2 iOS emulator for PC. So, iPadian 2 will solve our fundamental question how to play ios apps on PC? It is one of the best ios app emulators for PC. Using iPadian, you can call from your computer. Just download voice call app and iPadian to perform free voice calling from PC.

iPadian 2 for Windows 10

How to run ios apps on PC?

How to run ios apps on PC? It is one of the trading searches in technology. People want Apple experience without buying Apple device. Thus they seek which is best IOS emulator for Windows PC?

So, is emulatorBefore running IOS apps on PC, What emulator is? My previous post explains you use of emulator considering 9 best android emulator for windows PC.

So, Emulator is software that connects your IOS apps to PC and you will able to run ios apps on PC. IPadian is one of the ios emulators that can be used to play ios games on PC.

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Play cash on Clans on PC.

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Using, iPadian 2 you can run ios apps on PC. You can enjoyable experience the Apple apps on your Windows PC. The iPadian 2 IOS emulator is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and even Windows 10. It will convert your Windows PC into phone machine so that you can play iPhone games. ipadian2 is also useful to install TubeMate on iPhone.

Already, Android emulator available in the market, IOS emulator are work similar as an Android emulator on Windows PC. Check: How to Install bluestacks emulator for Windows PC.

iPadian 2 is a useful tool that simulates the interface of the iPads on your computer screen. Because the iPad provide a graphically impressive interface, people love to play ios apps on windows PC.

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What ipadian provides you? Ipad simulator for Mac

Ipadian for Mac brings you ios user interface on Windows machine. It provides you iPhone kind of feeling without buying iPad or iPhone. Most importantly! It does not change your computer configuration. It offers simple screen, or we can say that, windows screen that looks like iPad and the same time you can use your windows files and folder.

Among all the other emulators, iPadian is most preferred by experts and developers because of the advancement it carries.

It is open source software developed by Xpadian, it shows you dashboard with various features and technical help to play ios apps on PC.

Actually! Ipadian is not a real ios emulator. It just simulates the ios interface on your Windows PC.


Ipadian 2 is one of the option to install IPA files on iPhone without iTunes.

The Ipadian 2 is best option to run Facetime on PC.

Ipadian 2 Features.


Standard ipadian two features
  • Ipadian 2 consist of lots of interesting applications.
  • It gives you a highly customizable interface, feel like iPad.
  • App Store-style sidebar.
  • It also includes Facebook notification widgets.

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Is ipadian safe?

Let consider some of the disadvantages of ipadian.

  • It is just a copy of iPad.
  • Sometimes your computer’s performance might be a bit slow then check how to make your computer faster.
  • To install ipadian 2, disable antivirus. Sometimes it is primary threat in installation. After enabling antivirus, it shows that ipadian virus, but it is not like shortcut virus.
  • Adobe Air is required.

Basic requirement to install Ipadian 2 on windows 10

  • Adobe Air is required. Download here
  • Minimum physical memory (RAM) 512 MB.
  • The operating system either Windows XP or above Windows XP.
  • File Size is 30 MB.
  • Minimum 50 MB hard disk space required.
  • Pentium IV or above processor.

Specification: ipadian 3 for mac

ipadian 3.0 work on Windows XP or above version and also it is completely free to download.


How to download ipadian 2 – ipad emulator for PC

Download iPadian for Windows 10 Click Here.

Free Download iPadian for Mac PC Click Here.

Download Ipadian  for Red Hat Linux PC Click here


How to install and run an iPadian on Windows PC (iPhone emulator)?

Installing emulators for iPhone and iPad on Windows system is simple as running any other file.

Let’s take iPadian for instance. You simply need to follow the below steps to install iPadian 2 on your Windows system.

  • Download the iPadian 10 simulator (.exe) file on your PC- Download.
  • Run the .exe file and accept the installation terms to proceed.
  • Once the installation is complete you can start using it.
  • Run iPadian from your Windows desktop.
  • Search and browse for apps or games from the iPadian App Store interface.
  • Click on the app/game you want to access and start using it.

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Care should take while installing ipadian on windows 10, 8, 7

Before going to ipadian installation download Adobe Air, check your system configuration.

You need internet connection to install it. Check your internet speed using speed app. Make sure you have proper internet connection with decent speed.

Sometime, antivirus create problem. So disable antivirus.

Now, install it like other software’s.

Double click on exe file and follow the steps. iPadian 2 asks you whether you want to install some other software’s. If you don’t want uncheck it. Otherwise tick the check boxes.

ipadian 10 installation

After all these basic formalities, your ipadian installation will get started. Installation might take some time. Be patience! Wait until complete installation, do not close it in middle.

ipadian 2 download

Once you installed it properly, you will get desktop icon in your PC. If desktop icon is created, that means you successfully installed.

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Click on desktop icon. Now search for ios apps for your windows PC and install them on your iPadian. You can also install ipadian games and enjoy to play ipadian 2 clash of clans.


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