How to Increase Internet Speed | Boost Internet Speed

Do we try to find the answer of How to increase internet speed? Here we will explain the simple and tested method. If you are tired of renewing internet packages and still you are not able to get that high pay speed packages, then here are few tips that you can do manually to Increase Your Internet Speed without even paying the moon.

How to Increase internet speed
How to increase internet speed

Tricks to Boost Internet Speed | Simple Steps to increase internet speed:

increase internet speed
increase internet speed

#Change Group policy and speed up your Internet by 20%

It one of the best technique that is mostly succeeded in giving a higher internet speed if you are a Microsoft Windows as User Because by Default Windows Reserves 20% of the Bandwidth, for its own Purpose (especially for updating windows systems) and Use. Therefore you want to De-allocate this reserved bandwidth to Optimise your web for Best Speed.

You can simply do it manually by using the group Policy Editor. Follow the below directions to free the Reserved 20% bandwidth.

  • Open Policy Editor by typing gpedit.msc in RUN panel.

Increase Internet Speed Windows XP
Increase Internet Speed Windows XP

  • Now attends PC Configuration then Administrative Templates then attend Network QOS Packet Scheduler


  • Now below QOS Packet scheduler you may see a Setting with Name‘Limit Reservable BandwidthPerform a Right Click there and choose Properties or Double Click.

Set Internet Limit
Set Internet Limit

  • Initially, you may see this Setting as not Configured that looks Weird however by Default Windows Reserves that 20% Bandwidth so check the Box Enabled and Set the information measure Limit to 0%
  • and now are now done with it.

#regsvr32 Setting to Increase Internet Speed in IE by 10%

To increase the speed of internet explorer.

  • Open the command prompt using “Run as an Administrator”.
  • Type “regsvr32 act proxy” and press “enter”.

This can increase the speed of internet Exposure by almost 10%.

#Clear your Browsing Data:

Hardly anyone is aware that clearing the old browsing that is the history, logs, saved passwords, cookies; etc can actually give a higher internet speed. So, if you want to get it quick just clear everything and you will get a better speed.

#Resetting Windows network sockets:

Reset the Windows network sockets is an another option. An operating system uses network sockets to send information through a network. However, these sockets can become overloaded over time.  To reset the network sockets, go to “run” and type “cmd” to execute the command and prompt program. Now type “netsh winsock reset” and press “enter.” To finish the task, restart your computer.

Increase Internet Speed in Windows 10

Due to lot’s of inbuilt apps and software, internet speed in Windows 10 become significantly slow compared to Windows 7. So, If you looking to boost up your Internet speed on Windows 10 PC then this guide will help you.

Install proper Wireless Adapter Driver

If your laptop’s internal Wireless adapter driver is gone, or just doesn’t have sufficient energy to get the best internet speed you were hoping for then, you must install a third-party wireless adapter driver that can boost your internet speed.

Despite Windows 10 automatically installs the proper driver for your Wireless adapter. But sometimes these in build drivers can’t use the full latent of your hardware. So, instead of depending upon inbuilt WiFi driver, download suitable drivers directly from the manufacturer’s website.

In most cases, Wireless adapters are just plug-and-play types software. Windows has insignificant drivers for many devices.  So, you can get an online list of Wi-Fi driver separately.

Once you install new Wi-Fi driver on Windows 10, one of either two things will happen:

1 – If you have already Wi-Fi driver then, Windows will set new Wireless connection “Wi-Fi 2” as the backup network connection. You can easily switch from one network to another by clicking WiFi icon from Windows taskbar.

2 – If you don’t have WiFi driver, then windows will create new WiFi connection for you.

If you create two WiFi connection, then shift network from WiFi 1 to WiFi 2 and vice versa. So, by shifting network connection check whether it increase your internet speed or not?

Turn Off Update Delivery Optimisation

We already mentioned in Windows based post, Don’t trust blindly on Microsoft. For more details check how Windows steal your data from the background.

Yes! Windows 10 convert your system into a file sharing system. When you are not working but online then it automatically starts transferring Windows updates to people around you.  Microsoft privacy also indicates such a thing. Windows Update Delivery Optimization indicate “Delivery Optimisation also sends updates and apps from your PC to other PCs”. So, check here little bit details what happened exactly.

When Delivery Optimisation on Windows 10 is turned on, your system sends pieces of apps or updates using Delivery Optimisation to another computer on your LAN, or on the Internet.

Boost your internet speed using Delivery Optimisation Off

So, Delivery Optimisation setting uses your internet from the background. To speed up the internet turn off Delivery Optimisation on Windows 10.

How do I turn Delivery Optimisation off?

  • Click on Start windows.
  • Settings  >
  • Update & security >
  • Windows Update
  • Click on Advanced options.
  • In Advanced options page, select Choose how updates are delivered.

Windows Update Delivery
Windows Update Delivery

  • Make Delivery Optimisation off.

Set Windows Update Delivery Off and Increase your Internet speed in Windows 10
Set Windows Update Delivery Off and Increase your Internet speed in Windows 10

Note -: Even you turn off delivery optimisation, you’ll still get updates from Windows and the Store.


Following these easy steps can actually save you a lot of time and money. Also, these are tested and proven methods that can give you a good result, just follow all the steps carefully and you will ultimately get the higher speed of net without changing your data plan of your internet service.

To check your internet speed please see my post internet speed test

Here we try to explain the solution of your common problem – How to increase internet speed? If you have diffrent solution, then please comment below.

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