7 Tricks in Google maps directions

Living in an Internet era has so many benefits, among them Google Maps directions is of the most useful one. You can easily go visit any alien city or country where you have never been and you don’t need to worry about anything. As Google Maps will help you out wherever you go. And here are some important features of Google Maps that you may or may not know-

  1. Choose your transport
  2. Plan ahead
  3. Traffic Updates
  4. See it in Google Maps Street View
  5. Use gestures
  6. See it in Google Earth
  7. Save important addresses(Find My House on Google)


google map directions


Choose your transport
Google Maps has four totally different modes of transport that you can access by choosing the icon at the lowest right of the screen. Its image depends on what’s presently selected: if it’s set to driving you’ll see an icon of a car, if it’s public transport you will see a train, if it’s walking you’ll see an individual and if it’s cycling you’ll see a wheeler. Once you’ve tapped the icon you can modify the mode by sound the acceptable icon at the top of the screen.

Plan ahead

If you planning to be off from the Internet signal – or roaming in country wherever accessing it prices a fortune – you can save your maps for offline use. Once you seek for a selected location, click on the appropriate search result so click on the icon with three vertical dots. You will then see the choice to save Offline Map.

Traffic Updates

The best feature of Google Map is the one where it shows the traffic update. Color coding makes everything crystal clear with green for normal traffic, yellow when object are slowing and red when you really need to go a different way or allow extra time.

See it in Street View

To check the street view, seek for a location, click on the appropriate search result then scroll down. You ought to currently see two pictures, with Street view on the left. Tap that to enter Street View, and double-tap to bring the menu and obtain back out once more

Use gestures

You already know that you can zoom in and out of maps by pinching and zooming, but you can conjointly do it with a single digit – which is handy if you’re holding onto a handlebar with your other hand or just can’t be bothered using both hands. Double-tap the screen however doesn’t take off your finger or thumb till the second tab. Slide up to zoom out and slide down to zoom in.

You can also tilt the map by sliding with two fingers – up for additional tilt, down for less – and rotate the map by turning two fingers during a circular motion. In several urban areas the flat map will become a 3D model after you tilt it.

See it in Google Earth

You can select the Google Earth option to see the world in glorious 3D.

Save important addresses

You can even save important addresses using Google maps, just tap the Menu option, select the places, and enter the address to save the places you live and work.

 Google Map directions for iPhone and iPad has collect update to version 4.4.0 Conducting a new full-screen map view, better transit directions , voice search, and the power to filter search results.

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