How To Install Bluestacks On Windows 10 | Install Bluestacks On Windows Without Graphics Card | Install Bluestacks With 1 Gb Ram

Bluestacks app player is one of the best android emulator for windows PC. How to install Bluestacks on windows 10 is a step by step guide, provide you how to download Bluestacks and install it on windows PC. If you have system with only 1 GB memory then we explore tricks, so you will able to install Bluestacks with 1 GB RAM. This guide also provide solution on how to install Bluestacks on windows 7 without graphic card and solve error 25000. Installing Bluestacks on windows PC is just four click operation.


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What you will learn here.

What you will learn here?

This is a process that will help you to download Bluestacks for Windows 10, then step by step install Bluestacks on windows 10 in no time. How to install Bluestacks with 1 gb RAM? And finally, how to install Bluestacks on windows 7 without graphic card? Solution on Error 25000.

Before going to download understand what Bluestacks app player is?

Bluestacks app player is a product of Bluestacks company and it act as emulator for windows PC. This is one of the best emulator and instead of Bluestacks app player it called as “Bluestacks”. It is one of the software that create connection between your android mobile and Windows computer. Using Bluestacks you will able to play your favorite android games on your windows system. Bluestacks is best option to run IOS app like Facetime on PC.

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The most important part of Bluestacks is, you can use it in free of cost. It require few minutes’ installation and you will able to whatspp chat on PC. Bluestacks is also available for IOS and Linux system. You don’t need to install Android Operating system or hacking tricks. Bluestacks act as virtual machine for you and it will allow you to do the work. So, install Bluestacks and play most amazing android games or use best financial apps.

Minimum system requirement to install Bluestacks on Windows Computer.

  1. You are Administrator user.
  2. Minimum 2GB RAM is required.
  3. Minimum 4GB space is required to store data.
  4. System consist of Dirext X 9.0 or higher installed.
  5. Updated graphics driver.

Additional requirement as per windows operating system

Minimum system requirement to install Bluestacks on Windows Vista.

  1. Machine must have service pack 2 or higher installed.

Minimum system requirement to install Bluestacks on Windows XP.

  1. Machine must have service pack 3 installed.
  2. Windows installer 4.5 required.
  3. .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 required.

Ohhh! If you don’t have 2 GB RAM, no graphics card don’t worry. Still you will able to access android apps through Bluestacks just follow me.

Before install Bluestacks on windows, read how to install windows 10 and how to increase your RAM.

Ok, I will show you 3 methods.

  • Step by step install Bluestacks on windows 10.
  • How to install Bluestacks on windows without 1 GB ram.
  • How to install Bluestacks on windows without graphics card.

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Method 1 – Steps to install Bluestacks on Windows 10

Download Bluestacks offline installer – Click to download

  • Run the installer.
Run Bluestack Installer
  • You’ll get a security warning, click on run button.
  • You’ll get Welcome box inside the installer.
Installing bluestack on windows 7
  • You’ll on the way for installing bluestacks, where you can select what should be installed.
  • Click on “Install” button.

After completion of installation, Bluestacks will be automatically shown the start-up screen.

Startup Screen

Finished, that’s it. If you have proper configuration machine then bluestacks installation on windows machine is just 4 to 5 clicks.

But, If your system doesn’t have minimum requirement like 2GB ram or don’t’ have graphics card or If the message says “25000” error. Solve this issue by using following methods.

Bluestack Error 25000

Method 2: Steps To Install Bluestacks on windows PC with 1 GB Ram

If your system doesn’t satisfied minimum requirement that is 2GB ram then you need to install two software

  1. Orca – Download Orca for Bluestacks.
  • After Orca successful installation, open Bluestacks installer (setup.exe file) and Choose “Edit with Orca”.
Edit bluestacks setup in Orca
  • Then opened select “LaunchCondition” in left panel.
  • Then select the entire with condition as “Installed OR PhysicalMemory>= 1024”
  • Delete it and click OK.
  • Again from left panel, select “InstallExecuteSequence”
Change Execute Sequence In Bluestacks MSI
  • Delete the row from Right panel (Action) as “CheckMsiSignature“
  • Then select “Property” from left panel and from right panel select “GLMODE” and change value as False.
  • If GLMODE is disappear then use (Ctrl+F) to find box and search GLMODE.
Change GLMODE setting in msi
  • Clik on Save button.
Save Bluestacks installer

After completion of this steps, execute your edited Bluestacks exe, so that you will able to install Bluestacks on windows PC having 1GB RAM without error. This method is also applicable to install Bluestacks on windows 8 and windows 8.1.

Note: This method is applicable to solve “error 25000”.

We can say that steps are used to solve error 25000 and guidance for windows 8 and windows 8.1 user.

Method 3: Install Bluestacks on windows without Graphic card

If you don’t want to involve in lengthy procedure then just download edited version of bluestack installer. It is completely edited file so no need to change any setting, just download and install it.

Download link of Bluestacks cracked version:

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Bluestacks Alternative

Bluestacks is one of the best android emulator, but if you are looking for other than bluestacks then check 9 bluestacks alternative emulator for windows pc. Similarly, iPadian is best IOS emulator click here to get details about iPadian 2.


Bluestacks is company developed bluestacks app player. Its act as emulator, so that we will access android apps or play android games on windows, MAC as well as Linux machine. To install bluestack on any machine some basic configuration is needed. But this guide show you how to install bluestacks on windows 10 even if don’t have basic configuration.


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