How To Get Windows 10 Free | Step by Step Installation guide

Nowadays, the Microsoft has launched the new version of its operating system as Windows 10. This time, the Windows 10 comes with new set of interesting features. One of the huge advancements in this version of the Windows is that there is nothing to pay for its upgrade. If you want to know how to get windows 10 free, then this post is for you. It will be available at no cost for the initial year for those with Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1. It is also interesting to know that the Windows 10 will also be available at free of cost, if you have Windows 7.

How to get windows 10 free

Here we explore How to Download Windows 10 for PC, step by step guide to How To Get Windows 10 Free for windows 7. windows 10 also useful to run Facetime on PC.

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Interesting features to use Windows 10 free of cost

If you want to get the Windows 10 free of cost, firstly, it is important to know about its features so that you can take a complete advantage of it. Get started with its new features:

  1. Start Menu

You will love to use the Start Menu option this time. It has several updated graphics. You can also go for full screen option optionally. It has a similar appearance to the Windows 7 Start Menu, but there is a presence of Live Tiles in the Windows 10.

  1. Cortana

Being a digital assistant, the Cortana is available in the windows 10. It will be located at next to the Start button. In fact, you can start using it by giving a command ‘Hey Cortana.’ Even, there is also an option, with which you can edit the things about which it has information. This way, you can improve the service the Cortana provides. There are many interesting things, you can do with it. Typing to interact is as well an option. A user can have a chance to see images by requesting ‘Show me photos from December.’

  1. Universal Apps

If you are using more Window devices at one time, then it will really amaze you. The Universal Apps carry out something interesting. It is a collection of apps, which involves music, photos, people, messaging, maps and mail and calendar. All the apps will feel and look the same across a wide range of screen sizes and devices.

  1. Enhancements

It is all because of the Windows Insider Program. There are lots of changes suggested by users all over the world. It will possess unified settings. There are no individual PC and control panel settings in this version of the Windows. The Action Center gives notifications, which comes with synchronization across devices.

Other than them, there are lots of other features including Windows Phone, Holo Lens and much more.

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How to get windows 10 free Update

Now the biggest questions is: should I upgrade windows 7 or Windows 8 to Windows 10, should I not to improve to Windows 10 and if I want it how to improve, a tech beginner handle the job?

How to get windows 10 free

To help all those considering this step HP has kindly advanced out an HP 630 laptop running Windows 8.1 so it could be updated on the day of the start.

The cause that the decision to take the jump and swap operating systems is harder with Windows 10, is that Microsoft is contributing Windows 10 for free to anyone owning a computer currently working Windows 8 or 7. In the past the organization always charged a fee, generally around $100, for its latest OS. That alone, along with the twist of personally handling the upgrade, fearful off many people and they simply insert with the software that arrive with their computer.

However, with Win 10 being a free more people will gravely consider making the change even if they are not especially tech savvy. The good news is the enhance process is painless and can be completed by even a computer learner.

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How to get windows 10 free Upgrade

Just keep in mind that Microsoft Windows 10 is free as an upgrade. You can’t clean install windows 10, there are no keys at this point.

Following steps must be follow to upgrade your PC from Windows 7 to windows 10.

Step 1:

Get windows 10 free download ISO image.


Windows 10 free download ISO image


You can easily download Windows 10 image from Microsoft’s web site. Otherwise you can download the installer from the Microsoft’s web page and just select to upgrade your PC, which is the straightforward option.

How to get Windows 10 free download for PC using media creation tool.

Step 2: How to get Windows 10 free download for PC.

If you are installing on a PC with Windows 7 or 8 already on it, you’ll be make immediately to start the upgrade process. Otherwise, you can create bootable DVD or create a bootable USB.

Step 3:

Install it mostly by simply clicking the Next button, making certain to choose Upgrade when produce.

Here are all of the windows 10 installation steps if you’re booting from a flash drive.

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Step by step How to get Windows 10 free.

When you first boot the PC you’ll see a screen like this one:


How to get Windows 10 free

Click on Next button and you’ll be taken to the Install now button screen. Then click on install now button .


how to install windows 10 free

It is biggest step in how to get Windows 10 free installation. At this point you can select whether you want to upgrade Microsoft Windows 10 or install windows 10 a new custom install.


how to get windows 10 free upgrade

Important: You should likely choose to upgrade windows the first time, because the license key may be not work.

How to create partition  in windows 10

Here you can select where to install Windows 10. You can create or delete a partition and then select specific drive and you can just click Next.


Partition in Windows 10


Installation started.


Installing windows 10

How To Get Windows 10 Free and select its setting

Once the PC restart, you’ll be able to choose the settings like whether Updates are enabled. We’d recommend just use express settings.


Windows 10 setting


Why windows 10 synchronized with Microsoft account.

And now you can synchronized into your Microsoft account. Without Microsoft account you can’t able to use all new features, Microsoft account give you half of the new functionality.


Synchronized with Microsoft


Once you verified Microsoft account, it asked how to setup PC. Since we wanted to experiment everything as a new PC, we select to set it up as a new PC instead, but you could carbon copy all your settings from another PC if you wanted to.

How to setup ONEDRIVE in windows 10.

Want to use OneDrive? In whindows 10 One drive nicely integrated into Windows 10, so we just left it alone.



windows 10 One Drive

And now a colorful screen that indicate us things are happening.


Installing Apps for Windows 10

Now click that Start button. And start windows 10.After completion of important software like office Download. Get Windows 10 App.

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How to get windows 10 free?

After knowing the features of Windows 10, you possibly want to use it. Here is a quick guide on how to get windows 10 free is available at the official website of Microsoft. You can upgrade your previous version to the current one by understanding all the steps mentioned on the site. It is important to make sure to back up images and anything else, which is important to you prior to starting the upgrade.

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