Best IOS Emulator For PC | Test IOS App Without iPhone, iPad or MAC

Testing IOS apps are a task compare to Android apps testing, because of very few IOS emulator available as compare to android emulators available in the market. Due to Android emulators, we quickly test, run and execute Android apps on Windows, MAC and Linux computer. Hence, to test IOS apps for iPhone, iPad very few alternatives are available. Here, I listed various IOS emulator including cloud-based IOS emulator.

IOS Emulator For MAC and Windows PC

In the previous post, you will get an iPadian simulator, the best ios emulators for PC to run IOS apps on Windows PC.   iPadian also used to run ios apps on Linux computer. To get more details about iPadian check how to install iPadian on Windows PC.

List of The Best IOS Emulator For PC.

  • Xamarin Testflight
  • Smartface
  • Air iPhone
  • MobiOne
  • Ripple
  • iPad simulator
  • iDOS Emulator
  • iPadian
  • iMAME

Best IOS emulator for PC

In this post, you will get iOS emulators list that helps to not only test IOs apps but also run IOS application on the different platform. Buying MAC computer just to check IPA file is expensive work. This guide gives you a solution using cloud-based iOS emulator and using iOs simulators. These emulators are work on any OS like Linux, MAC OS, Chrome OS and most common operating system Windows 7/8/8.1.

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How App.Io Works

Amongst all IOS emulators, is the simplest IOS emulator. You need to do a simple thing that is just uploaded IOS app file on App then you can test it from any location using your Windows PC / MAC PC or Linux machine. It is a pure cloud-based system that works as a platform as a service (PaaS) and Software as a service (SaaS). Thus you can access and modified IPA file even from Android phone without any extra hardware (IOs emulator for Android APK).

If you are not happy with then is alternative for IOS emulator for Windows PC. It is also a cloud-based service which provides you with a free live demo. Check 60-second free IOS emulator for PC demo. In this demo you can set screen width, iPhone model like iPhone 5, 5s, 6,6s, 6s plus,7 and iPad. Even you can select IOs version 8.4 to IOs 10. But, you cannot install any IOS app in the demo version. If you want to test your .ipa file, then upload .zip or .tar file with your IPA bundle and submit your email address. The appetizer will generate link and mail to your inbox.

Upload file on Appetize


 Xamarin Testflight

Xamarine is another IOs emulator, which has the functionality to test and run IOs apps. It offers professional tool Testflight, Xamarin Testflight is now own by Apple. Xamarine is helping you to take a beta test on your IOs apps. It is accessible only through iTunes.

Xamarin Android emulator 2016

It provides interface on Windows PC so that you can use IOs apps on Windows. Xamarine has the best debugging option to recheck and rectify errors from IOs application.  Check Xamarin Test flight guides. It is a complete guide which specifies each and every detail about Xamarine.

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Smartface Emulator

The Smartface is a multi-platform emulator software to use to apples restriction and limitation. It is one of the best iPad emulators, or we can say that, an iPad emulator. It is multi-talented software to the developer. With the help of Smartface, you can run IOS as well as Android application on Windows computer like the clash of clans games on Windows PC. So, it is not only IOS but also best android emulator.  It is IOs emulator for windows like blue stacks emulator for android.

iPhone Emulator for IOS

Most important is you can use Smartface as an iOs tester. It makes it easy to test IOs application, a lot easier to develop and debug iOS games on a Windows PC. It supports to all IOs versions and all iOS gadgets like iPad,iPhone and even Apple TV. The key features of Smartface are listed below.

  • JavaScript library.
  • Single JavaScript code base.
  • WYSIWYG Design editor.
  • Testing apps and debugging.
  • Enterprise plugins and services.
  • Plugins support.

Smartface is one of the free IOs emulators for Windows PC. To get maximum feature within $99 is not a bad Deal. Check the free version of Smartface Emulator download here, If like then get the original premium version from here.

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Air iPhone Emulator

Air iPhone Emulator is a simple software to use iOS apps on PC. It gives you, iPhone feeling on Windows PC. It produces an iPhone-like the graphical user interface to access iMessage on PC or Facetime on Windows Computer.  This IOs emulator not only provides testing facility but also gives you real IOs feeling on Windows PC.  So, if you are looking for virtual iPhone on PC, then Air iPhone is the best option. It is one of the alternatives for Bluestacks on Windows PC.

MobiOne IOS emulator

MobiOne is an all in one emulator.  It has good review iOS emulator for Windows. It’s like Android SDK, gifting all in one development studio and also create complete development in one place. You can set up and test multiple iOS applications like Tube free within a unique environment. The premium version of MobiOne Studio is available in just $99.99.

Yes!  MobiOne IOs Emulator also gives you a 15-day free trial version. Highly recommended Trial Version before going to a Premium version of Mobione emulator.

Ripple Chrome extension

It is multi-platform emulator which also support IOs, Android and Windows. Ripple is browser based application development and testing tool. It focused on WebWorks, PhoneGap and mobile testing and development. It supports Javascript, HTML5, automated testing and Html DOM inspection and also, shows his best performance while testing GPS function. But, it is in beta version so in the development phase. Download Ripple Chrome extension from here.

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Ipad simulator

It is a Google Chrome extension like a ripple that works on cloud OS with Chrome browser. It gives you virtual iPhone and an iPad interface on your PC. So, With the help of this extension, you can use send iMessages to your friend without iPhone. If you don’t want to spend $500 on iPad, then it is the last option. Check best features of extension are:

  • You can use Siri without iPhone or iPad.
  • It is cloud based.
  • Mobility.
  • Single click connection.
  • Create unlimited pages of apps
  • Simple interface
  • Drag and drop option.
  • Multi-tasking is available.
  • Best search and browse facility
  • You can use screensavers.
  • HD animated background

iDos Emulator – Dos based IOs emulator

iDOS/DOSPad is used DOSBox, version 0.74.  It is a DOS-emulator which makes DOSBox very easy to port to different platforms. Developed and design by DOSBox Team.So, DOS Pad aims to make DOS game playing enjoyable on iMachine. That means you will get smooth game control and optimise DOS Box for iOS devices.

Download Links


The free MAME game emulator available on the App Store is called iMAME. It is like Bluestacks for IOs, MAME is a multiple arcade free and open source machine emulator that will run lots of arcade games.

It is similar like iDos IOS emulator, iMAME is free IOs emulator available on the App Store. [Link].

Final verdict

Nowadays, IOS app testing is not that much difficult thanks to IOS emulators.  Here, we suggest and filter some emulator, If you know other than above IOS emulator feel free to comment.

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