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How To Edit PDF Files | Solution For How To Edit a PDF files?

Here I will show you how to edit PDF files. There are many option available to edit your PDF file. Here you will get how to edit a PDF files using free software, online tools and services, pro tools, PDF editing tools, using adobe and even edit PDF file without adobe acrobat. After this step by step guide you will able to edit, merge, modify and convert PDF file in required format. If you don’t know how to recover deleted file then, check how to recover deleted file.

How to edit PDF file

How to edit PDF file

Portable Document Format – PDF history

The PDF is a file format used to represent documents in a platform independent manner. That means it is available for any application software, hardware, and operating systems. It is developed by Adobe Systems’ co-founder John Warnock in 1991.

PDF is best answer for how to view document without font or original software. Each PDF file encapsulates the fonts, text, graphics, and other necessary information to display document. PDF files come with .pdf extension. You can freely open, read and print PDF file using adobe reader. Similarly, you can check Tricks to get PDF file in Google search.

After PDF invention, many PDF related software arrived in market. Now day’s PDF is the most popular file format for exchanging all types of documents like government forms, job related form, presentation, hall tickets, invoice, CAD Drawings and other legal documents.

Why PDF files are more popular?

  1. More compress file than original document.
  2. Require less size than source documents.
  3. They keep original formatting.
  4. Platform independent so, you can open them anywhere.

Most important factor of PDF files is that these files cannot be modified easily. It is best way to keep your data in read only mode. Only few software are able to edit PDF files directly. So, people always thinking how to edit PDF files?

PDF editor free download

Suppose you receive an application form in PDF format and need to change it as per your requirement. Or you might save a mobile bill as PDF but, due to error lose original contain. In both case you need PDF editor. Some PDF editor partially edit your document. That means, original information can’t changed, but you can insert comment and notes, delete pages, fill out form, highlight text and so on. Most of PDF editor are free to download, but you can’t edit original content.

How to edit text in PDF file?

If you want to change the text in a PDF files or change image from PDF file, then few tools are available, but they are not common. Here you will get list of some tool that can solve your problem “How to edit PDF files using free tool?”

Edit PDF Files in Word

Edit PDF Files in Word

How to change PDF files using Pro tools

There are many suppliers in market, which have professional PDF editor, so that you can edit a PDF files. All this pro tools require some cost. Within $100 you will get best PDF editor.

Here we listed some best PDF editor pro tool that give you best solution for “How to edit PDF file using professional tool?”

The Standard edition of PDF editor has all the facilities of the free PDF reader, plus editing capabilities. Using it you can edit paragraphs and sometimes whole pages.


Foxit’s Phantompdf Standard

It has all the features of the free PDF reader plus PDF file editing facility.

Nitro PDF

It has a free Nitro PDF Reader and also Nitro Pro edition, which gives you to edit text, pages, images and documents. You can also insert sticky notes, stamps, drawing tools and so on.

In Nitro PDF, pages can be deleted and inserted. You can split PDF or insert watermarks and headers and footers. But it is not a cheap software.

Power PDF Advanced

It is a PDF converter and editor that matches Acrobat Pro feature. Power PDF Advanced offering more flexible search and provide a more familiar business interface.

Microsoft Office 2013 Convert and Edit PDF Files

It is most common software. Office 13 does a reasonable job of both reading as well as writing PDF files. You can save word file as PDF file. It act as word to PDF converter, PDF to Word Converter. So, save word file as PDF then open edit and save as PDF again.

Compare to other pro tools, it isn’t perfect, but provide editable Word files. You can save excel file as PDF file. Office 2013 use to edit PDF files in word.


Word to pdf convertor

Word to PDF converter


Check Microsoft excel formula list to speed up your office work.

How to edit PDF file in word

Convert Word to PDF using office 2013 or Convert excel to PDF using office 2013

Step 1- Click on file

Step 2 – Click on Save as

Step 3 – Give specific path to save document

Step 4 –Give file name

Step 5- click on save as type and select PDF.


How to edit PDF file online free: Free Online tools for edit PDF files

Sometimes you want to make minor changes in PDF file. For example, you may need to hide your mobile number from a PDF file before uploading it or may want to insert a page with notes and logo.





Buying pro PDF editor tool for minor changes is not affordable. You can perform such edits online easily with It is an online PDF editor that require $0 and, also provide facility so that you can edit password-protected PDF files in the browser.

With PDFEscape, you can insert custom shapes, text boxes, arrows and sticky notes. You can also add hyperlinks to web documents and other PDF.

It is best and free solution on- How to edit a PDF file online?

Here we gives you PDF editor list that help you to solve How to edit PDF file online?


CutePDF Editor is another online free PDF editor. To edit a PDF file you need, web browser and the Adobe Flash plugin. But, it provide limited editing facilities and not all PDFs will load.

If you require minor changes with free of cost then CutePDF is one of the option to edit a PDF file.

Actually, CutePDF is act as page editor. You can rearrange pages, delete on of pages or insert blank page and resize them. Editing facility means, It provide add header and footer with dates, page no, titles, company logo and so on.

How to edit a PDF files using online converter

Another, option to edit a PDF file is covert a PDF into word or excel and edit it and then convert to PDF. PDF to Word converter does exactly the name says. You select and upload PDF file to the site and it emails you the Word file.

The advantage of this is that you can convert it to word, notepad or excel, edit them and re-save the document as a PDF.

PDF to excel is not as effective as PDF to word.

How to edit PDF file using free tools


Here some of free tools that’s would provide solution for how to edit PDF files.
Foxit Reader
Foxit Reader is a best alternative to Adobe Reader and many people using it. It is not a PDF reader, it’s give you wide range of powerful editable tools.

You cannot edit the contents, but you can insert notes, attach files to pages, add text boxes, click anywhere and add cell outs, draw with a pencil, add arrow, square, rectangles, lines, polygons and clouds. You can insert stamp, like Approved, Rejected, and Draft and so on.

Inkscape is another free PDF editor which gives you vector drawing functionality. So, you can easily import and export PDF content. With Inkscape, moving images, text or shapes are on just click away. You can select any object and move them to a location or even remove them from the PDF file.

You can also draw free hand drawing using the built-in pencil tool.

PDF-XChange Viewer almost similar to Foxit Reader and it is useful for modifying PDFs in a similar manner.It also support for PDF stamp. It provide support for images,shapes, tables, charts, etc.

LibreOffice , is another option if you want to edit the text in a PDF file. LibreOffice loads PDFs and it can manage with large documents with hundreds of pages.

The only issue is that each line of text is text box, so it makes it difficult to edit large amounts of text.

How to Edit PDF Files with and without Adobe Acrobat


How To Edit PDF Files

How To Edit PDF Files

3 Step by Step guide to edit a PDF file using advanced PDF editor

  • How to edit PDF file in adobe reader 9:
  1. Open a PDF file in Acrobat.
  2. Select and Click on the Edit PDF tool in the right panel.
  3. Select the image or text you wish to edit and click on it. Acrobat suggest you the tools you’ll need.
  4. Simply, Add text on the page. You can click and drag to change and resize elements.
  5. Add, replace, move, or resize images using Objects list.
  6. You can change Headers and Footers, Link, Watermark to edit your PDF further.

Download Acrobat PDF editor.

  • How to Edit a Document using Open Office

Download PDF Import Extension and Open Office

Open office draw supports inline editing in a PDF document. So, you can easily make formatting related changes like increasing or decreasing the text size, changing color, changing the default font-family, etc.

It also support for shapes, images, tables, charts, etc.

  1. Install Open office on your computer.
  2. Once installation complete, run the PDF Import Extension.
  3. Open office draw.
  4. Once open, select and open the PDF you want to edit.
  5. Edit any text field by selecting it.
  6. Finally, after completion of editing file click on PDF link to export the file into PDF format.
  • PDFill Software to Edit PDF File

Download PDFill.

  1. Install PDFill.
  2. Open the PDFill Editor to edit a PDF.
  3. Open the PDFill Tools to encrypt, decry-pt, add header, footer or merge or perform other quick tasks.

Open office and PDfill are little bulky as comparative to adobe acrobat, but you don’t have budget then Pdfill and open office are good option to edit PDF file.

How to edit Metadata of PDF Files


How to Edit Metadata of PDF File

How to Edit Metadata of PDF File

If you want edit the meta-data of a PDF document, use Becy PDFMetaEdit . It is a free tool that can help you to edit properties of a PDF file including the title, keyword, creation of date, author name, etc.

This utility also useful to remove password from PDF file as well as for encrypting PDF documents. Encrypted document, readable to user who know the password. It is most important technique as search engine point of view. Here are tricks so that you can hack Google.

How to edit a PDF file using mobile


Edit PDf File in Android Mobile

How To Edit PDf File in Android and Iphone Mobile

Now days, Mobile is most common device for business communication. Thus, Dropbox provide facility so that users with an iPhone or iPad can now edit their PDF files on their devices. Dropbox collaborated with Adobe’s tool is available on Apple’s mobile platform (IOS) so, users can open a PDF file in Dropbox, and Edit PDF document file.

Using Acrobat app user can edit PDF file such as leave comments and put a digital signature. It also provide electronically sign facility.

Check – Best ordering apps for iphone that change your diet.

If you want to connect your android mobile to PC and edit pdf file from android mobile then use suggested android emulator to change your document.

Edit PDF file on iPhone and iPad

1. Open your PDF file in Adobe’s tool, select the pencil from top. All editing tools will available at the top.

2. Select the tool you want and start editing.

3. Once you complete editing, then select the export button to save or share the edited file.

PDF editor for Android and blackberry

PDF Buddy is one of the option to merge, split and share PDF files.

how to edit PDF file in android mobile.

  1. Open PDF Buddy, select Choose PDF to Edit button and then select the pdf file you want to edit.
  2. After uploading PDF into Buddy, PDF Buddy will open the file. Once it opens, you will get pdf editing tools on the left side.
  3. It support, shapes and symbols, font editing, bulletin and much more.
  4. When you finish editing, use save button to save modified PDF file. To get edited PDF file use download button.


Best way to edit PDF document: Conclusion

After going through How to edit PDF file freely? You will get, pro tool, free tool and many online PDF editor. But, changing PDF contain is not that much easy. All free tool have some limitation, while pay tool are costly. However, even the pro editor run into problems when try to edit text and images. As compare to all this, I think adobe acrobat is easy and best tool that can help to solve how to edit PDF file?


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