The Best Short Term Courses after 12th

A short term course is completed within a short period. It is different than usual degree courses which have 2-3 years duration. These short term courses are mostly completed within six months period, or so. The length of such short term courses ranges from 3 months to 1 year depending on the syllabus of the course. You will get short terms courses in the different field. In my previous post, I explore 20 different job oriented computer courses. So, here you will get job oriented short term courses after 12th.

List of Job Oriented Short Term Courses

In the present competitive world, as everyone wants everything fast. These short term courses allow you to procure the lacked skill within a short period. It also makes you competent and eligible for jobs. Short term courses provide you with varied career options and double your chances of getting good placements.

If you select the best career oriented short term courses, then it will help you to enhance job opportunity. Here are the best short term courses after 12th.

Graphic Design course:

If you are creative, then this course will suit you! Graphic design course has applications in many fields. The duration of Regular short term graphic design course is for six months. There is also three months graphics design certificate course available. The course syllabus includes logo designing, printing technology, editing software programs, etc. The course avails various job opportunities such as Graphics Designer, Brand Identity Manager, Printing Specialist, Creative Director at MNCs, Entrepreneur, etc.

Fashion and Textile Designing:

One year diploma course is available in Fashion and Textile Designing. The course in fashion and textile designing focuses on various areas of the fashion industry such as Textiles, Apparel, Footwear, Accessories, etc. It is one of the professional course having a huge demand in the textile industry.

PostGraduate Diploma in Financial Planning:

The duration of the course is ten months and internship of 2 months in a financial sector company. Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning creates an impressive career in the Financial industry of the economy. The job profiles offered are Financial Planners, Investment Advisor, Wealth Management,   Client Services Manager, etc.

Diploma in Photography:

The course comprises all parts of photography from fashion, wildlife and candid wedding. The course prepares students for the professional world. Career opportunities in this industry involve professional work with newspapers, magazines and digital media houses, advertising agencies, brands, corporates, industrial houses, fashion photography, architecture, wildlife photography and documentary.

Diploma in media and mass communication:

The course makes you understand the Media Business. You will study leading Communication theories, examining key issues and debates in this course.The course duration is one year. There are a number of career opportunities in public relations, television, films, publishing, journalism, editing, direction, etc.

Diploma in Event Management:

Event Management includes creativity, relationship management, organisation skills, precise planning, marketing and advertising. Creativity and Supervision are essential elements you need to own to enter into event management. The duration of this course is ten months.There are plenty jobs in this industry. You can work with an Event Management Company or Media house that practises in Event Management.

Diploma in Animation and Multimedia:

The animation is quite an attractive field as the profession. If you are good at drawing and want to use your creativity through work, then you can surely opt for this course.The length of the course is six months to 1 year depending upon the institute.After completing the course, you can get jobs in various areas such as Advertising Agencies, Graphic Media Houses, Printing Houses,  Animation Companies, Gaming Companies, Film Studios, Post-Production Houses, MNC’s, News Agencies, etc.

Short term Certificate Course in Secretarial Practice and Office Management:

The course is a short but very professional course. With this course, you will enter into the internal organisation and management of offices, firms, associations, and companies. The duration of this course is six months. After completing this course, you may get job opportunities like Accountants, assistants to secretaries, office managers, personal assistants, personal secretaries, office, data entry operators, sale executives, etc

How to select best Short Term Courses

Well! Choosing a short-term course depends on your particular area of interest and the talent you procure. So whenever you have to make a choice of seeking a short course, you need to choose the course which you like so that you will enjoy it with ease.

For example, if you have an interest in fashions, then you can choose fashion designing or fashion technology.So the very significant thing you have to keep in mind while choosing a short term course is that prefer the courses which you have an interest. Choosing the right course will develop your career and help you achieve success in life.


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