How To Download KO Player For Windows PC, Laptop 10,8,7

KO PLAYER is one of the best Android emulators in the world at present. It is compatible with Windows xp/7/8. KO PLAYER Android emulator can run on your PC with windows xp/7/8 system which is smoother than playing on Android devices. More than 99 applications are available on KO PLAYER.

It has a huge advantage in performance, stability, compatibility and flexibility. It is totally preeminent above traditional android emulators and will let you enjoy the fun which you cannot get through cell-phones. Thus, check how to download KO player for Windows PC.

As per the reviews, KO PLAYER has managed to fly under many types of radar until recently. Its main focus is for gaming. One can easily use key mapping to emulate a controller with a keyboard. Players can also record gameplay and upload it wherever they want. The install process is easy enough and seems to work alright. It’s a good and free option.

How To Download KO Player On Your PC

Download Ko player

Step1. To download KO PLAYER, visit the official website. The download link is free and can easily be installed.

Step2. The download will start immediately but the time for download will depend on your internet connection.

Step3. The latest version is KO PLAYER 1.3.1040.

Step4. Installation Process should be carried out just after it is downloaded.

Step5. Open and agree to install KO PLAYER Android emulator.

Step6. Choose an installation location. Install the file just like you install other window software.

Step7.Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the installation.

Step8. You can see the icon of emulator on your desktop if you have installed the software properly.

Step9. Launch the app now.

Here, the installation totally depends on the bit size of the computer. The requirements include any of the following:

  • Windows XP SP3(32 bit or 64 bit)
  • Vista(32 bit or 64 bit)
  • Windows 7(32 bit or 64 bit)
  • Microsoft Windows 8, 10.

How To Use KO Player Effectively.

Ko player guide

There are a lot of tools to be used while controlling an application using KO PLAYER. The tools give you different ways of controlling; let us say a game, from Windows.

  • Click: Click on the position of a virtual button and assign a key on your keyboard.
  • WASD: It lets you control a stick of movement with the keyboard. You can resize so that it can fit perfectly.
  • Slide: To simulate the movement of the mouse with a button. Configure it by clicking the left button of the reason why you slide the mouse.
  • G-sensor: To simulate the monitor sensor. Configure it by clicking the right button of the mouse while you slide the mouse.
  • Shooting Games: Controls for FPS games. The view is controlled with the mouse after pressing the right button during the game.


Choose the type of control and place it in the window on the virtual button. Then select the key on your keyboard that corresponds to and when finished saving the changes by pressing Save. If all has gone well, you can play your favourite game big.

Compare Bluestack VS KO Player:

Bluestack is an American technology company that processes on blue stack apps and other cloud-based cross-platform products. The blue stack is the best Android emulator. It is designed to run Android applications to run on PC’s running Microsoft Windows and mac-OS.

On April 7, 2016, the company released Blue Stacks TV which integrated directly into the Blue Stacks App Player. This addition allows users to stream their apps to Twitch without the need for extra hardware or software. Blue Stacks released Facebook Live Integration in September 2016, allowing users to stream their gameplay to their Facebook profiles, pages they control, or Facebook groups they belong to.

Minimum requirements of Blue Stacks include: 2 GB of higher memory, 4 GB space in hard drive and direct X 9.0 or higher installed.

In the previous post, we explore how to install blue stack without 2 GB memory.

The user also requires administration privileges, cannot run on the user’s PC if Bit Defender is installed and the user’s computer graphic cards should be updated to the latest version.

However, the idea behind using Blue Stacks requires gaining more privileges. The basic criteria on which Blue Stacks differ from KO PLAYER is as follows:

  • KO PLAYER’s performance in speed lags behind BLUE STACKS.
  • The KO PLAYER is less compatible than BLUE STACK.
  • PLAYER causes the testing computer to lag and freeze whereas it is not seen in BLUE STACK.
  • KO PLAYER triggers a blue screen error on various occasions. However, BLUE STACKS work fine and never triggers a blue screen error.
  • BLUE STACK 3 beats both the modes of KO PLAYER.


  • This emulator is completely free and you don’t have to pay money to get this.
  • It helps you install Android applications and games on your computers.
  • You can play Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans, Whatsapp on PC or Laptop using KO PLAYER emulator.
  • It has built-in Google Play store in it so that you can install the apps directly from the Google Play store.
  • You can also install the applications that are not present in the Google Play store through KO PLAYER Android emulator.
  • The software is very light and quick.
  • The user interface of the software is really easy and navigation is also simple.
  • KO PLAYER is less complex in the interface as compared to BLUE STACKS.
  • KO PLAYER supports Intel and AMD CPU.
  • It provides adaptive resolution.
  • In addition, it supports gamepad flawlessly.

Final Verdict

However, talking about KO PLAYER, it is one of the most easily accessible Android emulators. It works very fine and smooth. No adds or commercial pop-ups. Runs at full speed, 60 FPS for almost all games including NOVA, Clash of Clans and into the dead. Whenever it is needed to record the emulator screen or login multiple accounts in multiple emulators, KO PLAYER is best suitable.

Despite all the short comes, it is the easiest emulator to download and access. Its interface is simple. The software is less complex. Hence, many good reviewers suggest that using a simple interface for long functionality is efficient rather than using software which is way too complex.

We already review android emulator, here is a new android emulator. So, download KO player for your PC and share your experience.

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