2021’s Best TV Providers in Customer Satisfaction

These days’ people are spending their free time watching all their favorite channels because when you are working from home you get an ample amount of time to catch up on all your favorite shows. A cable TV user watches TV almost every day and he pays his bills every month, in return, he expects a great response in terms of his satisfaction.

A customer wants a cable TV connection to provide him with the best services along with additional features and benefits. For instance, if you choose Spectrum then you get an amazing spectrum customer service experience in case you face any issue, you can reach out to their amazing customer service 24/7 which means there are no time constraints. This is just an example of the additional benefits of a cable TV service provider.

You can choose any TV connection that suits you best. We are mentioning some top-rated TV providers in terms of customer satisfaction. Our list includes the name that we have organized after reading the reviews of existing users and after researching the features that are provided by these TV providers that are named below.

  • COX
  • Optimum
  • Spectrum Cable 
Cable TV ProvidersStarting Price Per MonthChannel CountStreaming OptionTV Contract Policy
DIRECT TV$69.99130 – 300DIRECT TV App2 years
COX$69.99130 – 140Cox Contour Stream Player2 years
Optimum$79.99200 – 400Optimum TV on Go1 year
Spectrum$44.99120 – 125Spectrum TV AppNo Contracts

Note** The prices that are mentioned above are subjected to change depending upon the area where you are located. These prices are on promotional discount and they may vary after 12 months. The availability of the packages also depends upon the location where you want the services.


If we look into the rankings that are available online, then DIRECT TV is the one that tops the chart. They provide the best DVR service and HD streaming for all channels. You can also stream the channels LIVE through the Direct TV app on your devices like a laptop or desktop computer, this makes it easier, you will not have to sit in front of the TV all the time, you can simply lay in your bed and watch all your favorite shows. Through the DVR service, you can download your shows and watch them when you get free time.

Users have ranked the DIRECT TV best in overall experience in terms of user experience, channel lineup, and customer support. It is also ranked as number 1 in terms of value, pricing, and installation process.

Cox TV

Famously known as COX Communications, COX TV is known for its Contour TV service. They offer an amazing channel lineup. Cox offers voice recognition in their TV remote that makes it easy to use. Moreover, COX is providing easy to install process where they send the equipment to users for self-installation due to the COVID19 outbreak. Cox users have ranked them as a top provider due to the simple installation process and they offer a high-quality resolution.


Previously AT&T and Dish TV were ranked as the best value cable TV providers in the year 2020, that is not the case this year. Optimum is now ranked as one of the top value TV providers in 2021. If you want an extended channel lineup and that too at very affordable rates, then Optimum is the best option. Optimum offers more channels at lower costs, it is for people who like to have extra or more channels.

Spectrum cable TV

Spectrum is a cable TV provider that is ranked for its quality signals, all the channels are in HD streaming. The key feature is that they do not require any TV contracts. They also offer a free Spectrum TV App that you can download on your Smart TV, Laptops, Mobile phone s and watch your TV while you are away from your home very easily. Moreover, you have an option to get tailored packages that means, you can add their internet service or home phone service at any time you want. Another reason why Spectrum is ranked as one of the best TV providers is that they offer very economical packages.

Wrapping It Up,

When a customer pays for a service he wants the best options. We have listed down the TV providers that offer all the necessary features that you need as a user. All the data that we collected was based on reviews that are provided by their existing users. You might not have all the options in your area and to find out about the availability of the TV providers in your area, you can visit the website ‘localcabledeals.com’ and look into the available options.

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