How to Hide Last Seen Status on Whatsapp and Freeze Whatsapp Last Seen

Hide Last Seen Status on Whatsapp – : WhatsApp is a common instant messaging app used to send messages, images, audio and video clips. With the increase in WhatsApp users, people searching different WhatsApp tricks like how to hide last seen on whatsapp on android mobile or how to hide online status on whatsapp?  I already posted some crazy WhatsApp tricks like how to hide WhatsApp profile pics. Here, i will exlore how to hide last seen on whatsapp but still see others. This whatsapp last seen hack create diffrnce between you and your friends.

Whatsapp tricks and hacks

The Whatsapp Features last seen | whatsapp last seen mean

Whatsapp have lots of extended features like “blue ticks”, “last seen” and “Online”. Sometimes, these features are not too good for specific users. “Last seen on” indicate, when a user last time online. Whatsapp also gives you privacy setting so that you can hide last seen the status on WhatsApp.

Here, I will show you how to hide last seen status on Whatsapp and freeze Whatsapp last seen. So, you can set fake last seen WhatsApp status or show older last seen time. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? I also explain to you How to Hide Last Seen Status on Whatsapp from everyone or specific people.

Effect of last seen WhatsApp status

Setting fake last seen Whatsapp status it may sound unethical but sometimes, privacy is important. Social media creates misunderstanding between us. You may be doing some office stuff like sending business proposal etc. and so, you would not able to respond to your family or friend and your friends become sad. If the same situation occurs more than two three times then friends, thinking that you don’t care to reply. Similar, your boss also checks your last seen Whatsapp status and your chatting may cause the problem.

Don’t worry now! This guide helps you to solved and set old Whatsapp last seen and Hide Last Seen Status on Whatsapp.

Solution – How to Hide Last Seen Status on Whatsapp

How to Hide Last Seen Status on Whatsapp

Before, hiding last seen status check how many options you have?

Information is visible to all users.

My contacts
The information will only visible to people added in your WhatsApp contact list.


No one can see your information.

Note: If you set nobody option then you will also block to seeing other users last seen.

First, decide and select desired option and then use the following steps depending upon your platform.

#Method 1 Hide Last Seen Status on Whatsapp using Whatsapp Setting

WhatsApp for Android

  • Open Whatsapp App and click on the menu option.
  • Select setting under menu option.
  • In setting tab, use privacy option.
  • In privacy check last seen option.
  • Select Nobody. So, no one can see you’re last seen. You easily hide your last seen from all Whatsapp users.

WhatsApp Privacy setting for iPhone

How to turn off last seen on whatsapp iphone.

  • Click on Whatsapp and tap on bottom right corner Settings symbol, It will start WhatsApp setting.
  • Now in Settings go to Account option.
  • In Account tap on Privacy.
  • You will get last seen, profile photo, status. By default Last seen is everyone. Click on the > arrow in front of last seen and select nobody. So, the blue correct click appears in front of nobody.
  • That’s it. Now, you solved and hide last seen status on Whatsapp from iPhone.

WhatsApp setting for BlackBerry 7 OS

  1. Launch Whatsapp and select Settings, setting option is placed top right corner and indicate with a gear wheel symbol.
  2. Once you open Settings, go to Privacy Settings. It is just below System Profiles.
  3. Go to Last Seen option under Visibility.
  4. Just change last seen as nobody. So, now you’re last seen is invisible from all Whatsapp users.

Check: How to use Whatsapp on windows Computer.

#Method 2 -How to Hide Last Seen Status from specific people on Whatsapp

Above methods are applicable to hide last seen from all Whatsapp user. So, won’t be able to see other users last seen. Following methods shows you how to hide last seen status on WhatsApp from specific users and see his/her last seen status.

Benefits of hiding Last Seen Status from specific people on Whatsapp

  • The specific peoples will not be able to see your update in WhatsApp.
  • No need to block all the Whatsapp users.
  • Using this method, no need to block contacts.
  • Specific users can’t see your last seen but, you can.

Method to hide last seen from specific people on WhatsApp

As Whatsapp setting option are different as per OS and mobile. Here, I will show you simple steps which ill applicable to all the Whatsapp version. Open privacy setting depends upon your Whatsapp version. Take some help from the previous method how to hide last seen status from all WhatsApp users.

  • Open WhatsApp app on mobile.
  • Settings -> Account -> Privacy.
  • Select Last Seen, and select My contacts.
  • This will hide your last seen status from all users except all contact. Means, Whatsapp users, those are available in your contact list, can view your last seen status.
  • So, the trick is narrow your WhatsApp contact list.
  • Delete the contact from Whatsapp. Only delete from Whatsapp contact list, not from mobile. So, specific users will able to see your status.
  • Even you delete WhatsApp contact, you can see his/her last seen status.
  • This method also applicable to hide your profile picture from specific people. Follow the same procedure and choose photo instead of last seen.
  • It is also applicable to disable your status message from selected people.
  • For all, logic is simple. Show your last seen, profile and status to the only contact list. Delete users from Whatsapp contact list whom you don’t want to show details.

#Method  -3 Set fake WhatsApp last seen.

Set fake last seen time to make ur GF fool

Till now, I am playing with WhatsApp privacy setting. But, now I will show you best Whatsapp hacks. It is automated process, which helps you to set fake Whatsapp last seen.

How to Hide Last Seen in Whatsapp but Still See Others Status

Requirements –

  • For start hacking, take a complete backup of your conversation using backup conversation option in chat settings.
  • Download WhatsApp hacking kit – WhatsApp+ Apk.

Before starting WhatsApp hacking tricks, let’s check out WhatsApp + app features. What is difference between normal WhatsApp and WhatsApp +

Whatsapp + features.

Whatsapp Plus
  • You can easily Hide Last Seen.
  • Attractive.
  • You can apply themes as per your choice.
  • Maximum upload 30 MB.
  • Upload without any compression.
  • Supported for high-quality video and images.

Method / Procedure to Use WhatsApp+

  • Once you complete WhatsApp backup conversation, uninstall previous WhatsApp version.
  • Download latest version of WhatsApp+ Application.
  • Install Whatsapp Plus using your phone number, it will take time depends upon your backup size.
  • After, installation opens your WhatsApp + application and click on a menu.
  • Select “Hide last seen” option from a menu.
  • You’re now online, but no one will see your last seen status. But, you can see his/her last seen status. You also set fake last seen time to users or Freeze Whatsapp Last Seen.
  • Using this app you can disable blue sticks option in WhatsApp chat.

Comparison between All Methods

Compare 3 Methods – To hide last seen status on WhatsApp

Here, I will show you 3 different methods to solve your question how to hide last seen status from WhatsApp chat?

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