Free Download Tubemate for iPhone, iPad|Watch Youtube Video on iPhone

All video lovers spend most of the time on YouTube to watch classic videos, music or even technical stuff that teach step by step technology guide. We spend lots of bandwidth on YouTube to watch favorite videos. Today we will share best solution so that you will save your bandwidth while watching YouTube movies. Here we share guide, so that you can download YouTube video on iPhone. Tubemate for iPhone is one of the solution that gives YouTube on PC. You can download YouTube video on windows PC. We also explore Tubemate for iPhone, and Tubemate for MAC PC.

What is TubeMate?  What the different between TubeMate and YouTube?

Tubemate for iPhone

We know that, your first question is what is Tubemate?  And what is difference between Tubemate and YouTube. Tubemate and YouTube is completely different from each other. YouTube is the most famous video sharing website. While Tubemate is one of the fastest download er to download YouTube video on Apple phone. Tubemate for PC is used to download YouTube video on PC.

Tubemate Youtube Downloader

Tubemate for iPhone or tubemate for android is developed to download YouTube video on private purpose.  Tubemate on PC enables you to download various quality video from 3GP to full-HD. It enable download multiple YouTube video. So, user can select various resolution of the video and even resume their download, if connection break. Tubemate for PC not only act as downloaded but also work as video convertor. Tubemate for android share your videos via Google Buzz app , Twitter app or e-mail.


Tubemate for iPhone will assist you to run your favorite videos on iPhone without any disturbances. We guide you to download Tubemate for iPhone, iPad and iOS 10/9/8 as well.

Before downloading Tubemate for iPhone check how to install ios app on iPhone.

List of Features of Tubemate for iPhone (6s, 6, 5s, and 5), iPad (iOS 10/9/8)

Best Tubemate Features

Before heading over to the guide on how to download Tubemate for iPhone easily in some simple steps, I would like to give you an overview of some of the grand and fantastic features of Tubemate app for iPhone. So let’s check them out below!

  • It is one of the faster downloader that can support very fast downloads even you don’t have 3G or 4g internet connection.
  • You can download multiple video at a time, it can support up to 10 videos simultaneously. That means you can download one after another without waiting for first to complete.
  • It support for multitasking that means you can watch movie while downloading Tubemate video.

Official Tubemate for iPhone yet not launch, but we have alternative for Tubemate for iPhone which act as mirror copy of Tubemate. Tube free is alternative which work like Tubemate for iPad.

Tube free is completely free software like Facetime on iPhone that act as Tubemate for iPhone and available on iTunes.

How to install app on iPhone Using iTunes?

Step by step guide How to Download Tubemate for iOS 10/9/8: Download Tubemate For iPhone:

Download Youtube video on iPhone
  • Open iTunes in your iPhone 5s,6s or 6  or iPad device.
  • Download Tube™ Free – Stream and Play Videos.
  • Click on Install and enter your i Cloud password if forget then check how to unlock icloud password.
  • Wait until the Tube Free app is completely downloaded on your iPhone.
  • Once download completed.
  • Open it and install it.
  • After installation you will get home screen indicating you’re done!

If you are unable to connect iTunes then check solution for iPhone cant connect to iTunes.

Download Links –

Tubemate for android mobile.

     Tubemate for PC

Tube Free For iPhone

Like Tubemate for iPhone, you can install Tubemate on MAC PC, but you want to install Tube free on windows PC then go through How to install IOS app on Windows PC.

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