Can I Connect Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar, But How?

This article aim is to provide an appropriate answer to – How to add Microsoft Outlook calendar events, meetings to Google calendar without compromising the data quality.

Just like emails, Calendars also has a significant role to carry out a balanced personal or business life. But, whenever, user switching from Outlook to Gmail account, then many users often have following queries-

Query 1:- How Do I get Outlook Calendar to show up in Google Calendar?

Query 2:- How to view my Outlook Calendar in Google Calendar?

Query 3:- Is it possible to connect calendar of Outlook with Gmail Without using Outlook application?

Query 4:- How do I sync Outlook calendar with Google Calendar?

Query 5: How to automatically send Outlook data with Google Calendar?

So, the answer is Yes! One can easily export a calendar of Microsoft Outlook with Gmail account with the free manual trick.

However, if the user wants to import appointments, meetings from the PST file to Google Calendar without Outlook then, take the help of Outlook to G Suite Migration Software. An adept tool use to import Emails, Contacts, Calendars from Outlook PST file to free Gmail or G Suite account without losing any data. Also, support calendar migration from PST file of any Outlook version into Google Calendar without the help of Outlook email client.

Moreover, in this article, we will describe a complete method to add or connect Outlook calendar with Google Calendar using Outlook interface without any hassle. Have an eye on this technical guide.

So, let’s get started!

How to Add Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar Account?

To view Outlook calendar in Gmail, you need to perform a series of steps as no direct option is available in both the email clients. Basically, it is a two steps process. First of all, there is a need to get the desired calendar entries into ICS format with the help of Outlook interface.

Actually, this exported ICS file is supported by Google Calendar. So, further, we need to import this Outlook calendar .ics file into Gmail calendar account. Although, this process is easy but consumes long hours due to the presence of lots of steps. Have patience while using this workaround to add Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar.

Phase #1: Save Outlook Calendar Into ICS Format

As we have already discussed a summary of the entire procedure where the first step is to convert the calendar into ICS format. To do this, execute the below instructions step-by-step.

Step 1: It is necessary to open your Windows Microsoft Outlook account to connect Outlook calendar to Google Calendar.

Step 2: Once the account opened, you need to open the Outlook calendar that you want to add into Gmail Calendar account.

Step 3: Afterward, go to the File tab and opt for Save Calendar option from the resultant menu.

Step 4: In Save As window, just input a name to the exported calendar entries under the File name box and select the location too where it will get saved.

Step 4: From the Save As window, click on the More Options… button.

Step 5: This will open 3 different options to save the Outlook calendar on the system.

  • Date Range:- With this option, one can provide a particular date range and saves those entries that lie between them instead of all. It provides options like:- Today, Tomorrow, Next 7 days, Next 30 days, Whole Calendar, Specify dates. Choose any of it and save the calendar in .ics format.
  • Detail:- This section includes options like – Full details, Availability only, Limited details. This feature use to limit the information of calendar.
  • Advanced:- This feature allows you to add the details as per the following option-
  • Include details of items marked private
  • Include attachments within calendar items

Once you have done with these options, click on OK >> Save.

Step 6: Within a matter of minutes, the selected calendar entries get exported to the designated location on the PC in ICS format.

Phase 2: Add Outlook Calendar into Google Calendar

It is the time to import the ICS file into the desired Gmail account. For this, you need an internet connection as Gmail is a webmail client. Go through the below steps to perform the same.

Step 1: Once you got calendar entries in ICS format, login to Google Calendar account.

Step 2: From the top section, click on the Gear button to open its menu. Afterward, choose the sSettings option.

Step 3: From the subsequent window, opt for Import & Export option.

Step 4: From the Import window, click on Select file from your computer to upload ICS file.

Step 5: From the Open window, select the calendar file exported from Outlook account. Then, click on Open.

Step 6: Finally, click on Import to add Microsoft Outlook calendar to Google Calendar.

Once the procedure gets completed, refresh the Google account. Now, all the imported calendar file get displayed on the left side navigation panel of Google calendar. Open it and work with the Outlook calendar in Gmail account without any restriction.

Bringing It All Together

We all know how important a calendar in our daily life. We manage our parties, office meetings, events, anniversaries with the calendar. Moreover, there are several situations where user needs to connect the calendar of Microsoft Outlook account with Gmail. Therefore, we have discussed the free methods that let you know how to add Outlook calendar to Google calendar. Opt the method and easily import calendar of Outlook with Gmail account.

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