Spyware 101: How to Install Spyware on Android Remotely?

There are nearly 2.5 billion active Android devices on the planet right now. With so much density, there’s a high probability that everyone around you is using an Android. And that person could also be very well your spouse, child or even an employee.

Some of us are just curious to know what people near us are doing with their smartphones. While some go for the more orthodox spying techniques, others opt for easier solutions such as spyware.

Spying on someone’s phone is a secretive move. For this purpose, most people want to know if spy software can be installed remotely.

So is it possible to remotely install a software app? The short answer would be no. But why is that?

Remote Installation—It’s Tougher Than You Think

When it comes to Android, setting up a monitoring app remotely is complicated. The sole method for installing and activating spyware without physically handling a device is to ask the owner of the device itself to follow an installation link. And that’s not very practical, is it?

By now you must be wondering if the tech in the world has advanced so much, how come we aren’t able to install apps remotely. There are several factors such as:

Privacy Laws

In this day and age individual privacy matters. It is illegal to spy on a person in most countries. Globally, it is deemed illegal to secretly install any app (let alone a monitoring app) on someone’s smartphone.

Android Permission(s)

To install an app on a device requires explicit permission from the user. This helps in preventing apps from automatically installing themselves without the explicit approval of the user.

So if you come across a monitoring app that states it can be installed remotely, you should take a step back. That’s a red flag. Most of the time, it’s a rip-off. Either the app won’t live up to its claim or worse, it will send something harmful to your device. In both cases, it’s a lose-lose.

Does that mean all the monitoring apps in the market are a scam? Definitely not. But does it mean you can install an app without physical access to the phone? No. At one point or another, you will have to have access to the device itself.

Remote Installation is Not Meant For Spy Apps

Have you noticed that the majority of spyware you encounter are legal? While that may be a surprise for some, if the website doesn’t make any illegal claims then it’s legal to use. For example, XNSPY clearly states on its website that the app can be used only after taking the consent of the person whose device will be monitored.

Some Spying Apps Require Rooting

One of the many reasons spying apps cannot be installed remotely is that spyware usually requires Android rooting to function.

Does that mean all the monitoring apps in the market are a scam? Definitely not. But does it mean you can install an app without physical access to the phone? No. At one point or another, you will have to have access to the device itself.

Be Careful about the Scams

There are some scams claiming that you can install spyware through Bluetooth and email. Both of them are common ripoffs. Here’s what they claim:

Remote Installation via Bluetooth

Some spyware programs claim that you can install an app by Bluetooth. Even if it was doable, there are severe limitations to its capability.

To do so would require both devices to have their Bluetooth on, and a pairing request to be accepted before anything can proceed. You have to be within 10 to 20 feet of the device (which means at least the same room). And even if everything is done, spying would be only possible within range.


Remote Installation via email

This is yet another scam you might come across. Here’s what this method requires: open your email on the device and follow whatever instructions have been given. Even if it works, you’re still at the mercy of some unknown person who has access to your data. Your best bet would be for it to NOT work instead.

Apart from a few selected websites that have the technical prowess to pull this off, it is mostly a scam. And for the most part, the chances of it working out for you are next-to-none.

Spying Using Phone Number

Out of all the claims, this one is most ridiculous but that doesn’t stop products from claiming this. Not only is it illegal, but it also is impossible to pull off. The spyware usually claims to get phone logs from a SIM. But that isn’t the case.

And by the time you realize it, you’ll have parted ways with some money.

If Spyware Can’t Be Installed Remotely, What Should I Do?

Start by looking for monitoring software that is fast to download and quick to install. For example, XNSPY has an APK that takes less than a minute to download a target Android phone. The installation itself takes less than 2 minutes on a mid-range device. Accessing a phone for that much time is quite easy. And the installation will be over with before you know it.

Want to know more about how XNSPY works? Here you go.

How to Install XNSPY—step-by-step on Android

By this point, it’s clear that you cannot install monitoring software on an Android device remotely. If you’re using XNSPY to spy, you’ll have to manually install it on the smartphone. Afterward, you can spy remotely, which is another story.

You can install XNSPY on the Android device using the following steps:

Step 1: Register for Xnspy

Visit XNSPY’s official web presence here. Click on “Buy Now.” You can choose either the Basic or Premium plan.

Step 2: Setup XNSPY on the Android Smartphone

After deciding on the plan, you’ll receive an email for a download link, activation code, and your username/password. Download it using the instructions and install the app. There is a detailed installation guide for more details.

Step 3: Remotely Spy on the Intended Device

When your installation is complete, XNSPY will take up to 24 hours before all data shows up on your dashboard.

XNSPY Offers Support For Remote Installation

XNSPY offers quick and clean installation on Android devices via its Remote Installation Support. Made for users who don’t have the technical prowess or temperament, the installation of XNSPY becomes very easy.

The company’s customer support representative takes care of the downloading and installation process completely (and remotely). You just need physical access to the device.

Remote Installation Support is Not Equal To Remote Installation

Note: Remote Installation Support only implies remote assistance while installing the app. This is to facilitate people who find the installation of the spyware cumbersome. This in no way implies that it’s remote spying. And we urge users to watch out for apps that claim to do so.

How To Install XNSPY with Remote Installation Support

It’s simple, really. You can install the spyware remotely using the following steps:

1. Sign Up

First of all, start the sign-up process. You’ll receive your credentials via mail. If you have opted for the Remote Installation Support Add-on, you have to contact a customer representative (available round-the-clock).

2. Installing TeamViewer on the Android

You need screen-sharing software to help you with this part. And TeamViewer does the trick. By installing TeamViewer on your Android, customer support will take control of your device and download XNSPY for you, remotely.

3. Download & Installation

Sit back and relax as the support teams downloads and installs the monitoring software for you on your Android. The team will send you a confirmation after your installation is complete. You can uninstall TeamViewer after the procedure is done.

Final Verdict

Now that you know all there is to know about installing spyware on Android remotely, you can make an informed decision.

Beware of frauds and claims if any app claims it can remotely install spyware on a smartphone. Choose an app that’s reliable, robust, discreet, and has excellent customer support. Invest in it. Then you won’t have any trouble with losing money on a fraudulent app.

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