Best Game Booster for Windows PC, Android and iPhone

Each and every game lover looking to optimize computer and boost gaming speed. “Game booster”, can improve gaming speed by optimizing resources. Here is the best game booster for Windows PC. If you looking for android game booster or IOS game booster, then in this list, we also include the best gaming booster for android as well as iPhone.

Best Game Booster For PC

Need of Game Booster

“Game Booster”, is one kind of application that will use to optimize PC. So, it will convert your system into “Game Mode” and improve gaming performance. But, why it require?

Playing games on Computer is different from console gaming. Consoles specially design and developed for the game purpose. However, PC is designed for general purpose.  It has some hidden services, which are running in the background. In my previous post, I explained how to make your computer faster by disabling background process.

Even Microsoft windows 10 has lots of hidden services and it will affect your system performance. Like windows system, even android and IOS has some background services, which will affect your mobile performance.

If you know OS very well then only you can disable all unwanted background processes. So, for a normal user, it is a critical task and creates lots off issue.  That’s why some automated tool is required or buy some gaming PC.

What a “Game Booster” Program Actually Does

It works on a priority basis and keeps the game in the highest priority. So, temporarily it will stop all unnecessary application and services. Deallocate all the resources from the unwanted application and assign to a game process. In short, it will put all your resources totally for gaming.

Once you launch game booster, It will go into gaming mode and improve FPS rate. It will reduce stress from the system and automatically perform resource allocation and balancing.

Game booster is automated tool or app. So, don’t take tension about whether is disable system services or not? It is fast and safe too, improve gaming performance in PC. Game booster apps also available, so you can enjoy full speed gaming performance on your android mobile.

Is a Game Booster Useful?

It is a quite much question, but I think yes If you are a game lover. A Game Booster is a simple program, only makes something you can previously do yourself. Suppose, if you have a Winscribe client running in the background, changing your IP and making you anonymous, then this will increase game boot times an even game does not require an internet connection.

So, once you launch Game Booster that automatically closed the Winscribe VPN service and increase games performance.

Same thing you can do manually in Windows PC

Press ALT + CTRL + DEL, open task manager and disable unwanted process. But, identification of unwanted process is a fundamental task. If you disable incorrect process or system process then it will harm your PC.

In short, a Game booster is a software program, which will convert your manual work into an automated process, and remove unnecessary program and improve gaming performance.

What you will get here.

Still, know you understand what is a game booster and how its work. In the next part, you will get the best game booster for Windows PC.

This section, we select the best of best game booster for Windows 10,8,7 computer.

The second part is for a mobile lover. If you looking for a game booster for android then, check our the best android game booster. last and final part, it is especially for IOS user. So, you will get the best game booster for iPhone 6,6s,7,7s.

The best game booster for Windows PC

Game Fire 5

Game Fire 5 can significantly improve your gaming experience by boosting system performance. It will improve FPS (frames per second) and eliminate any in-game lags.

Game Fire version 5 optimizes your PC performance and allocating maximum resources for gaming purpose. So finally, you will get high-speed gaming experience without any head hack.

Game fire is real time game booster.  It can boost games performance by allocating fully utilized resources. Game Fire also displays real-time system health and performance information. It can show you, CPU and GPU utilization, temperature, and much more important information.

The Game Fire provides a wide range of tools that can improve your computer performance. It consists of a disk defragment utility,  applications optimizer, settings tweaking tool, and much more.

Besides boosting your Windows 10 gaming performance, Game Fire improves your gaming activity by allowing you to cloud access.

It is a safe PC game solution as no overclocking and thus it is one of the best game boosters for Windows 10 PC.

System Requirements

  • It will work on all Windows OS. – Windows XP, Vista, 7,8,8.1,10.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 is necessary.

GBoost for Windows PC

GBoost claims to enhance your gaming speed including frame rate,  drops and lag spikes and alt-tabbing out and makes games faster. So, you will get high-speed gaming experience.

One click operation, simply ‘Press to Boost’ and corrections will be made. But, it is a temporary solution, once you restart your Windows 7 computer it comes to normal condition. Alternatively, ‘Restore’ button can restore all services, processes, apps are restored back.

Thus, it is completely safe booster with no permanent changes to your PC.


  • Safe and simple.
  • Temporary changes
  • No Overclocking
  • Smoother alt-tabbing
  • No interruptions
  • Reduces Lag
  • Stability for your games.

IObit Game Booster

IOBIT game booster is 4 in one game booster and thus it is in the list of the best game booster for Windows PC. It is specially designed for responsive gameplay. Following are unique features makes IObit as a unique game booster for Windows Computer.

  • Single click.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Speed up gameplay without losing system resources.
  • Operate in gaming mode so, most part of CPU and RAM is allocated for gaming activity.
  • Increase Gaming Stability.
  • Free, safe and secure application. Without any virus, adware, and spyware.
  • It is 100% freeware.
  • High gaming performance without changing windows registry.

Special features

IObit Game Booster for Windows PC.
  • Advanced System care – It makes your PC 300% faster.
  • Inbuilt antimalware to remove malware.
  • It consist of driver booster, it will make your PC driver up to date.
  • Single click, uninstall unwanted programs.

Similarly, you can manually make your computer 300% faster but it requires little more computer knowledge. In my previous post, you will get how to remove malware and make computer virus free. So, all these methods are manually but you require the best tool then must install IObit game booster on your PC.

The best game booster for Android Mobile.

If you are a mobile game lover and like to play games like clash of clans on android mobile, but due to low memory your smartphone not responding properly, then following android game booster app will help you.

It will help to clean junk file and improve smartphone performance. Android game booster app will increase your mobile RAM and CPU. So, don’t miss below best game booster for android.

Game booster 3

It is one of the best Android game booster apps, will improve your game performance in one touch. Game booster 3 optimize CPU utilization and increase your RAM. It will destroy irrelevant services and dump files. So, your smartphone is working as a super computer. Doesn’t matter, your have rooted smartphone or not Game booster 3 will provide high-speed gaming facility.

The performance wise it is the best game booster app for an android smartphone.

Dr. booster

It is alternative to Game booster 3. Dr. booster is an amazing app for android user. Currently, millions of users taking facility from Dr. booster. It smartly releases memory space and allows you to play your favorite android games extremely efficiently and quicker. If your mobile is infected by virus then it will remove viruses and junk files and speed up your favorite apps.

So, it is not only just android game booster app but, also act as CCleaner alternative for Android mobile.

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