Best PCB Prototype Service

PCB prototype service  is one of the most requested services in the electronics industry. It is important to prototype these circuit boards to perform various tests before going through with a full PCB production run. We know many PCB prototype suppliers but we don’t know their distinctions and advantages.

EasyEDA – PCB Prototype Service

EasyEDA is well recognized and known as a free circuit design software for schematic drawing, simulation and PCB design. In fact, EasyEDA is also PCB prototype supplier that offers low cost PCB prototype for electronic engineers and hobbyists. It offers them low price, fast delivery and top quality PCB with precise tolerances on solder mask, absolutely no errors.

EasyEDA is featured by helping users make their design from concept to PCB production in the easiest way. EasyEDA provides professional PCB custom service for customers to save time and reduce the workload in designing PCB. There is an Online PCB Price Calculator to help you get a quick price of your PCB. You just choose the specifications you need, like Layer Quantity, PCB Quantity, PCB thickness, PCB Color, PCB Dimension Width and Length, then your PCB price will be calculated automatically. (The cheapest option is for 10pcs of 50mmx50mm boards, which comes to 9.8USD. 10pcs of 100mmx100mm boards is 17.6USD. For larger boards, 5pcs is cheaper than 10pcs.)


Moreover, EasyEDA Gerber Viewer supports viewing Gerber files from any other EDA tool for free. You just upload files from Altium, Kicad, Eagle, Diptrace, Pads, P-CAD etc and send your files for basic design for manufacture (DFM) tests. Just upload a design easily.


As the 3rd Largest printed circuit board manufacturer in the USA, 4PCB is known on its excellent customer service and reliability.

4PCB is featured by its quick turn service. It guarantees that your Standard Specification PCB will ship on-time. If you place your 2layer PCB order by 8:15am MST and 4PCB will ship your boards on the same evening. If you submit your 2layer or multilayer PCB designs on Friday and 4PCB will build your boards through the weekend. On 4PCB, there are two options of PCB specification: Standard and Custom PCB specification. If you like its PCB prototype service, you could find its four easy ways to order your PCBs. 4PCB also offers customers free software and free file review for their PCB design.

4PCB Prototype Service


OSH Park is a community printed circuit board (PCB) order that brings you high quality, lead-free boards which are manufactured in the United States.

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OSH Park PCB is easily recognized by its purple color. All designs are purple mask with gold-plating. Some Oshpark PCB are free shipment but some Oshpark PCB need varies shipment costs which are based on various express service, shipping time and shipping address. More information about its PCB price and shipment, could be found on PCB order service page and PCB shipping info page.



Seeedstudio offers customers any kind of prototype PCB they require. The PCBs from Seeedstudio is short delivery time, competitive price and high quality. When prototypes are ready to iterate, Seeed helps produce 1 to 1,000 pcs using in-house engineering, supply chain management and agile manufacture force. When you are ready to order PCB, access to the Fusion page to learn more about its PCB service. Seeedstudio offers four kinds of Fusion electronic service which includes Fusion PCB, PCB Assembly, Stencil and Flexible PCB as the image showed:


Seeedstudio provides open source hardware and small quantity manufacturing services using a design from manufacturing framework. Seeed provides accessible technologies with quality, speed and supply chain knowledge.


Express PCB – PCB Prototype Manufacturing Service

ExpressPCB provides manufacturing service of top quality two-layer and four-layer PCB. ExpressPCB offers customers six PCB manufacturing options : MiniBoards Service, Prototype Service, 4 Layer Prototype Service, Standard Service, Production Service, 4 Layer  Production Service. If you use its MiniBoard Service, you just need to pay only 41USD for three boards (plus shipping) and made in the USA.

PCB Prototype Service

ExpressPCB is also an online electronics design software and which is very easy to learn and use. The software includes two applications, one for drawing schematics, the other for PCB layout.

San Francisco Circuits

The San Francisco Circuits is a one-stop PCB shop capable of handling complex PCB production from manufacturing to assembly for prototype. It specializes in all printed circuit boards including flex PCBmetal core PCB, HDI PCB and military PCB. Their average lead times are 1 to 5 days for just PCB assembly and 10 to 16 days for turnkey PCB assembly.

sfc – PCB Manufacturer

AP circuits – Fastest PCB Prototype Services

AP Circuits is a PCB manufacturer in Canada. AP Circuits is devoted to rapid prototyping volume at a fair price. If you are using AP Circuits P1 service you can get prototype PCBs fabricated in three days.


Final Thought on Best PCB Prototype Service

Lots of PCB prototype services available in market one them is EasyEDA. We suggest that EasyEDA is one of the best PCB designer in the world. Here, we produce review on best PCB manufacturer.Select PCB prototype services depends upon your needs.

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