How To Change IMEI Number on Android, iPhone | Ultimate Tricks for All Mobile

What is international mobile equipment identity number? Yes, in short, what is IMEI code? Can I track any mobile using IMEI number? Is it possible to change IMEI number? Still, people searching on this topic.

In this tutorial, I try to solve all this question.

Yes, it is possible to change your IMEI number. But, it is not legal. This is an educational tutorial which describes what is IMEI? Use IMEI and how to change it.

Before going to tricky part. First, we explain what IMEI number is. Once you understand we go through uses of IMEI number. Uses explore IMEI numbers important.

Similarly, we analyse why changing IMEI is not a legal in most of the country. Finally, step by step procedure on How to change IMEI number in Android and iPhone.

So, let’s start with IMEI basics.

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How to change IMEI number android and iPhone tricks

What is IMEI Number?

IMEI (international mobile equipment identity) number is 15 digit unique code used to identify your mobile phone.

Initially, it is used to identify valid GSM devices. It does not depend upon any network provider. But, network provider uses this number to validate particular device.

I can say that “IMEI number is MAC address” of your phone.

IMEIs have been allocated by other regional administrators acting on behalf of the GSM Association.

It is stored on a device, not on SIM card. Usually, IMEI is printed inside the battery part of the phone. The most device uses *#06# code to display IMEI number. Similarly, you can check it using system information inside the setting menu.

Use of IMEI Number?

As I say IMEI number is used to identify valid devices. Thus, it used for stopping a stolen phone. For example, if your smartphone is stolen, then you can call the network provider and trace the last location of your device.

The combination of IMEI and IMSI used to track stolen mobile phone. Thus many countries preferred the use of the IMEI number for minimizing the effect of smartphone thefts.

As per Mobile Telephones (Re-programming) Act 2002, in United Kingdom changing the IMEI number of a phone is considered an offence.

Nowadays, many IMEI check company comes into the market. So, just enter IMEI number and Get information about your device.

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The Law Against Changing IMEI Number.

Change IMEI number using any tool or possessing IMEI number changing activity is not a legal process. Most of the countries created special laws against change in IMEI number.

When the mobile phone is lost, the mobile phone owner can contact their respective local operator. Once operator receives a request, he can block mobile phone using a combination of IMEI and IMSI number.

If the local operator put the mobile phones IMEI number into Equipment Identity Register (EIR), then it will share with the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR).

The Central Equipment Identity Register is a collection of the IMEI numbers of the blacklisted mobile phone. If your IMEI number is listed in CEIR then another network provider will block your mobile device and thus it is unusable for you.

It is a simple process is used to prevent mobile phone theft. However, it is possible to change IMEI number using some special tools. Some of the IMEI changers also come into the market. But, changing IMEI number is not an easy process.

Australia was the first country who work on IMEI blocking idea. The Indian government also publish a law against IMEI blocking. As per Indian government.

IMEI Law against Changing IMEI number

Tampering of Mobile Device Equipment Identification Number is unlawful, except the manufacturer.

Check complete law.

Structure of The IMEI and IMEISV (IMEI software version)

The IMEI number is 16 digit unique identification number. It includes manufacturer identity, model id and a serial number of the particular device.

Structure of IMEI Number

As of 2004, IMEI number is 15 sequential number. Its format is XX-YYYYYY-ZZZZZZ-W. Where 16 digit IMEISV number format is XX-YYYYYY-ZZZZZZ-WW. One more digit added in and last two digit use for identifying Software Version Number.

For example.

IMEI Code- 12-123456-789456-1

IMEISV code – 12-123456-789456-12

Description –

  • TAC: 12-1234 – It is divided into two part.
  • 12 is issued by BABT and 1234 define allocation number.
  • FAC: 56– It is FAC code.
  • SNR- 789456.
  • It is the unique identification number of indicating unit of this model.
  • CD: 1 number.
  • For IMEISV number.
  • SVN: 12 – It Is The “software version number”, indicate which OS revision of the software running on the phone.
  • 99 is reserved for future use.

This is all about IMEI number, code either comes in a 17 or 15 digit sequence number.

By contrast, the new style IMEI code 49-015420-323751 has an 8-digit TAC of 49-015420.

The new CDMA Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID) uses the same basic format as the IMEI.

How to Find Your IMEI Number

Mostly, each mobile has one IMEI number but for dual SIM mobile have two IMEI number. So, how to find your IMEI number?

IMEI Checker

Here, you will get few tricks to find IMEI number on your mobile phone. All are simple and straightforward methods. Check below some various method to find IMEI number.

Method -1

  • Open your dial pad and type *#06#. No need to hit call button after #. Your IMEI number will automatically display on your phone screen.
Check IMEI number on android mobile
  • It is unique identity number, write down for feature use.


IMEI number is printed on the box label. So if you don’t have access to your mobile but want IEMI number then check your mobile box and note down IMEI number.

Track IMEI without Mobile

Method – 3 Find Your IMEI Number for iPhone User.

Following steps shows how to track IMEI number for iPhone user. In case, method 1 is not working and you don’t have iPhone box, then follow procedure and get your IMEI number.

Find IMEI number in iPhone
  1. Go to iPhone Settings.
  2. Select General – About.
  3. Scroll down and note your IMEI code.

Method – 4 Fetch Your IMEI Number for Android User.

Like iPhone user, Android user can get IMEI number through android phone. Check procedure and fetch your IMEI code.

  1. Switch off your android phone.
  2. Remove the battery.
  3. IMEI is located on the backside of your android phone.

Method – 5 IMEI Number for Android Mobile

Check IMEI using Setting
  1. Go to mobile setting.
  2. Then click on more setting.
  3. Open about phone tab.
  4. You will get IMEI number.

Method – 6 Find Your IMEI Number for Motorola Iden Phones.

  1. Open dialling screen.
  2. Press #*menu, right arrow and confirm it.
  3. If you have SIM card, then scroll down to “IMEI / SIM ID” and hit enter.
  4. It is 14 digit IMEI number to make it to 15 digits add one more digit at the end and that is 0.
  5. For SIM-less phone, start pressing right arrow till you receive “IMEI”. Here, you will get 7 digits only.
  6. Again continuously press right arrow and scroll down. So, you will get remaining 7 digits. Add 0 at the end and make it to 15 digits.

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How to Track a Mobile Phone Using Its IMEI Number

Till now we are working on how to find IMEI number not to change IMEI number. This procedure will help you to track your mobile.

Suppose you lost your mobile but, you have IMEI number then using the process you can easily find out lost mobile.

How to Track My Lost Phone using IMEI Number.

Now that above process gives you IMEI number. But, suppose if you lost your mobile phone and you might be looking to track and recover the phone, then leave this task to an expert.

Tracking lost phone using IMEI number is dangerous, so leave it to police and your service provider.

Tracking Your Phone using IMEI Code

Once you lost your mobile immediately write an application to the nearest police station and service provider. Don’t forget to mention your IEMI number in the written application.

As I mentioned before, the service provider has the ability to blacklist stolen IMEI numbers. Once it listed in blacklist it is unusable. Similarly, the service provider can track them using cell tower triangulation method.

This method is work based on your last location considering nearby cell tower antennas.

Can Thieves Change Your IMEI Number?

As we already discussed, change IMEI number is not the hardest thing. With proper technical knowledge, any one can change IMEI number.

Yes! Bad news. It is possible that thieves can change your IMI number. Once it changes it is very difficult to track it. IMEI number changer is available in the market. So, no need for high computer knowledge.

That’s why I suggest, once you lost mobile don’t waste time. Immediately contact police and service provider and track mobile it.

Why People Change IMEI Number?

It is a very interesting question.  Robber change IMEI number to hide your stolen mobile from police. Once IMEI is changed it is very difficult to track lost mobile phone and service provider cannot blacklist it.

Some techno-savvy person changes IMEI code for earning money with software by making a fake account.


Changing IMEI is illegal but, still people looking to change IMEI number. There are various reasons, some con some pros. Let’s find out both disadvantages and advantages of behind it.


Illegal- First and most important disadvantage is illegal.

Damage – It may damage your mobile phone.

Lost ownership- Once you purchase mobile device your ownership is depend upon receipt. IMEI number is mention in the receipt and bind with your profile. So, if you change IMEI number your ownership of that device is lost.

Lose warranty- Similarly, it is correlated with warranty of device. Once you change IMEI number you will lose your mobile warranty.


Untraceable- Changing IMEI number constantly you can hide your identity. I will make your device untraceable.

Fix IMEI related issue- It is process used to fix IMEI related issue.

Refresh your device- Once you change IMEI number your device will get new identity. Thus it work like refreshment for your device identity.

Solved OS related issue – If you have old android device and it will not able to update latest android OS, then changing IMEI number will help to solve this issue. So, once you change IMEI your device will get new ID and look like newer model. Thus, it will help to install latest android version.

Get Offers – This is unique tricks will use to fetch some more offers and earn money. Now days lots of first time installation offers are available on internet like register xyz app and 50 off on first time purchase. This kind of offer store your IMEI number with your profile. So, it is possible randomly change IMEI number and register multiple times using the single android phone. It will help to use offer more and more times.


How to Change IMEI Number?

Till now, we go through all the basic details. It is necessary to know the background before changing IMEI number. Now, this part will focus on how to change IMEI number of android as well as iPhone.

Both operating systems are different, thus I explain all the procedure.

Change IMEI Android – Root without Root

In this part, I will tell you simple trick to change IMEI number on the Android phone. I explore two methods first is Change IMEI number of android without rooting your mobile. Second, change IMEI using rooted mobile.

Using this tricks you can change IMEI number of Samsung, Nokia, Micromax, Motorola, HTC or any android device.

It is a safe and easy method to change IMEI number of Smartphone.

How to Change IMEI of Android Phone Without Root

  • Download IMEI changer from here.
  • Install it.
  • Open IMEI changer software.
  • Now you will get original IMEI number on the upper side.
IMEI changer android
  • Below you will get new IMEI number.
  • So using it you can change IMEI number on android mobile.
  • Reboot your system affect new IMEI number on your android mobile.
  • That’s it.

How to Change IMEI Number of Rooted Android Phone

In the previous method, I explain how to change IMEI number of Android mobile phone. Now check how to change IMEI code of rooted android phone.


  • One Rooted Android mobile.
  • Xposed app.
  • Download IMEI Changer app from here – Download   
  • Internet Connection.

Procedure to modify IMEI Number of Android Phone

  • For safety purpose note down your IMEI number.
  • Install Xposed on your rooted android device.
  • Open Xposed and go to Modules.
  • Check IMEI Changer A
  • Select module pk
  • Restart your mobile.
  • Once mobile started, you will get your original IMEI number as well as Current IMEI number.
  • Enter modify IMEI number in NEW IMEI NUMBER
  • Click on Apply.
  • Reboot your machine.
  • Now check *#60#. You will get latest IMEI number as an IMEI original.


How to Change IMEI Number on iPhone

Like android IMEI changer, you can change IMEI number of iPhone using the following trick. Before, going to IMEI changing tricks fulfil the initial requirement.


  • Unlock your iPhone. If you lost your iCloud password then here you will get Solution to Unlock iCloud Activation Lock
  • Jailbreak your iPhone.
  • If you change IMEI number of iPhone, then its break warranty of your iPhone.
  • It is illegal activity. I explore only for education purpose.

Method 1 – Modify IMEI Number using Ziphone

Step1: First note down your original IMEI number using *#06# on the dial pad.

Step.2: Download ZiPhone on your PC.

Step3: Once your download complete, extract and install ZiPhone on windows PC.

Step4: Press Power and Wake up button until apple logo display. Once it displays stop pressing, now you will get the iTunes logo.

Step5: Connect your iPhone to Windows PC.

Step6: Open command prompt (press windows button + R and type CMD hit enter).

Step7: Type cd your folder path.

IMEI number change trick using CMD

Step8: Enter Ziphone following screen will display.

Ziphone CMD Screen

Step9: Type ziphone-u-i abcdefghigklqwe (replace abcdefghigklqwe with your new IMEI number).

Step: reboot your iPhone and Enjoy your new IMEI number on iPhone.

Method 2 – Ziphone with GUI

This is a simple method to change IMEI on iPhone. It requires Ziphone software.

  • Download ZiPhone using the previous method.
  • Extract ZiPhoneWin-3.0.exe folder.
  • Connect your iPhone to PC.
  • ZiPhoneWin-3.0 extract and open it.
  • Click on ZiPhoneGUI.



  • Click on Advanced features.
Ziphone advanced features
  • Then select Fake IMEI option.
Ziphone fake IMEI number
  • Click on yes and enter Fake IMEI number in the text box.
  • That’s it!

Final verdict:

In this tutorial, i explain what is IMEI number, how to use fake IMEI number on android mobile and iPhone. But, changing the IMEI number is an illegal activity and this used only for educational or repair purpose.

So, I think you will get a solution on How to Change IMEI number of your mobile?


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