7 best free Android games | Android apps released in 2018

We’re nearing the starting of 2018 and previous month been quite for Android apps and Android games. We saw some up down we also saw some nice impressive software. Let’s take a look at the best free Android games and Android apps of 2018.

Best free Android games and Android apps of 2018

Android apps


Do Button by IFTTT

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Do Button by IFTTT is a software button that grants you to customize your Android episode. You set up a button with a job to do something and that job gets done when you press the Do Button. Fans of IFTTT should surely check this out and it’s a pretty capable tool for just about everyone.


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Picturesque is a free lock screen android app that came out of Microsoft’s Garage project. It consists of beautiful wallpapers from Bing usually to keep things fresh and also shows item like weather, news,  calendar events, and another useful gadget. They’re still acting some issues but it’s still pretty solid.



ScreenPop Lockscreen Messenger

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ScreenPop Lockscreen Messenger is a picture distribute service similar to Snapchat and others. The hold is that instead of opening an app, ScreenPop set the photos right on your lock screen so you can sight and respond without ever unlocking your mobile. The android app is going through some deliver day issues but it can be fun for the user who is into that.



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SoundHUD is an editable volume panel where you can control items like your mobile volume, ringtone volume, etc and one of the small that doesn’t require root access. Its protest to fame is the ability to put android Lollipop devices into a silent mode which is something that is boring and confusing to do without it. It also has a few other capable and unique features.

Android games

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Heavenstrike Rivals

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Square Enix has delivered a new RPG called Heavenstrike Rivals. This is a strategic RPG alike in gameplay mechanics to Final Fantasy Tactics. Overall the graphics are pretty satisfactory and it is free to play in an android market with plenty of stuff to do.  keep a sharp lookout, though, as the title is suffering from some start day issues.

theScore eSports

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theScore eSports app is a free android games sports app that covers eSports, such as DOTA 2 and other video games. It represents a huge shift in normal sports coverage because this was the first great sports media company to officially cover eSports. The Android app itself is actually very good too.

YouTube Kids

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YouTube Kids was released late in February android games 2018 and it’s a YouTube event that caters to young minds. It’s consist of full playlists that show kids educational and entertaining items that cater specifically to their age domain. Every parent should have this android apps without a shadow of a doubt.

Tf you are looking to play android games on PC, then you will require emulator. So, check the best android emulator to run your android games 2018 on Windows PC.

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