How to Remove Shortcut Virus from Pen drive | Infographics

How to Remove Shortcut Virus from Pen drive and Computer? Nowadays, it is a common question which comes to the mind of almost all Windows users.

Usually, in this matter, our device gets infected by some malicious program, and thus all of our data files are changed into the shortcut files, and infected files got hidden, this program is known as Shortcut virus.

One of the biggest challenges is Auto spread. This virus spread from one computer to another computer or one USB to another pen drive. The most common symptoms are autorun.inf. It will create multiple shortcut files and folder.

This guide will help you how to remove shortcut virus from USB. Here, you will get the best shortcut virus removal tool, shortcut virus command and manual instruction to remove and prevent your PC from Shortcut virus.

Remove shortcut virus from pen drive

I know you faced the situation when all of your valuable files converted into Shortcut files and you don’t know how to recover your data. Even I faced the same situation.

If Excel, Powerpoint or Word file is corrupted then no issue because I know how to recover data from damaged Excel file. But, If I lost my other valuable data then? When I had no option, then I researched and found a different solution to shortcut virus.

Today I am going to share my experience and tool so, you can recover your computer, pen drive from shortcut virus.

I found so many complaints and questions about how to remove shortcut virus from PC.  I found one question on Quora “Folders in my pen drive appear as shortcuts when connected to my PC”. So, Here we proposed some ultimate guide to fixing shortcut virus from pen drive and computer.

This guidance not only produces step by step info but also using infographics. So, you will get shortcut virus solution, as well as shortcut virus prevention methods.

Shortcut virus is not similar to the Winsnare virus. If your computer infected by Winsnare virus then don’t worry follow the instruction written in How to remove Winsnare virus?

Fact on Shortcut Virus

As long as the virus alive or attaches to new devices, it starts replicating. It is a self-replicating programme that will create multiple shortcut folder and spreads across all connected device!

It will attack your every costly file which is valuable to us. If your data is affected by shortcut virus then, it will be invisible and unreachable, and after some point it becomes unusable.

In reply to that, I created this ideal guide on how to remove shortcut virus and other vital things that you need to know about shortcut virus. To create awareness and protection against virus, start with types of shortcut virus, how it come, shortcut virus remover and infection prevention methods.


Shortcut Virus Types

Shortcut virus has mainly two form; The most common are pen drive Shortcut virus, second is the File and Folder Shortcut virus. Let’s start with shortcut virus.

1.File and Folder Shortcut Virus-

File and Folder Shortcut Virus

This shortcut virus copies your files and folders, hide and restore it with shortcuts.exe. It is one kind of mixture of Trojan Virus and Worm virus. The worst thing about this shortcut virus, it doesn’t give any chance to you. When you click it to open your files and folders, then shortcut virus is executed, and the virus starts to duplicate itself and install malicious software that monitors your computer work and take your personal data and bank details.

2.Pen drive Shortcut Virus-

USB/ Pen drive Shortcut Virus

It is entirely Trojan virus; it combines each and every file in your pen drive and places it into one hidden folder. Then, it builds a shortcut.exe for pen drive. Similar to the file and a folder virus, there is no choice rather than to open shortcut.exe to see your records. Once opened, it put malicious applications that steal your financial and personal records if not detected.

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Source of Shortcut Virus?

Do you know how shortcut virus came to your computer? What is a source of shortcut virus? So, before fixing shortcut virus find out all possible root.

Here are the potential causes will affect your system by shortcut virus.

  1.  One of the primary sources of the Virus is the .exe file. Do not download an executable (.exe) file from an untrusted website.
  2. Shortcut virus will replicate itself. So, do not connect any USB before scanning from antivirus software, because infected pen drive will spread the virus through USB drive on your PC.
  3. Similarly, If you connect your pen drive to someone’s PC and his/her PC infected by shortcut virus, then your pen drive will be infected by shortcut virus.

Three primary source of shortcut virus is the .exe file, infected pen drive or USB and shortcut virus infected computer or laptop.

Care should be taken to prevent shortcut virus from infecting your computer. Prevention is always better than cure.

The first thing you can do is to create it a practice not to open your hard drive or pen drive via autorun.  Here’s the entire list that will help you to prevent shortcut virus infection.

  • Do not open your pen drive or memory card via autorun
  • Do not open your Flash drive on My Computer.
  • Right click on pen drive or memory card then click on Explore option
  • To open your pen drive and Hard Disk types its drive letter with a mark in windows address bar to avoid any script. For e.g. D:
  • Always scan your pen drive before the open.
  • Avoid third-party software.
  • Avoid download from an untrusted source.
  • Use Updated and premium antivirus software

The above steps are developed to block shortcut virus from infecting your PC. It will also support you distinguish the real file and the virus created files. First, you have to know that even leading antivirus failed to grab shortcut virus. Here I will explain you some methods to remove shortcut virus from pen drive.

How To Remove Shortcut Virus from Pen Drive Using CMD?

If you do not have a budget to buy antivirus programme, then command prompt is the best tool to find and remove shortcut virus from pen drive. Not from pen drive this method also work on a computer drive. It is very simple concept no need to technical knowledge. I will give you all steps so; you can quickly remove shortcut virus from your PC.

Steps to Easily Remove Shortcut Virus from PC or Pen drive.

  • Start your computer in Safe mode.
  • Open command prompt -> click “start” then “run” then “type cmd”    and enter
  • Type the command letter of pen drive or infected disk. For e.g. If your pen drive connected at f location then type f:
  • Once done type this element “attrib f:*.* /d /s -h -r -s”.
  • So your complete command will be F:\>attrib f:*.* /d/s -h-r-s

Please remind that F: after the attrib, F indicate your pen drive and change it to your disk drive letter if your disk drive letter is E: then instead of F use E.

Create BAT file and Remove Shortcut Virus from USB

.Bat file also called as a batch file. It is text file having one or more computer command. Don’t take tension after reading computer command.  I will give an entire command to create a batch file and remove shortcut virus.  You don’t need an extra tool; our notepad editor will be sufficient to build .bat file. You just follow simple steps and execute a batch file so; it will remove your shortcut virus.

Simple steps to remove shortcut virus using BAT file.

  • Open new notepad file from the computer.
  • Type following code.
BAT file code to remove shortcut virus
  • Now save your file with .bat extension.
  • Double click on the BAT file that you have just created.
  • Finished. All shortcut virus from F: will be removed within seconds.

As mention in my first method, my f drive is infected by shortcut virus, that’s why I am using F: If your d drive is affected then replace f: with D: and so on.

Delete Shortcut Virus By Editing Registry Files

If you are not able to remove shortcut virus using CMD or BAT file, then try registry method to delete shortcut virus from a computer. It is not as simple as previous methods but sometimes useful. Before using this method to fix your shortcut virus issue, I will suggest you have to take registry backup using registry backup tool. The registry backup is necessary before editing any entry in it. Otherwise, your single mistake will crash your whole system.

Ok! Once you complete registry backup try step by step guide to fix shortcut virus from registry files.

Fix shortcut virus from windows registry.

  1. Press Alt + Ctrl + Delete button and start the Task Manager.
  2. Go to the Processes tab, find out something like “wscript.exe”.
  3. Select “wscript.exe” and Click on End Processes.
  4. Press Windows Key + R and type “regedit” and hit Enter. User Account Control will ask permission to open registry.
  5. Click on yes button so, the Registry Editor will be open.
  6. In the top left pane of registry editor, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run
  7. Check odwcamszas entry or .vbs file.
  8. Right-click and delete it.

If shortcut virus highly infects your system, then there are possibilities that even after attending the above steps correctly, you might not obtain the particular registry key. Then Click on Ctrl + F and search “odwcamszas”. Do not search .vbs file. If you have website editor like Visual Studio, then it has a .vbs entry. So, do not search and delete .vbs file.

Shortcut virus remover tools to remove shortcut virus from pen drive

Free tool to remove shortcut virus | How to Clean Shortcut Virus | Antivirus for Shortcut Virus

Free Shortcut Remover:

It is a free tool that helps you to remove shortcut virus in no time. It is effective on both USB and computer.

Shortcut Virus Fixer

Shortcut virus fixer is developed by CNET. It is effective on shortcut virus but it has some limitation. This tool only use to remove virus from USB (external device), not from Computer.

Shortcut Virus Remover

It is one of the lightweight and best tool to remove the virus from USB as well as Computer.

USB fix

It produces complete solution on How to remove shortcut virus from pen drive as well as How to remove shortcut virus from the computer. It is lightweight and works faster than virus remover.

Trojorm Removal Tool

It is developed to remove Trojan Horses and Internet Worms. If standard Antivirus failed to remove shortcut virus then use the Trojorm removal tool. In this article, i will show you how to remove shortcut virus using the Trojorm removal tool.

Shortcut virus fix folder

It is also a virus removal tool available free in the market. It is powered by soft112.

Step by step guide how to remove shortcut virus using Trojorm.

Remove Shortcut Virus from Pen drive using Software
  1. Now, after downloading the free shortcut virus remover tools, use WinRAR to extract it. Then execute the “Trojorm Removal tool”.
  2. Make sure that you run it inside your Pen drive and wait until the complete scan and then press enter.
  3. Copy the Virus fix folder, paste it inside your pen drive or memory card.
  4. Open shortcut Virus fix folder via right-click, then select “open with” and open with “notepad”.
  5. Look for the Pen drive letter (ex., F: G: H: and so on)
  6. After editing save it. Now open vbs file.
  7. After executing the script, shortcut virus must be gone and your files are now visible.

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Shortcut Virus Removal Tool

If you followed the method 1, method 2 and still you see the shortcuts virus, Use this remover to remove shortcuts virus. Microsoft excel formulas list with examples

Download: Hidden Folder Virus Removal | Usb Shortcut Virus Remover

Hidden Folder Virus is my shortcut virus remover. It is very easy to use and most important is you don’t need to install it in your PC. First time it require your desired password. HFV can clean and remove shortcut virus file both from hard disk and pen drive devices. To clean your Hard disk, infected Folder, Files or pen drive device just click the “ADD”, select the drive, folder or file, then select the “Delete Virus” after that click on “Un hide Files” to recover your infected files.

Shortcut Virus Remover Software : Hidden Folder Virus remover, Trojorm Removal Tool and Shortcut virus      fixfolder

I hope you got answer of How to remove shortcut virus from pen drive?

To simplify all 3 method to remove shortcut virus from pendrive, here we produce info graphics.

Step by Step Guide to Remove Shortcut Virus from Pendrive


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Conclusion : How to remove shortcut virus is major problem, but here you get 5 massive tool that remove your virus with in no cost. we try to explain what is shortcut virus, how they come, how to avoid shortcut virus and finally if your anti virus not remove them then use above methods.



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