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Downloading uTorrent files from Office’s and colleges are not an easy task. System Administrator mostly blocks all torrent sites. Hence most times the downloads from a torrent site are very slow, or they don’t download at all. No worry! A Simple answer on this query is storing torrents online and later download torrent with IDM using HTTP protocol by free torrent leeching sites.

One of the largest benefits of working with torrent leeching sites is that it provides you with the direct download link of torrents, which suggests that you can comfortably download torrents with IDM(internet download manager) at tremendous speed.

How to Select Best Free Torrent Leeching Sites

Nowadays determining a best torrent leeching site is quite hard, because there are lots of free torrent leecher sites are available on the internet. So we’ve investigated several torrent leechers on the web and eventually came with the list of 100% working free torrent leecher sites.

So, here are the Top Free torrent leeching sites of 2020 that will help you to download torrents via IDM. This free torrent leecher gives you to download unlimited uTorrent data in higher speed.

Benefits of Downloading torrents using Torrent Leech Sites

  • You will get Unlimited data Storage.
  • High-Speed Torrent downloading support.
  • You can easily bypass your network without VPN service.
  • It works in Offline mode.
  • Download torrents with lesser seeds.
  • You can download torrents with IDM.
  • Your internet provider cannot identify the torrent traffic.
  • Quickly bypass blocked network from Institute and offices.

Now, let’s go with one by one free Torrent Leeching Sites and take review on it. As you know, every free Torrent Leeching Site has some unique features. So, in this post identify and test various free Torrent leeching sites and use that suit your requirement.

List of Top Free Torrent Leeching Sites to Download Torrent with IDM

It helps you to download the torrent from the cloud and run them online. After using BitPort Downloading torrent files is easier for me. So, you can downloads files from cloud even when your computer is turned off. I decide what to download at the office, and since I get home, it’s now on my cloud. It doesn’t reduce your Internet speed, saves hard-disk space and is accessible from anywhere.

Credit To – Noah Alorwu

Check Internet speed while downloading the torrent from BitPort using internet speed apps. One of the biggest advantages, while using free Torrent Leeching Sites is security. You can hide your IP address without VPN. So, no one can scan your IP address or other data.

If you are downloading Full HD movies, then don’t worry! will download your files within seconds.

BitPort Cloud enhanced mobility and accessibility. You can download your files from any device. It supported for a computer, smartphone, and tablet. Just standard browser enough for you.

How to Upload File on Zbigz and Download Torrent with IDM

Zbigz is not exactly the BitPort alternative. But, it smilier to BitPort. You can upload a torrent file or past torrent link URL and click on Go button. It works on 24/7 to get what you want. ZbigZ creates a shield for you.So, you are anonymous. All the connections protected with HTTPS protocol. It is similar to BitPort, nothing to install and configure.

Just past the torrent link and start downloading. Sign up, and without sign up both options are available.

If you are still searching free torrent leeching sites, then is another Zbigz alternative. “” gives you secure download manager with private cloud storage. Like Zbigz, just past your torrent link and start downloading. It has extensive coverage; it supported more than 900 sites.  Your streaming can start in less than 10 minutes. A site like, you stay anonymous while downloading anythings from FileStream. So, using FileStream, you can bypass your ISP limitations and start download files using your browser.


Here, I got one solution. It is not exactly sites like FileStrame or not a Zbigz alternative. But still quite useful to download the torrent file. It is File Hosting Website, which gives you Direct Download Links.

DropSend provides online service to transfer large files. It is supporting up to 4GB file in the free version and 8GB for paid users. Users can send large files through their email. The receiver will get an email including a link to download the file. The downloadable link will expire after a week. You can download the same link up to 10 times.

In free edition, a single user can send five links per month.

Trick post link from DropSend more than 5 Times without registration.

DropSend has a limitation, unregister users can utilise DropSend for free but restricted to only 5 sends per month. But, simple tricks can help you to send a link from DropSend more than 5 Times.

  • Click here and download Windscribe VPN.
  • Install Windscribe for your Browser.
  • Go to DropSend and send a link.
  • Clear the cookies.
  • Change IP address.

In Windscribe free edition, you will get 9 different IP. So, 9* 5 =45, You can send 45 links per month without registration. It is simple and quickest method. A free DropSend account is created a random password for you.

Direct torrents download gives you faster download than normal torrent download. You don’t need to install any software. Just past your torrent URL and start download. It is 24/7 service, So you can download the torrent file in any times.

#Furk.Net is data storage site. So, you can store media file and stream them immediately. It is secure storage data storage.

You can use it as a downloader for you.  Upload torrent link and store movie in Furk.Net and download torrent via IDM when required.

It will give you 250GB bandwidth per month and unlimited disk storage. |

As a name says, it is fastest torrent downloader. It is premium downloader, will download your file in zero minutes.  Following unique features make it one of top torrent leeching sites. It is not a Zbigz alternative but it gives you 10GB free space per account.

Download Torrent with IDM using

Support to IDM

Like other free torrent leeching sites it gives support to IDM. So, you can Download Torrent with IDM using

Easy to use

The downloader supports leading torrent files as well as magnet links. Just copy the torrent link and paste the link into the Premiumize Downloader.


It is a cloud-based torrent client that can retrieve data from the BitTorrent network without loosing network performance.


You can download the torrent file without compromising your privacy.  Your personal IP will hide from the torrent network and you get protection from showing your identity.  So, hide your actual location and download torrent from country restricted websites.

It supported for (HTTP, FTP), BitTorrent network and more. So, upload your files from computer or smartphone using copy paste the link. Once upload link, you can watch your media or download your files. For fastest download use Bytebx with IDM.

Seedr gives you chance to download movies, music, ebooks and more. So, you can download torrent files quickly and anonymously. Most importantly, it also works on your iPhone. It is adapted for mobile, and so should also operate well on televisions.

It is a platform that gathers torrents and, makes accessible on the cloud for play, download or just read content. Seedr is the responsive website, so no need to the special app just open and start torrent leeching.

Is safe to download torrent with a seedr box?

Seedr has encrypted its connections using 256bit SSL. It restricted to anyone from fetching on your traffic or watching what you download. Seedr retrieves torrents files directly to its cloud. So, you can’t download torrent directly on your computer. Using such a system, it separates the torrent network from you and managing your computer private and safe.

Even no need for a Virtual Private Network to hide your IP.  since your not connected directly with torrent you are safe. Seedr working on combining both Kaspersky and NOD32 antivirus to avoid virus issue and gives you a double layer of protection. It scanned daily for viruses like winsnare and ransomware and kept virus free for you.

Once the torrent leeching is completed, then it will be automatically warned you whether files is infected or not. Since Seed is on the cloud, you are safe from viruses.

How to download torrent files using seedr?

Just copy the torrent URL and paste in “paste torrent URL” area. Once URL inserted press enter and torrent will be available for you. No need to keep seedr open, you can close it anytime. It will never use your PC, browser to download the torrent to seedr. So, it will automatically save your bandwidth.

Past torrent URL to leech using Seedr

To enhance your download, you can use Chrome extension. Download Seedr Chrome add-on from here. Using add-on, you will shift in comfortable windows to download torrent without switching your browser position.

If Zbigz and Filestream are blocked on the school/colleges or offices, then Seedr is best free leeching site. It is the best alternative for Zbigz and Filestream, which gives you  2 GB space. Thus we called as Zbigz alternative.

How to increase seedr free space?

Currently, you have 4 option to increase your seedr storage.  First, is paid option and second and third are the tricks that will help you to increase your storage.

Upgrading your Account.

Initially, the site will give you 2 GB per account. So, update your account in premium version and get additional space.

Torrent Leeching Pricing

There are 3 packages:

Basic 30GB for $6.95.

Pro 100GB for $9.95.

Master for 19.95 and 1TB

Most important thing is there are no monthly limits. So, delete your old contain and creates space for you.

#Trick 2 -Get additional storage with help of your friend.

Invite your friend and add additional 500MB space in your account.  Once you send referral link and if your friend joins using your referral link both of you will get 500MB.  You can refer maximum 4 referral. So first, you start with someone referral links and active your account with 2.5 GB storage.  Finally, end your account with (4* 500) + 3 GB free storage. Create Seedr account using and earn additional 500MB free.

#Trick 3 -Use social media.

If you post a seedr review via Twitter, then you will get 500MB free storage(include @seedrcoil in the post). Similarly, pin its image and get 500MB. Create 1 min a short video and receive 1GB extra space. If you are a blogger then, you have a chance to receive 500MB to 1GB space. Just write an article on it, free storage depends upon article quality.

#Trick 4 -Blackhat Method.

If you wish to get more seedr free storage, then follow the procedure.

  • Download Winscribe VPN.
  • Install it.
  • Go to and create an email account.
  • Go to
  • Register account with email.
  • Activate your account using activation link on registered email id.
  • Click on Earn free space.
Earn Free space
  • Scroll down and copy your referral code.
  • Change your IP using Winscribe and create new email account.
  • Mail your referral link from email account 1 to account 2.
  • Create a new seedr account using the referral link and email id 2. So, your both account will get 3GB free storage on seedr.
  • Follow this procedure and create more accounts. Keep your IP changing.

Wrap up

So, here is a list of 9 best free torrent leeching sites. Each has head and tell cons. Zbigz and BitPort are famous torrent leeching sites. But, we also explore Zbigz alternatives like MyFastFile and DropSend. MyFastFile gives you more space, where seedr has more security. We also explore some blackhat tricks to increase your free space and increase your free leeching.  If you have IDM then you can download torrent with IDM easily.

I hope it will help you to download Torrent files from Offices and colleges without any issue. I am searching more Free Torrent Leeching sites, and once I will get updated here.   Till free to discuss any good Torrent Leeching website you know.

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