How to Check SERP of Keyword Results and Web Page Rankings

Have you ever wondered what positions your website occupies on the web? And have you tried to find it out?

With contemporary technologies such as white label software for rank checking, this and even more is possible within a matter of minutes.

So, if you want to be a pro at making up your SEO strategies and do better than your rivals, quicker get down to learning how to check search engine result page details with the outstanding tool

A SERP, or SERPs, are in fact the responses of Google to user’s queries. Researching organic SERP results can tell a lot about the web page’s productivity and popularity.  

What will it give to you?

  1.  High accuracy of search results.

The tool will help you find the positions of your web pages on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other browsers with relation to a user’s device – desktop, tablet, or smartphone and identify whether the mobile version of your website needs much improvement. 

  1. Tracing keywords that generate the most traffic.

The SERP checker tool Spy SERP will let you check how fast you are taking over the rivals’ positions, identify the visibility and the positions of each keyword, choose the keywords with the best performance, make keyword grouping, etc.

  1. Spy SERP will review your competitors’ results.

Having a SERP checker to trace your own results is good but the best variant is to research both – you and a strong rival. With Spy SERP, you will see how your SEO competitor gets so high, what keywords appear to be the most effective, and, as a result, have a motivation to use the best keyword set for your own promotion. The same appeals to the results of mobile or desktop website versions – you see the gap, find the ways to tackle it, and come out with a highly optimized website open to all kinds of users.

  1. You can research the same query in different locations.

Again, having the full info about your rankings in different countries, cities, and even parts of the world is an excellent opportunity to see how effective you are right now in the local area and globally. Seeing the mistakes, you and your team will open your eyes to the possibilities for growth and better SEO promotion.

  1. It lets you compare results in different browsers.

The SERPs you see on Google might be very different from those on Bing so it makes sense to attract those who use Bing more often to your website. By detailed analysis and gradual optimization of pages, the traffic will be increased and you will have a chance to ‘capture’ a greater number of users.

If you think your keyword checking instrument needs to be replaced or you are still not using one, try Spy SERP as a reliable SERP checker online. This review proves it trustworthy enough to make it the SERP position checker that will let you overcome rivals and free your SEO from ineffective techniques.  

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