New and Advanced Technologies that Changed and Improved Online Games

Technology has been at the forefront of transforming online games into what they are now. The advancements have made online games so accessible that almost everyone plays an online game.

3D Scanning Facial Recognition

These two technologies enable systems to create a gamer’s likeness in the gaming world. This capability allows you to create your avatar. You can also innovatively transfer your own expressions to other digital creations. 

Moreover, a 3D camera allows developers to create games that adapt to the gamer’s emotions by scanning up to 78 different points on their faces. For instance, several frowns at your game screen would help the system to reduce the game’s difficulty. 

Voice Recognition

Make no mistake, voice-controlled gaming has been around for a while now. However, the technology’s potential has finally caught up with reality. Hardware technological advances mean that computers can effortlessly recognize voice commands from gamers. 

You can turn the controller on and off using your voice and use it to control gameplay and interact on social media. The technology can also be used to play media from your library, browse the internet or allow you to talk to the gaming system. 

Gesture Control

Have you ever imagined a gaming environment without the controller? Well, thanks to Intel RealSense technology, you can play first-person shooter games or interact with your gaming device using a few waves of your hand. 

The technology uses a 3D camera that tracks up to 22 different points in your hand. In effect, this allows you to connect with your gaming experience using natural body movements. For example, in the game Warrior Wave, players can use their hands with the RealSense technology to usher a group of Greek soldiers to safety. 

High Definition Displays

Gaming graphics have improved over the years hence the need for a bona fide way to display them. This ushered in the 4K gaming. 4K laptops and televisions were initially available at high costs. However, the prices have now reduced, making them available to many gamers. Moreover, players can enjoy unbeatable colors and clarity, making the gaming experience unmatched. 

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality gaming consoles have not hit the market fully yet. However, this technology is set to offer gamers a fully immersive gaming experience. The technology will make players lose themselves in the games before they come back to reality. 

With Augmented Reality gaming, you are no longer confined to your gaming device. Instead, AR games allow players to have a unique perspective. It enables them to maneuver spaces in the real world and make the game’s object applicable to real-life situations. For instance, you can play table hockey at your kitchen counter.  

Final Thoughts

If you thought you had seen the best of technological innovation in gaming, you thought wrong! Whatever you have experienced is just the tip of the iceberg. Gamers should brace themselves for improved games and gaming environments as developers embrace new tech inventions. 

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