How To Increase Ram In Android Mobile Phone Using SD Card

Today I am introducing how to increase ram in Android Mobile phone using SD Card. In mobile world, android is the best mobile operating system and that’s why huge amount of application and games are developed based on android OS.  If you have, android mobile and sometimes it feel slow, think on it.  Why it is? If your phone does not have enough RAM then it can struggle.

Simple way to increase your RAM

How to increase ram in android phone? In the era of mobile phones, demand of smart phones is touching skies. Almost 75% smart phones are Android featured. With so many features and the availability of thousands of apps Android phones are just worth a buy. Huge range of Android mobile from 2000 Rs to 50000 Rs is vary based on specification. The difference in Android mobile price is due to their different hardware, Otherwise you can get same android version on 2000 Rs phone and 50000 Rs. Phone.

how to increase ram in android mobile

Thanks to Google! Google Android is open source and free to use.

No doubt the phones already come with good memory and RAM space, but as it is a smartphone we actually need more of RAM space. The biggest problem with this Android mobile is they hang and main logic behind is low memory or RAM. If you run more and more application your phone will hang due to less ram.

Is any solution to increase my android mobile RAM?

Yes! You can increase RAM in your android mobile. Lot’s off option available here I will explore each and every chance to increase android mobile RAM even without cracking case.

What will you get here? – All possible solution – How to increase RAM in Android

  • How to increase RAM in android without root access
  • Limit live wallpapers and widgets
  • Disable applications
  • Disable animations
  • How to increase RAM in android devices using APP
  • How to increase ram in android using Class 4 micro SD card.
  • Free Apps to Boost your android mobile RAM

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So, obviously your question is how to increase ram in android mobile, Can I buy extra RAM?

Use of Ram in Mobile

Buying a higher RAM phone can be slightly expensive, but now you can increase the space of your RAM without even digging your pocket, here are few easy solutions that will help you to increase RAM of your mobile phone using the SD Card.

We can say that “How to Increase Internal Memory of Smartphone using Memory Card”

Before going to explore How to increase RAM in Android Mobile, Find out what is RAM.

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What is RAM?

RAM means Random Access Memory. RAM is hardware that your mobile users when it’s doing something. For E.g., when you are modifying a photo both the image and the app you’re using to modify it are both in the RAM; after completion of editing the photo is then saved to your phone storage so it can’t get lost. If you have more RAM then you can do more things simultaneously, so for e.g. you can play the game, open browsers and even chatting same time.

The biggest issue with RAM is that it isn’t complete emptied. Some application and system processes are continuously run even you really don’t need you can’t totally clear RAM. Due to this issue, your mobile performance is degraded and mobile start to, lagging, stuttering and sometimes crash too.

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How to increase ram in android Phone?

Mobile RAM is Similar to Computer RAM, It is internal storage. It is Physical component you can’t just stick more RAM in it.

What you can do, How to increase your computer speed? Same concept here, Are you heard virtual memory?

Use virtual memory trick to Use of Ram in Mobile.

How to increase RAM in android without root access?

Now that you have detail idea of what RAM is. In this first part, we explore some tips to solve your basic question how to increase ram in android without root access. Using this trick you cannot add more memory in mobile, but you can optimise your available RAM.

How to increase RAM in android Simple Way

The trick is simple! As we know that, more a use of your phone the more RAM is being used. If you can minimise the number of running application then you can save more memory.

This is not directly solution on how to increase ram in android device but it really matters to you.

Limit live wallpapers and widgets

wallpapers and widgets

Most of the users like live wallpapers and widgets but RAM point out view they are greedy elements. Live wallpapers continuously fetching memory and battery, some widget is often refreshed and get memory utilisation.

This can also cause your android mobile battery getting down faster! So limit the number of widgets and optimise your available memory.

Disable applications

Disable Application

Most of the application continuously uses RAM even if they are not in currently working, thus this unnecessary utilisation degrade your android mobile performance. Managing which application should be and should not be processed in the background can require time, but it is important to improve your android mobile phone or even windows mobile phone performance.

Manual setting to disable Unwanted Application and Improve RAM space.

Go to Setting – Select apps or Apps manager.

Go to all Tab and find out all apps in your mobile.

Use disable the option to disable the respected application.

Be careful disable only those application which is externally installed. Do not stop system application.

If you are confused! Try some automated tools like CCleaner.

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Disable animations

Developer options in android mobile

Animation makes huge effect on RAM space and Mobile battery. You can easily manage Animation in developer option.

How to enable “Developer options” in android mobile?

  1. Go to setting tab
  2. Go to about phone
  3. Click on build number 7 times until it identified you that you have become a apps developer
  4. Go back to setting, you will get developer option.

So this is some tricks that can be used to increase Ram in android without root access, But this are not a solution for How to increase ram in android phone? or How to Increase Phone Ram?

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How to increase RAM in android devices USING APP?

ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (RAM Expander Application for Android) is a simple app which permits the users to create partitions similar to hard disk, using SD card or memory card you can extend Android RAM. It acts like virtual memory.

Following steps must follow to extend your RAM in android mobile.

1: Goo to android market and download ROEHSOFT RAM-EXPANDER (SWAP).

2:  Install ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER in your Android Phone.


4:  Click on Swap Active to create a Swap file.

5:  Click on the option to Active Swap.

Features available in ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER app are as follow.

1. Free memory card as a RAM use (SWAP MEMORY)

2. Swap file expansion up to 4.0 GB

3.Unlimited SWAP partition!

4.Performance degradation if paged not occur with SD card

5.Widget for swap on/off swap

6.You can get detail Memory Analysis

Hurray…!!!Use Trick to solve your biggest question in the android world, How to increase RAM in android system.

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Necessary Steps to Check before Using RAM Expander to increase Android phone RAM.

  • Check mobile capability.
  • To check support use MemoryInfo & Swapfile.

 Here i will explain how to increase ram in android using Class 4 micro SD card.

How to increase RAM in android using SD card

The best Tested way of boosting your RAM space is as follows-

  • First, see to it that your phone or tablet has a class 4 micro SD card; you need a rooted Android Smart Phone. Then a Windows OS features PC. And then get started.
  • Your device needs to support Swapping, you can check it by installing a Swap file.
  • Then Partition your micro SD card you can use Mini tool partition wizard. Insert your memory card into a card reader a Download and install the open Mini tool partition and format the inserted SD card.
  • Create partitions by right-clicking on inserted SD card and select the partition as primary and file system as FAT32 for card more than 4GB.
  • Comment about 1 GB memory for next partition.
  • Click on the ‘Done’ and again click on make partition option and select primary partition but change the file system to EXT2, 3 or EXT4.
  • Apply all the changes to complete the partition.
  • Link your micro SD card with your rooted android device.
  • Browse Google Play Store and download Link2SD
  • Download and launch Link2SD app and give root permission choosing the “.ext” partition and start linking them.
  • In order to increase the RAM of your Android smartphone, you need to download Swapper for Root. Download and launch Swapper for Root application and select the amount of RAM you want to increase which creates a .swap file increasing the RAM of your Android Device.

And here you are with an increased RAM in your android smartphone.

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Other Free Apps to Boost RAM

How to increase ram in android using Free Apps?

There are 100 of free applications available in the market that claim to boost the Ram. Here we are listing two tested and verified apps that increase ram in android.

Unlock Free tested Apps here.


Smart RAM Booster: Free solution on How to increase ram in android.

Smart RAM Booster is the most popular application in android market to increase RAM of your Android Phone. It is not a magic! It’s work on priority basis. Kill Low priority Processes and allocate memory to high priority Processes. Smart RAM Booster is very small and light weight software. To download Smart RAM Booster click here.

Android Memory Booster: Free solution on How to increase ram in android

It is another popular and free app, it provides solution on How to increase ram in android using free apps. Memory booster is easy to use has great user interface. It works on defragmentation technics. Memory booster De-fragmenting your memory.

To download Memory booster

click here.

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Well, I hope this helps you to find a solution, how to increase RAM in android devices? It’s one of the proven processes to free the RAM or increase RAM in Android smartphones though you are advised to get a little bit assistance from anyone (who has done this trick before) or expert’s help before applying the trick.

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