7 Best VPNs for Torrent Safely & Privately in 2021

Do you want to watch the latest movies for free? If yes, then you must have the best VPN services with yourself so that no one can track you that you are watching the film safely and privately without paying anything. 

Now, many of you may have the question in mind why more torrent users need VPN services. Once you have the best VPN services, your IP address cannot be traced by the authorities. In some countries of the world, the use of torrent sites is not allowed. Despite these facts, if you want to use torrent, you must use the best VPN services to stay safe and protected.   

Several best VPN services can help you watch the movies of your choice without any disruption. 

Best VPN’s You Can Use To Do  Torrent Safely & Privately In 2020   

There are several important matters that you must consider while you use the torrent safely and privately in 2020. Therefore, let’s explore some of the essential facts to understand it better in light of this matter.         

1. NordVPN 

Nord VPN is one of the best VPN services that you can use to watch your choice’s best movies. The question is why you will use the Nord VPN to watch the films or download any file from your end. I do not want to bore you by saying that it is the best VPN service provider. Just go through this site’s features to judge for yourself why this site is considered one of the best in the lot.   

Some of the beneficial features of NordVPN are as follows:- 

  • You can use up to six simultaneous connections. 
  • It does not keep any type of logs or bugs to disrupt your entertainment. 
  • It is one of the fastest VPN that you can have in your hands. 
  • It uses some specific servers for optimizing the torrent sites. 
  • It uses the process-specific kill switch.   

These are some of the key beneficial features of this site that can help you watch movies or download large files with ease & comfort. 

2. Surf Shark

It is another decent site that you can use safely without having any issue or problem. You can download the files by using this VPN with excellent speed and accuracy. Surf Shark is prevalent in almost 60 countries in the world. The best part of it is it protects almost 256bit AES Encryption. Now, there are some of the essential features that you need to consider from your counterpart. Therefore, let’s explore some of the beneficial qualities of this site to understand it better. 

  • This site comprises a wide range of security features. 
  • You can download the files at a faster pace. 
  • There are unlimited connections possible on this site. 
  • You can do torrenting at this site. 

3. ExpressVPN 

The Express VPN is another lucrative site that you can use. It can help you to download the files using the 13377x Search engines. It comprises 256 Bit of encryption as it can help you maintain the perfect secrecy in all the 94 countries of the world. You can use the Express VPN to download the movies from various sites like Hulu, Netflix, BBCiPlayer, Amazon Prime Video & HBO. 

There are some of the lucrative features of this site as follows. 

  • It can deliver you 256bit Encryption with maximum security. 
  • It provides you with maximum privacy and zero logs of any personal data. 
  • You will get a breakneck download speed. 
  • It can unblock many popular sites for movies available in the market at a very high price. 


It is a Romania based VPN network that allows you P2P file sharing on any server. Their server is not available in Russia and the USA due to some legal pressure. The best part of it is it blocks the BitTorrent traffics in the USA & Russia. It also uses the 256 AES encryption to provide you with the best torrenting experience. The 13377x can help you to download this site on your pc, or your laptop.   

Some of the critical features of this site are as follows. 

  • It allows P2P file transfer on any server except in Russia and the USA. 
  • You can do torrenting privately from anywhere as a unique profile is designed. 
  • It comprises the zero log feature. 
  • You can enjoy the files at incredible speeds. 

5. IPVanish 

If you want to use too many servers for downloading the files quickly, then IPvanish is the best option for you that you can use. For downloading the files from your end. IPvanish uses privacy very seriously. IPVanish can help you to view movies or download any files without any issue. You can enable the kill switch on this site. It designates the controls on many countries like the Netherlands. 

There are some of the critical features of IPVanish that you can use for viewing the movies. 

  • There are several networks designed explicitly for torrenting. 
  • It comprises no logs policy. 
  • Anonymous payment & signup is possible here. 
  • You can use the Amazon Fire & Kodi. 

6. Private VPN 

The Private VPN is a relatively new VPN that helps you download the files at a blazing fast speed. It also provides rock-solid security features. The Private VPN uses 256-bit encryption. It can help you unblock the geo-block content like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and BBCiplayer.  

Some of the critical features of this site are as follows: 

  • You can enjoy the strong encryption, and no logs are stored. 
  • It comprises fast connection speeds. 
  • You can use six concurrent devices to open the videos using this site. 

7. Strong VPN 

It is another VPN service provider that can help you watch movies and download any choice files. The company follows the zero log policies while you are using this site. The strong VPN was one of the most popular VPN services among Chinese users. The up-grading of its features has made it one of the most appealing sites among users worldwide.    

Some of the essential features of this VPN service provider are as follows. 

  • It has a no-log policy to protect your privacy. 
  • It unblocks US Netflix and Hulu.  


Hence, from the above information, it has become clear that the VPN service provider can help you watch movies for free. The best part is that all the VPN service providers can help you use the safety measure so that your reputation in the market is intact without any issue. You have more choices and better options where you can select the best one.

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