5 Best Online Games For Boys 2015

Boys love to play games and fortunately there are millions of choices available. This is good as well as bad because you directly find yourself in the state of confusion. There are unlimited online games for boys and several websites offering exciting games.

To choose best game you should look at ratings and reviews. This way you will reach a game of your choice. To ease your search here are few online games for boys mentioned.

To play online games for car racing or any it require internet connection, so before start to play check your internet connection speed here. If your computer is slow then use trick to make your computer faster. Use Intel iris graphics driver for gaming.

Clash on the island – Online Games for Boys 18+

Best online games for boys

This game is for the brave boys who like to play fighting games. In this game you will have to defend tower because it is the last border point. Players will have to build many towers and then defend them and will also have to defend some populated areas from the enemies invading. Make sure that you are repairing and upgrading your towers during the battle going on. There are several upgrades available.

Theft cool cars – Online Games for Boys racing car

Online games for boys- Theft cool cars

This is the best Racing Games for Boys Online or we can say that Car Games for Boys Online. When you are driving in a huge speed fear, adrenaline all are taking place at the same time which lifts the fun to a great extend. You will have to drive your vehicles so that police is not able to reach you. You can collect money; unlock cars and clear paths by using rockets. Arrow keys are for driving and space to boost and X to launch rockets. Play this game online.

Freedom tower resumed – online games for laptop

Online games for boys – Freedom tower resumed

The sense of humanity calls for freedom and it is like a great poem to heroes. This is another exciting version with different weapons, new worlds, powerful bosses, allied troops and much more. Defend your mission. We consider it is one of the best Action Games for Boys Online. You will have to end this mission with bravery and there are many rewards waiting for the brave boys. It is part of best online games for boys action games. It is for boys above 14 and is the best online game you can play.

Belligerent tank travel – online games for fighting play

fighting play – online fighting games for boys

The ratings of this game are pretty well and you must play this game online. The invention of tank brought great wars to end and this weapon is a legendary in the battlefield. It is the most powerful weapon which a brave army must have. Players will have to drive tanks and this armored and heavy vehicle will destroy everything in the battlefield. You will have to collect bonuses and get a long adventurous ride killing everything coming in your path. It is one of the hot online games for boys and fighting games for boys online.



Sentry knight – online games for hidden objects

Online games for hidden objects

It is rated as number one online games for boys and is having pleasing reviews online. Players will go through a journey and will end up happily. All the knights are having huge responsibilities. It is an action based game with huge adrenaline rush involved. There is a tower defense and includes variety of spells, upgrades, talents, bosses and enemies. To aim use keys 1-5, have great fun.

5 Best online games for boys.

These are the best 5 games from the different categories like online games for boys age 13 to online games for boys age 18. In next part we will guide you best online games for babies considering online games for bike racing and online games for kids. Those who like adventure will find them extremely exciting and fun. Boys will love playing these games and will require an internet connection. Use keyboard keys to target and move.


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