How To Turn USD to BTC Easily and Securely

Today more than ever, buying crypto is one of the best things to do. For example, Bitcoin (BTC) has had incredible price hikes in the last months. People that have been keeping this digital asset for long suddenly had huge gains.

But many people don’t know that it is still possible to jump on the bandwagon. Why should you keep your dollar (USD) assets in a bank account? That’s not the right way to make your money grow fast. Instead, convert your fiat-money assets to Bitcoin.

If you don’t have much experience in the crypto sphere, you can exchange USD to BTC easily and securely on Switchere. This is a platform that guarantees the lowest risks associated with the purchase of cryptocurrency.

In general, a major concern among users is online security. With, security is not an issue. This exchange ensures the security of all transactions through the following measures:

  • Registration is mandatory for all users. While you can buy BTC anonymously on the blockchain, you must provide some data about you to the exchange. This is for internal use to guarantee that the site remains secure for all the users;
  • Different verification tiers. To use the platform’s USD to Bitcoin converter without any limits, a user must verify some personal information. The more information is verified, the larger the amount of BTC that can be bought. For instance, after ID verification, a user can convert up to $8500. The verification of address increases this limit to $17500. The verification of proof of income allows unrestricted purchases;
  • 3D secure online payments. You can use your credit or debit card confidently. The website is PCI DSS certified;
  • Non-custodial service. When you buy crypto on this platform, the exchange will send your digital assets directly to your wallet. The exchange doesn’t store your funds or your private keys. The entire responsibility for the secure storage of your crypto is yours.

Besides offering the possibility to exchange USD to BTC, supports many other fiat-money currencies such as the Euro. Likewise, you can purchase other cryptocurrencies besides BTC. What’s more, you can swap between cryptocurrencies using the same converter. You can find all the major coins in a single place for your convenience. Unfortunately, less common digital assets such as the Esports token (EST) are not supported.

USD to BTC Converter, the Best Way to Join the Crypto Sphere

Using this platform to convert USD to BTC is very easy. All you have to do is to type in the amount of USD that you want to convert. Instantly, the converter will show you the amount of BTC that you will get in your wallet. This amount includes the processing fees. Hence, you won’t have to pay a hidden fee or extra charge later. This platform is completely transparent.

If you think that the transaction is convenient, then you just have to go ahead with it. You can pay via Visa, Mastercard, or Maestro. What’s more, the exchange accepts a prepaid card as a valid payment method. The entire transaction will be very quick. The exchange does the transaction in an instant. However, the processing time depends on the network of the BTC blockchain.

As mentioned, the USD to BTC converter can also function as a crypto to fiat-money converter. However, to convert BTC to fiat money, you need a bank account. Also, you can convert BTC to other digital coins. This opens the possibility to trade your cryptocurrencies to make short-term gains. Since the crypto market is quite volatile, you can use this characteristic to buy and sell BTC as you deem convenient depending on price fluctuations. is the easiest platform to buy BTC and other digital assets. The site offers a very attractive cashback program for loyal customers. You can get up to 1% of the value of a transaction with this program. The percentage increases with the number of operations that you perform on the platform.

As you can see, joining the crypto sphere is quite simple with this platform. Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. So, the sooner you buy and store crypto, the better.

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