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Do you enjoy reading novels? If your answer is yes, then you must have surely heard of Bookfi. Bookfi and Bookfi alternatives are the sites that are known to have the most amount of collection of books that contain fiction as well as non-fiction. One of the best advantages is that it can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. If you are looking for alternatives for Bookfi, you are on one of the best sites.

Problems are generally faced by bookworms in catching the replica of their eBooks from shops that are offline. To help you guys out to find ebooks easily, Bookfi is here to help you. Bookfi is a digital book store that gives its users access to thousands of ebooks without having them spend no money at all.

There are all kindsa and genres of books available- comic, business, biographies, cooking or fairy fables. The impact of Bookfi is that it’s successfully eliminating the need for paperbacks for users.

Bookfi is an eBook sharing website to search for a kind of comic, poetry, diary, research, cultural, and other sorts of eBooks and download them at no cost. Because of Bookfi’s’s popularity, many choices to this popular eBook site have come to play sharing eBooks free of charge to help the ones that can’t afford textbooks and research papers.

A few of those eBooks such as scientific articles, such as the one you’re able to download from sci-hub, regular publications, comic books, fiction etc.. But this has made BookFi a books website where academia across the world can go to and search for books in the field of Engineers, medicals, astronomy, math, and many others.

The Russian based eBook site is less serving advertisements on desktop and mobile and quite easy to use with appropriate navigate. You can either achieve the BookFi site. And of course the domain name redirected to the initial one and it is absolutely safe to hunt and download eBook from this site.

Best BookFi Alternatives to Download Free eBook

Here in this section, we share with you the best free eBook download sites that are the best alternatives to BookFi eBooks download sites.


Bookboon is one of the BookFi alternatives to hunt and download eBooks at no cost. Bookboon includes all eBooks. It does not center on publications. You might search from authors and novels for books to find out about cultural heritage and the particular development of your selection.

Bookboon has free and premium accessibility. And it requires only 4 steps to get any eBook on a cookbook. To begin downloading eBooks out of Bookboon you have to become a member but not a superior member that is mandatory.


Smashwords is among the best Bookfi alternatives. Then this is the ideal place for you if you’re somebody who loves to read eBooks from types. Also, this site has a system of readers and publishers. It follows that anybody can upload their publication over this stage.

In addition, it supports formats like PDF, Palm Doc, RTF, Plain text, Epub and Kindle. Finding eBooks on Smashwords is simple and simple. This is because it allows the inclusion of filters of your own choice. It is possible to set the word limit, pricing, old or new according to your own choice.

You’ll be surprised to know that this site retains whopping 77,357 eBooks that are totally free to download novels. In addition to novels, Smashwords screenplays too, and offers you poetry, essays. Since it’s next to no bloatware apart from this, the user interface is straightforward and loads very fast. It supports all of the devices and the eBooks can be downloaded on these easily.

3. Ebookee.org

Ebookee.org is an online book portal where you are able to discover eBooks available on the internet. Now you can get free internet eBooks in the download library in Ebookee.org. You can also read online Books on the newest browsers like Opera, Firefox, and others. You can discover any ebook your looking for in the categories and tag section. You can also subscribe to Ebookee.org for free to remain updated with the most recent ebooks uploaded. It is possible to download many books you wish to. You are able to download as many publications as you want from the first fourteen days of subscription for then and free with monthly charges. Ebookee.org provides you over 5000 eBooks to read and download. It is considered to be among one of the best BookFi Alternatives.

4. Manybooks.net

Manybooks.net, a digital library, was set back in 2004. The objective of establishing this stage was to provide readers around the world with a library of books at no cost on the Internet. Now you can get into the format of your favorite books. What is unique about this platform that is internet is that you can now get your hands on the classic ebooks which are from the archives of the Project Gutenberg. It has been almost over a decade which Manybooks.net is giving a quality service of old and latest books from its extensive database of books. Manybooks.net is an amazing Bookfi alternative. You may keep yourself updated with the new additions of books by subscribing to the newsletter of the site.

5. Downmagaz.com

DownMagaz.com is an online portal where you’ll find magazines from all over the world. These magazines around the site are in PDF format. You are able to get these magazines for free for online reading and for downloading also. Created back in 2010, Downmagaz.com makes certain to supply you the best quality magazines from other regions of the world and on unique topics like mature, fashion, showbiz and celebs, country, games, etc. By entering the subject and the year you are able to find your favorite magazines. Downmagaz.com makes your hunt interesting by categorizing magazines in Weekly and Monthly popular ones. It is also possible to find magazines with the assistance of tags on the site.

6. Booksc

The alternate to BookFi inside this post we’ve been using before is booksc. Booksc is an eBook search engine in regards to looking for publications that are science-related. Notably, for researchers, you can find a lot of articles from this site and download free which are about the area of Engineers, animal sciences, physical sciences, computer sciences, and others.

Booksc has over 50,000,000 science-related posts to search and download. It doesn’t charge even a single penny to download from this site. However, for compensation, it is possible to contribute to the development of the site which is not compulsory.

7. Openlibrary.org

Openlibrary.org provides you with the pages and links to each book that’s been published. This library catalog lists and builds web pages for each and every old and new publication that is published. You may download your favorite books on any subject from those affiliated web pages. The links and information provided for the books are editable since you might also add some advice by calling Openlibrary.org administration. You can also choose to look around in the event that you want to know more about the big database of Openlibrary.org at no cost. The links provided are for free.

8. Gutenberg

You have to have learned about Gutenberg and it is one of my eBook sites very similar to BookFi to search and download eBook for free. Gutenberg eBook is at various variants including pdf, ePub, etc.. Additionally, Gutenberg eBooks are offered in epub format, also for and iPad devices. Using Gutenberg eBook download site you can rest assured that it is a better choice to eBookfi.net.

No registration must utilize Gutenberg and most of the eBooks on Gutenberg are absolutely free to obtain and are in no way under USA copyright, however, they may be under copyright from other countries.

9. eBook3000

The site’s name doesn’t mean it only comprises 3000 eBooks. EBook3000 is a site like BookFi with a similarity that eBooks on eBook3000 are available on Book-Fi. EBook3000 was started in 2007 and it has since shared heaps of eBook.

The sole reason I do advocate eBook3000 is that they discuss eBooks that could not be recommended for an aging researcher.

However, in case you’re thinking about downloading adult endeavor to check eBook3000: http://www.ebook3000.com/

10. Freemags.cc

En.freemags.cc is an online platform where you could get your hands on some amazing magazines in PDF format. These publications are from all around the world. En.freemags.cc supply you with the most recent magazines on various topics. Along with the most recent magazines, you can even search for the previous magazines on En.freemags.cc. En.freemags.cc not only gives you access to old and latest magazines but also daily based newspaper too. You can download the paper of any area in PDF format. You can download newspapers and magazines from this site.

11. Scribd.com

This platform was launched back in 2013. Scribd.com believes in the free-limit of studying documents and books. And after that, it provides you with the best quality books online reading service so that you can spend your free time with quality articles. Together with the ebooks in PDF format, you can download audiobooks, magazines, and based newspapers. The latest and old versions of eBooks are offered on Scribd.com. You can download and see books, magazines, audiobooks, and newspapers for free and together with a subscription.

12. Bestbooklibrary.com

A Multimedia Search Engine, Bestbooklibrary.com hunts the top websites present on the Internet. It hunts the media websites that are recorded on the Internet from 1 page. The effect generated for each website is exhibited by Bestbooklibrary.com on the top-down list or at the little size horizontal frames. These outcomes for each page lead Bestbooklibrary.com to the pages where it has the license contracts. If the search by this multimedia platform fails, they supply you. These alternative sites, however, aren’t connected with the Bestbooklibrary.com. You can find the right search listed websites on Bestbooklibrary.com by following two choices. The first solution is that you have to enter the press search to open it on the same window page. The second choice you have is that you are re-directed to Bestbooklibrary.com by simply using a keyword on an affiliated site.

13. Library Genesis

As Libgen is a Bookfi alternative website that lets the user put in it and then to search for an eBook library Genesis is referred to. To look you type in the title or name of the author and variations of this eBook are going to be exhibited. You might utilize the publisher, year of publication, ISBN, and speech to narrow your eBook hunt down. Results speech, the eBook size, the amount of pages year of publication will be exhibited and the publication has. The eBook format such as EPUB and PDF will be shown. Libgen functions as a search engine that permit the user to select.

14. Books-share.com

If you’re tired of carrying around heavy books, Book-share. Com is here to supply quality-based ebooks about any topic you like. It is possible to purchase books and books on almost any topic from Book-share. Com on rates want to read. At this stage, you can find the newest old and ebooks variants that suit your taste. Every ebook, in PDF format, has a summary as well that gives you the notion of the subject and genre kind. From practical how-to guides to books you’ll be able to find any publication on Book-share. com.

15. 8novels.net

The Internet is an online source for downloading novels in PDF format. These books are from authors around the world. Genres like a thriller, love, comedy, action, fantasy, etc. are offered in novels. It is possible to download these books. 8novels. Internet is a non-profited platform in which authors are encouraged to discuss their writing pieces. You can also, as a brand new author, can donate your PDF format novels on this site.

16. Freebookspot.es

Freebookspot.es is an online platform for online ebooks, posts and, magazines on each subject and topic. Any ebook you need to download can be found by you. Hyperlinks are available, although not the PDF formats of ebooks are found on the website. Freebookspot.es provides its customers over 90 categories including fiction, technology, scientific science, and more. It’s possible to add new books to the digital library of Freebookspot.es by simply becoming a member of this community. To be a member, you have to enroll in a procedure that is brief and yourself that is free. It is possible to make your own collection of ebooks by being a member of the community and it is also possible to download them. According to our suggestion, downloading ebooks is free then with fees and inside the initial five days of enrollment.

17. B-ok.org

B-ok. org is an online search engine for ebooks. This online platform for ebooks is roughly 2.8 million combined with the 52.5 million science posts. Nearly all articles and the books are present in PDF format which comes in handy for those people who download the majority of publications in PDF. You can look from B-ok’s search box for your favorite magazines and books. By simply entering the name, keyword, date, language, language and language extension org. You can search through the classes section for books. B-ok.org has encoded its publication library within an fb2 format that allows two types of subscribers Alreader2.rar and CoolReader. B-ok.org is another amusing Bookfi alternatives. As for registration on this website, it is a process.


So, this was about the finest Bookfi alternatives. The very best thing about these Bookfi alternatives is that they provide you eBooks for free. What another thing will be best to get a book enthusiast who gets without spending some penny to read his favorite books.

Therefore, if you are willing to read books without having to spend money selecting an option from the Bookfi alternatives can be a good choice. Moreover, you just need an electronic device and you’re set to rock.

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